Thinkific Certificates

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Thinkific Certificates are the perfect rewards to motivate your students upon 100% task or course completion, issued automatically from within the course or account settings.

Certificate features are available with the Pro plan for just $99 per month and $79 per month if paid annually.

This article will provide you with the details you need to use this feature.

Thinkific Certificates

How Do Thinkific Certificates Work?

Thinkific Certificates can be created and assigned to particular courses by the site owner or admins.

  • You can customize certificates with personalized fonts and colors, which you can easily use for all students with their account details automatically filled in.
  • You can create separate designs for different students and courses as well.

After completing the course, the Thinkific will issue the certificate to the student. They can access it through their account anytime, while you can also view and download it from their profile.

Thinkific Certificate Creation Process Simplified

The Thinkific Certificate Creation Process is quite simple. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Choose your template – Pick your favorite background image, font, text spacing, and alignment to how you want your certificate.
  2. Customize your content – Customize the text that you would want to appear on your certificate
  3. Customize your design – Choose your font and colors, and if you desire, you can upload your background image and logo.
  4. Assign a course to your certificate – Select one or more courses for which you want to issue certificates upon their completion.

Thinkific Certificate Issuing Process Simplified

As a course host, you have several options for issuing your Thinkific certificates.

  • You can add a button for your students to receive their certificates or a pop-up, which will appear on their account after they have completed their course.  
  • Students can also access and download their personalized certificates through their account settings.
  • Once your student has downloaded their certificate from Thinkific, you will be given access to view and download it through their account as well.
  • You can edit errors in certificates later, even after they have been issued to the students. However, these edits may not appear on the already issued certificates.

Process of Creating a Thinkific Certificate

Creating certificates on Thinkific couldn’t be easier and more intuitive, allowing you to be creative with the necessary tools.

Choose your certificate design from seven templates, or customize the style by uploading your favorite background image, fonts, colors and add up to 13 content fields to your certificate.

Once you are satisfied with your selected or customized design, you have only to assign it to the required course.

After your students complete the course, they will receive a certificate automatically issued from Thinkific. The entire process is easy and efficient.


Clicking on the Design tab, you can access various fonts for your certificates and three color options commonly found on certificates.

Play around with fonts and colors to choose what works best for you. If you don’t like our selection of background templates, you can always upload your own and use it.

However, choose your template first because you will want to ensure its text alignment and spacing fits the chosen background perfectly.

To make your certificate more professional, add your logo and save your personalized design.


When creating your certificate, you can click on the Content tab to choose what you wish to add in text, according to your customized title, descriptions, and fields. Curly Bracket fields indicated below are the variables that Thinkific will automatically fill.

  1. Title
  2. {{Student name}}
  3. Custom field 1 (optional)
  4. Custom field 2 (optional)
  5. Custom field 3 (optional)
  6. Custom field 4 (optional)
  7. The text above course name
  8. {{Course name}}
  9. The text below the course name
  10. Date issued description
  11. Note
  12. Automatically generated Certificate ID
  13. Expiry description (if applicable) will only appear on the final certificate if you’ve set one.

Assigning a Certificate to a Course

Assigning a certificate to your course is easy on Thinkific.

You will need to select the Certificates button under the Support Your Students tab and select your desired certificate.

Your designed certificates will have a Settings tab. You can click on “Certificate For” in this tab’s drop-down menu and select the relevant course.

You can optionally add expiry dates or a selected one to the certificate.

You can use the same certificate for other courses by clicking on Add Another Course or having a different one. 

How Can Students Acquire Their Thinkific Certificate?

Students can access their certificates once they have completed their course and have clicked on Complete and Continue.

They can get the certificate in two ways, by clicking on the Get your Certificate tab, which might pop up at the end of their course completion.

Another way to claim their certificate is to click on the Get Your Certificate tab from the top left side of the course player.

Certificates can be reissued and viewed later even after their course has expired by finding the Certificates tab under My Account after logging in to the site.

Thinkific makes it easier for students to have a saved original copy of all their certificates issued by courses in one place.

Sharing Thinkific Certificates

Thinkific provides unique ways to share your certificate with others easily.

The Public Facing Page creates a URL that will direct you to the certificate with all the details regarding expiry and issue dates.

Students can share this on social media and professional handles like Facebook and Linkedin.

Students will also receive options to directly share their certificates to these sites when they view their certificates.

To share a certificate as a site owner or Admin, you will need to click on Users under the Support Your Students tab. After locating the name, you can click View Certificate Page. 


Accredible Integration for Thinkific Certificates

If Thinkific isn’t covering your certificate requirements, you can integrate your account with Accredible to issue certificates. With this feature, you can create unique certificate designs on the main Accredible Dashboard.

When designing your certificate in Accredible, you can easily pull out information through attributes from Thinkific and integrate them. 

You are allowed to customize attributes like adding additional information to certificates. You can also add a custom sign-up field for students when they register and add the customized features to the certificates.

To create a new group on Accredible to connect with the courses you have on Thinkific, click on the View Groups icon and then Add Credential Group.

You can create a Custom Completion Page for your courses, which would mean Thinkific will send an automated email containing the link to the certificate to all the students.

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Thinkific Certificates FAQ

Do I Need a Pro Plan to Create Certificates on Accredible?

Accredible offers a Free plan that allows you to design and deliver certificates and badges with basic branding to up to 20 unique recipients. For more features, you can explore its Lite, Plus, and Premium plans.

If I Edit a Thinkific Certificate Template, Will That Affect Existing Certificates?

When a certificate is issued, it will contain all the information and edits you have made at the exact time of the issue. Edits made after a certificate is issued will not be changed. However, if you make edits before the certificate is issued, your student will receive the updated version after completing their course.

Can Students Who Already Completed My Course Receive Certificates?

If you add a new certificate to an existing course with students who have completed the course before, they will not receive the new certificate. If you do not have a certificate assigned to a particular course, students will not get Certificates. To give certificates to students who have already completed the course, you can create a private course with a single lesson, which will provide students certificates.

Is There Some Way of Identifying a Particular Certificate Given to a Particular Student?

Every certificate issued has a unique ID field that the system automatically generates. You can use this to compare the ID with external certificates, like downloaded PDFs. 

Do Thinkific Certificates Support Other Languages Than English?

Thinkific Certificates only support English characters, so the platform currently doesn’t support languages like Korean, Arabic, Chinese, or the Cyrillic alphabet. The certificates are in English by default, but you can customize the text to your desired language if you need to.

Can Certificates Be Issued for Course Bundles?

Currently, Thinkific can only issue certificates for individual courses. The platform doesn’t offer certificates for Bundles at the moment.

Can Students Who Use the Legacy Course Player Access Certificates?

Thinkific Certificates are currently not available for students when using the Legacy Course Player. 

How Do I Add a Thinkific Certificate to LinkedIn Licenses & Certifications?

When students get their certificates, they will have an option to share their Certificates on social media and professional sites, including Linkedin. They can also download the PDF version or copy a URL link to upload manually.

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