Does Thinkific Have A Mobile App?

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Thinkific is a platform allowing business owners to create online courses and sell them through their websites. Currently, Thinkific doesn’t offer a mobile app. However, there is a fully mobile responsive site that both students and admins will find easy to navigate. 

Find out more about Thinkific’s responsive mobile platform and why it chose not to develop a mobile app in today’s blog.

Thinkific App

Why Doesn’t Thinkific Have A Mobile App?

The Thinkific developers have decided that creating a mobile app for the platform is unnecessary because it doesn’t offer a course marketplace that other online course sites do. For example, some platforms sell online courses on behalf of their clients; therefore, a mobile app is ideal for their requirements. 

On the other hand, Thinkific offers features that you don’t get with other mobile app course creation platforms, such as removing the Thinkific branding. You can also create custom domains on the site. Thinkific doesn’t offer a mobile app because it would be challenging to host all Thinkific sites. 

However, the fully mobile responsive platform allows you to create your courses and custom domains on the go through tablets, smartphones, or laptops. Mobile apps take up space on your phone. Since Thinkific isn’t an app, you won’t have to contend with making space to update the app constantly.   

Is Thinkific Mobile-Friendly?

Although Thinkific doesn’t provide an app, the web platform performs exceptionally well on any mobile device. The site has a responsive design so you can see fonts and menus clearly. What’s more, Thinkific also has a fully responsive admin dashboard that you can access easily through your mobile device. 

The Thinkific platform is easy to use, so students won’t get frustrated trying to browse through the site. Admins will also find that the Thinkific platform is effortless to operate on their mobile device even if they have no experience developing courses on the platform. 

Bottom Line

Mobile applications may work well for some online course platforms, but it’s better to have a browser-accessible website. Apps take up space, especially with ongoing updates. 

With Thinkific, you don’t have to worry about updates or a lagging site. You can access the site easily through any browser. What’s more, you’ll be able to create custom domains and remove Thinkific branding easily from your courses. 

The Thinkific mobile platform provides an easy way for admins to create their courses and for students to browse your site without hassle on any device they choose.

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