Thinkific Experts Program: Everything You Need to Know

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This article will explore the Thinkific Experts Program, a networking program to connect Thinkific users with experts for consultation and training. Users can explore Thinkific’s Experts Marketplace for support on multiple areas that can help them boost their business. The article will cover the categories these Experts can help you out with and why you can benefit from their support. 

Thinkific Experts

What Is the Thinkific Experts Program?

The Thinkific Experts program provides support at any stage of your Thinkific journey.

It gives you access to professionals who can help you take your business to the next level. Experts can provide support in four primary categories: publishing your course, designing your website, enrolling students, and customizing your course.

These Experts have the skills to help you out with these areas and help you elevate your course platform.

Fields of “Thinkific Experts” Program

Thinkific has a broad community of top experts in various fields to provide solutions to multiple challenges any Thinkific entrepreneur might face during the process. These experts fall under four main categories, and you can connect with anyone who’s most likely to solve your issues and offer support. 

Course Publishing

Thinkific Experts can help you with multiple aspects of publishing your course and help you lay the foundation for an excellent offering. Course Creation Experts use their expertise to help you boost your e-learning setup. If you’re struggling with migrating your content from another platform, designing a curriculum for your target students, or repurposing your existing content into a course, the Experts can help you out. Course Creation Experts fit into three categories:

  • Course Setup
  • Content Migration
  • Curriculum Design
Thinkific Experts

Website Design

Thinkific’s website design Experts can help you boost your business’s presence by unifying your digital assets and differentiating your platform from your competitors’ sites with their skills and expertise. 

You can reach out to these Experts for support with creating your landing page and website, customizing your site experience, or bridging your existing course page and website. These site creation experts can help you in three main areas:

  • Site setup 
  • Website design
  • Custom web development 

Reaching out to a Thinkific Expert can help you design a top-notch website that attracts and engages your students. 

Student Enrollment

Reaching out to a Thinkific Marketing Expert is a good idea if you want to boost your course sales and persuade your students to come back for more content. These Experts can help you drive more relevant traffic to your online course, attract more leads, convert them into loyal customers, and elevate your brand to a new level. If you want to scale your offerings, reach out to Thinkific Experts who can help you out with:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Branding
  • Marketing 

Course Customization

If you want to boost your online courses’ capabilities and connect your existing tools and systems to the platform, Thinkific’s Technical Implementation Experts can help you customize your course and do much more. 

This category of Thinkific Experts can provide several solutions, including getting a one-off API solution built to resolve a technical issue, implement SSO so your students can easily log into Thinkific, and integrate other tools in your tech stack. Their expertise falls under three categories:

  • SSO
  • Custom solutions
  • Integrations

Thinkific Experts Credentials

Thinkific Experts are the best in the game for course creation, marketing, and customization. It’s an excellent idea to reach out to connect to this network of experienced professionals through the Thinkific Experts Marketplace. These Experts can provide you valuable advice that can help you take your business to the next level.

To determine which Expert is the right fit for your business needs, you can visit their profile to learn more about their credentials and career. Their profiles will also display their portfolios, allowing you to look at their work. You can then reach out to discuss your unique case. 


Thinkific Experts Program offers a unique opportunity to truly elevate your business. While you can go through written guides extensively, sometimes you need an expert’s opinion on your business. 

By exploring the Thinkific Experts Marketplace, you’re bound to find a professional who can provide you with precisely what your business needs. With Experts offering their skills and knowledge in multiple areas, no aspect of your business needs to stay unsupported. All you need to do is figure out what you need help with, contact Thinkific Experts, and let them assist you. 

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Samuel Fletcher
Samuel Fletcher
Samuel is an experienced online business coach with over 10 years of experience. He has a keen interest in knowledge commerce and digital marketing. Samuel strongly believes in dedication, perseverance and commitment.
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