Webinar Plan & Its Functionality

We may earn commissions if you buy via links on our website. Commissions don’t affect our opinions or evaluations. Learn more.’s Webinar plan can host evergreen webinars.

The features available on the Webinar plan have additional access and usability compared to the Free and Startup plans. 

However, unlike Unlimited’s most expensive plan, there are still limits.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Webinar plan on can host evergreen webinars.
  • You can create up to 10 webinar funnels on this plan.
  • You use webinars to connect with potential customers, improve engagement, and generate sales.

What Is the Webinar Plan?

The Webinar plan is the middle-price plan on and is the perfect choice for growing businesses.

It is the first plan to offer evergreen webinars and allows you to create up to ten webinar funnels.

How Much Does It Cost?’s Webinar plan is $47 when paid monthly or $33 if you pay annually, saving 30%. Webinar Plan
Price (Monthly)$47/month
Price (Annual)$396/year
Saving (Yearly)$168 saving!

What Is Included?

It is the lowest-cost plan that offers evergreen webinars. There are still some restrictions on some features, but it still has 10x the amount of usage on automation rules, tags, email campaigns, upsells, and order bumps compared to the Startup plan.

Tool or Webinar Plan
No Transaction Fees
Unlimited Emails Sent
Sales Funnels50
Sales Funnel Steps300
Unlimited Blog Posts
Unlimited Students
Unlimited Communities Members
Unlimited File Storage Space
Automation Rules100
Email Campaigns100
1-Click Upsells100
Order Bumps100
A/B Tests50
Coupon Codes50
Deadline Funnels
Strip Integration
PayPal Integration
Razorpay Integration
Flutterwave Integration
Unlimited Assistant Accounts
Affiliate Programs
24/7 Email Support
Custom Domains10
Evergreen Webinars10
Free Migration❌ Unavailable (Upgrade Required)
1-2-1 Kickstart Coaching Session❌ Unavailable (Upgrade Required)

The plan is an excellent value for the money ($47/month or $33/month when paid annually) and not a massive jump in price from the Startup plan ($27/month or $19/month when paid annually).

The next plan available on is the Unlimited plan, which is over double the cost of the Webinar plan. There are no restrictions on any of the tools with the Unlimited plan.

Pros of the Webinar Plan

  • Evergreen Webinars – The Webinar plan is the cheapest on to include evergreen webinars. You can connect with customers in a more engaging and personalized way with evergreen webinars.
  • Price – At only $33 per month when paid annually, the Webinar plan is well-priced for the usage and features included.
  • All Features Included – The Webinar plan has access to all of the features of the Unlimited plan but at less than half the price. The difference between the plans is the usage allowance, but with 100 automation rules, 20 communities, 20 courses, and 20 blogs, it is perfect for many businesses.

Cons of the Webinar Plan

  • No 1-2-1 Kickstart Coaching Session – The plan above the Webinar, Unlimited, includes a kickstart coaching session when you join. Sadly, this isn’t included in the Webinar plan.
  • No Live Webinars – Despite being called the Webinar plan, there are no capabilities for hosting live webinars on
  • Significant Increase in Cost to Upgrade – The Webinar plan is well-priced, but if you outgrow it, the next plan is over double the price.
  • No Free Migration – only offers free migration for Unlimited plans, which complicates moving your content from another platform with the Webinar plan.

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Creating Automatic Webinars on Webinar Plan

Use a funnel to create automated, evergreen webinars on

How To Create an Evergreen Webinar Funnel

  1. Click on Funnels from the top bar.
  2. Select + Create. Webinar Plan
  1. Name your webinar, select your domain, choose your currency, and select Run An Evergreen Webinar. Webinar Plan
  1. Choose your template for the Webinar Registration page. Webinar Plan
  1. Name the page, enter the duration of your webinar, and enter a URL path.
  1. Click along the tabs and update as required.
  2. Click the wand icon to edit the page’s look and add your images, text, and branding. Webinar Plan
  1. To modify the registration popup, click on Popup in the top bar of the editing screen. Select your registration popup. Edit the Start In and Time Format. It is mandatory to configure this element. Webinar Plan
  1. Use the exit icon to return to the funnel.
  2. Use the eye icon to preview your page and click Save Changes once you have edited the page.
  1. Next, select the Webinar – Thank You page and choose your template. Webinar Plan
  1. Name the page and enter a URL path.
  2. Click along the tabs and edit as required.
  3. Click the wand icon to edit the page’s look and add your images, text, and branding.
  4. Use the eye icon to preview your page and click Save Changes once you have edited the page. Use the exit icon to return to the funnel. Webinar Plan
  1. Click on the Webinar Broadcast page.
  1. Choose your template. Webinar Plan
  1. Name the page and enter a URL path.
  2. Click the Edit icon to edit the page’s look.
  3. Click on the video and upload or add the link to your pre-recorded webinar. Webinar Plan

We recommend adding a purchase option beneath the webinar, which can appear when you speak about the product in your webinar. If you start talking about a product you want to sell 30 minutes into the webinar, you can make this box appear at the 30-minute mark. Do this by entering a time in the Delay Before Display Item box. Webinar Plan
  1. Click Save Changes.
  1. You have created an evergreen webinar. Promote your webinar to start sharing your knowledge.

Can I Host My Webinar on

No, there is no webinar hosting software on 

  • Upload File – You can pre-record and upload a file directly to as an automatic, evergreen webinar.
  • Add Link – An alternative to uploading a video file to is uploading it onto another website, like YouTube, and adding the link to your webinar funnels. doesn’t support live webinars. You can upload a file from your drive for the best customer experience. Using a link to another website may cause delays or buffering for watchers.

What Is an Evergreen Webinar Funnel?

Evergreen webinars are pre-recorded webinars made available on demand by the site’s creator.

The evergreen webinar funnel on is a step-by-step marketing process to attract watchers.

The funnel works like this:

  1. Attract people to your landing page
  2. Ask them to sign up for the webinar
  3. Thank them for signing up
  4. Send out information and a link to the webinar
  5. Host the webinar and give a call to action

The call to action could be to generate a sale, promote an exclusive bundle, or anything else that suits your brand.

It is called a funnel because the number of people decreases as they move through the marketing process. The funnel helps to attract the right leads and customers who will genuinely find your products helpful.

Why Should I Use Webinars on

There are many benefits of hosting webinars. Some of these include the following: 

  • Engaged Learning – Many prefer watching rather than reading, making webinars a much more effective way to share knowledge, create leads, and generate sales.
  • Personalized Experience – Even though the webinars are pre-recorded, they feel personalized to those watching. Building a personal relationship with customers is a great way to ensure they trust you, your brand, and your products.
  • Only Record Once – Film and prepare your webinar once, then share it with those who have signed up. It is a time-efficient option for you, and you can set the times and repetition of the webinar to suit your customers and generate the most interest and potential leads.

These benefits help draw in new customers, create a trustworthy brand, and help promote products and can increase sales.

Are Webinars Live?

No, only supports automatic webinars currently. 

There is no way to create a live webinar on yet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Webinar plan costs $47 per month or $396 yearly with a 30% saving.

The only plans on that support webinars are Webinar and Unlimited.

No, each funnel only allows you to add one webinar. But you can create ten funnels on the Webinar plan and unlimited webinars on the Unlimted plan.

There is no way to host live webinars on yet. only supports pre-recorded, automated webinars.

Bottom Line 

Upgrade to the Webinar plan on and create evergreen webinars to connect more personally with your customers in a more engaging format.

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