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Modern businesses thrive with a prominent online presence, and analytics tools can help you maintain your success. Analytics can help uncover valuable insights about your audience, like the source of visitor traffic to your Thinkific page. These tools can help you improve your marketing strategy, decision-making capabilities, and general operations extensively. 

Thinkific has numerous tools to track your business’s progress from every angle. Here is a rundown of what you need to know.

Thinkific Analytics

Thinkific Analytics Tracking Metrics

To improve as a creator, you need to know how students are engaging with your content. This knowledge is critical because tracking progress, sales metrics, and traffic results can help you monitor and increase your growth.

The best way to go about statistics is by analyzing your online course business site from various angles.

Thinkific provides an outstanding amount of built-in trackers to monitor your course’s performance.

They are free to use and perform remarkably. To achieve even better results, users can also opt for third-party integrations. Below, we discuss all Thinkific Analytics Tracking Metrics.


Progress Reports

Progress reports are an excellent way to track your students’ performance simply. When students complete a lesson, Thinkific marks their progress in percentages. It automatically updates after the student clicks the “Complete & Continue” button.

Some advantages include:

  • Get hold of any data regarding specific queries, activity, and completion rates. 
  • Guide students about future lessons. 
  • View everything at a per-course level.

To access the tool within Thinkific, go to ‘Support Your Students,’ select ‘Progress,’ and click ‘Progress Reports.’ You can also view the data in email by exporting the CSV file as well. 


Quiz & Survey Results

Some creators want an immersive and challenging atmosphere for their students. Thinkific provides multiple tracking options, including a specific quiz and survey results manager. It records which students have completed the task and views their answers as well.

Some benefits include:

  • Feedback on your course.
  • Test results.
  • Continuous improvement of your learning offering
  • It helps you form an effective customer service channel

To access, go to the Thinkific admin panel, select ‘Support for Your Students,’ and click ‘Quiz and Survey.’ Once you find the quiz or survey you want to view results from, select ‘Export.’ Afterward, you’ll receive a datasheet in CSV format via email. 


User Reports & Activity Feed

The activity feed is another terrific tracking tool created for getting user reports of each student. It works by telling you the views and completion rate of different lessons concerning your students. 

Some advantages include:

  • Easy to access and maintain
  • Tracking student participation and interest
  • Information about well-performing courses
  • Keeps track of different quiz results

To view the activity feed, go to support your students, select Users, and click on the activity feed tab. This feed’s structure shows the individual progress of students, which is helpful in terms of detail but can be limiting in terms of analytics.


Video Analytics

Videos help your students better understand the course. To aid you in measuring video analytics, Thinkific has custom video metrics tracking. It gives an overview of how students are interacting with your content by displaying the following information.

  • Average engagement
  • Total plays
  • Play rate
  • Last watched

Some benefits include:

  • Recording of engagements over time
  • Create courses based on student preference.
  • Audit and delete older content

You can view video analytics by going to ‘Manage Learning Content’ and selecting ‘Video Library.’ Then click ‘Edit’ on your desired video and ‘View Analytics.’ This tool is a fantastic way to ensure that students enjoy your course.

Thinkific Analytics & Reporting

Third-Party Thinkific Analytics Applications

Third-party integrations add in-depth detail to your average statistics. All creators need professional tools when they want to measure more than just page views. Fortunately, Thinkific has plenty of integrations to utilize data analysis.

The advantage of exploring third-party integrations broaden Thinkific analytics possibilities. It helps you shape a foolproof success strategy. These applications also have machine learning capabilities that yield information about what users are doing within your course.

Let’s examine the top choices for this category.


Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a reporting tool that uses an exclusive data visualization technique and stands tall as a standard in online analysis and tracking. A noteworthy thing to mention is that it is free to use. The setup is also effortless; add your Google Analytics Tracking ID to Thinkific and start using it instantly.

A few notable benefits are:

  • Understands student behavior
  • Influences data-driven decisions
  • Google advertising and promotions

The user experience is guaranteed to be better because Google is an all-in-one tracking, management, and promotional tool that assures business success.


Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is another free-to-use integration that starts working right from the get-go. It doesn’t need to dig into site information, as a Facebook profile is all you need. It tracks ads and conversations while advertising to help build your audience. The setup is easy as well. 

Some significant benefits include:

  • It can assist you in purchasing views
  • It uses a unique conversion tracking system
  • Helps with data-informed decisions
  • Optimizes your sales funnel

The user experience enhances by its convenient interface. It also manages to do its work simply, helping you achieve more.



Segment is an application that supports advanced aggregation of data, meaning that it works across all platforms you use at a time. Marketing your product using collected data is also a major pro of this analytics application. There is a free plan alongside a Team plan that starts from $120/month.

Various remarkable advantages include:

  • Quick and simple integration
  • Works across multiple applications.
  • Secure data storage
  • Impromptu marketing recommendations

The user experience differs from the other options because this can delete unused files and old data simultaneously. It can collect and control data in real-time and send you the statistical report.



Qualaroo is a customizable analytics application that enables frequent live testing options for people who visit your Thinkific course. The services provided are not free, but a free trial is available. 

Some impressive attributes include:

  • Many features require only modest technical knowledge.
  • Uses artificial intelligence to detect your customers’ behavior
  • Provides live reports and ways to improve your content
  • Connects to Thinkific just from your profile URL

The user experience is striking because it detects the reason why people decided to join your course. The all-inclusive customer insights always suggest ways to improve your content, which leads to better business results and active participation from students.



MixPanel is a first-class analytics platform that records the action people take within your Thinkific site. It can also track the IP addresses of site visitors, which helps narrow down your consumer base and targets specific people. It has a free plan and paid plans starting from $17/month.

Several significant features are:

  • Available for both mobile and web
  • Improve student experience by shared insights
  • Real-time tracking
  • Build your course through narrowing targets

The user experience is different because it gathers massive amounts of data and summarizes it into detailed information. It also retains users and suggests ways to keep them engaged.


Incorporating analytics tracking applications with your Thinkific course is beneficial for revenue generation and sustained growth. The most prominent advantage of these tools is that your course becomes more customer-focused and data-driven, both of which are essential to appeal consistently to a broad audience. 

Depending on your requirements, Thinkific offers several resources of in-built and third-party analytics applications. This article provides an evaluation of the different analytics tracking tools available on Thinkific to help you decide on an ideal set of options that satisfy your specific business needs.

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