Top Thinkific Integrations to Elevate Your Online School

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A compelling and customized web presence is always required for your work to shine.

An isolated system can limit most creators, so to save your time and money, Thinkific offers numerous integrations in various categories.

Integrations help connect your course to different tools provided by other websites.

There are 28 supported integrations, but if you need more, there are over 1,500 integrations available for Thinkific on Zapier.

Thinkific Integrations

Thinkific & Zapier Integration

Zapier is an online automation tool that helps connect your business to other platforms.

It offers more than 1500 integrable apps.

To link Thinkific with Zapier, login to your Zapier account and connect it to Thinkific using an API Key and subdomain. 

A Zapier integration helps Thinkific users work in an organized manner.

It gives room to be more productive and efficient and gives your students a custom experience. Connecting apps to your course will mean you can pass data automatically while saving time and reducing human error.

You can connect all integrations discussed in this article with Thinkific through Zapier.

Third Party App Thinkific

E-Commerce Integrations

E-Commerce integrations help connect your Thinkific profile to accounting and inventory systems.

These assist in collecting data from one end and directly flowing it to the other system.

There are many moving parts once you create a course on Thinkific. Without third-party e-commerce integrations, everything would fall apart.

These integrations help update promotion, pricing, inventory, shipping, tracking, and customer feedback, at all times. 

The data only needs to be added once, and you will be in check while handling transactions.

We will discuss some of our favorite integrations that should prove beneficial for your course below.


Shopify is an outstanding tool to handle marketing, checkouts, payments, and shipping. It works as a fully-hosted social media and management integration.

It’s an all-in-one business tool that sells your course by using attractive themes and then keeps track of every inventory detail and connects to Thinkific seamlessly.


Keap is a conjoint sales and marketing solution that also works as a data organizing application. It stores daily activity reports and customer information.

Integrating Thinkific with Keap allows you to know the client’s activity and gather insights from marketing data. It also assists in accepting payments and updates billing within Thinkific.


DropInBlog helps you benefit from adding an existing blog to your Thinkific site. It comes with multiple features such as SEO analysis, automatic formatting, image or video management, post scheduling, and comments.

Students know more about the value of your course and boost search engine ranking. It promotes secure engagement and enrollment.


Poptin is a pop-up integration that focuses on turning site visitors into customers.

It creates website ads, email autoresponders, and engaging forms using leads and sales platforms. A feature-packed toolkit that increases signups, web traffic, and sales when used with Thinkific.

Poptin can also integrate with email automation or CRM software for additional marketing.


CartStack takes a more sales-driven approach to cart (and sale) recovery. It helps send targeted emails, SMS, and web push reminders to recover lost sales and increase the visitor count.

All features from CartStack work in real-time with personalization to each customer.

It easily integrates with Thinkific and helps capture leads and enhances conversation rates.


SamCart helps market your course online on different platforms by showcasing it using pre-designed templates.

It’s essentially a content builder that keeps track of all the activities happening on your course. SamCart integration is a great way to promote your course and reach potential customers.

Automation Integrations

These integrations automate workflow to a greater extent. Automation integrations primarily encourage a user-friendly interface.

It is also necessary to get more work done in less time since you can easily switch between apps without opening too many web pages. 

Automation integrations help you connect two or more apps on the same page without relying on external features. It is a time-saving extension, and users also prefer this layout when purchasing. It simplifies the data transfer process and reduces the chances of human error. 

Some of our most recommended automation integrations are as follows.


After your course is available to the public, you might need multiple communication channels to stay in touch with students.

Zendesk works as an excellent help desk automation software that combines all your socials in one place. It helps get back to students quickly and improves customer service.


Stunning can help you recover failed and overdue payments from students if you’re using Stripe as a payment gateway for Thinkific.

It automatically gathers student data and sends out notifications about credit card updates, failed payments, or expiration dates.

It allows you to retain maximum subscription and monthly revenue on your Thinkific course.


eWebinar converts pre-recorded videos into interactive webinars with live chat and interaction options that deliver a more informative and engaging experience.

It has video scheduling and offline email conversation features. Thinkific integration is also easy to use and comes with additional features including, auto-population, sync, countdown widget, templates, and further applications.


Segment is a customer data platform that helps clear, collect, and control individual information. It accumulates and aggregates advanced data that tells you more about your students.

The connection to Thinkific is simple; it works in real-time, and the application can inform you about new enrollments and sales generation.


Zoom allows Thinkific users to conduct live lessons, meetings, and webinars. It works within the Thinkific Course Builder and automatically creates and informs students about live videos.

You set the date, time, and duration beforehand. After every class, Zoom reports on student engagement. It creates a more engaging way to interact and track students. 


Slack is a team communication tool that helps keep track of incoming sales, support requests, task lists, and much more.

If you’re working with multiple people at a time, it’s an excellent channel to help you collaborate with your team. It’s a basic chat room taken to another level.

Analytics Integrations

Analytics integrations are necessary for measuring sales. They help calculate insights and revenue generated from your course, paid ads, email campaigns, and other sources.

Such tools are terrific if you’re not good with numbers since they integrate data into an easy-to-understand format. 

These integrations are digital marketing reporting tools that track social activity data into one report. They help maintain monthly reports into one sheet, which works with one or multiple courses.

The data is easily filterable, and you can export it to any platform. Some integrations also offer validation checks, so your information is secure and accurate.

Here are the best analytical databases that you can trust.

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Airtable is an excellent online platform to create and share relational databases. It is super easy to use with automatic record linking and visually appealing tables.

It can create, maintain, and update all records regarding your course. The simple field of search also allows you to find relevant information quickly.


Quaderno is an automatic tax compliance toolkit for your Thinkific course. It collects tax according to your customer’s location with every purchase and follows it up with invoices.

It also creates a list of estimates and expenses regarding your course. You can also create payment receipts and sale invoices automatically. 

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel assists in tracking leads from optimized ads and conversations. The ads are automatically generated based on information about your Thinkific site.

You can effortlessly build your audience and increase sales on your course. It is the optimum option if you want to benefit from paid views and optimize your sales funnel.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a leading analytics integration in the market that works harmoniously with Thinkific.

It has reporting and data analysis tools that provide detailed and valuable customer insights on your course.

It helps you make data-driven decisions. Data management and advertising are a few benefits of Google Analytics.


Mixpanel offers advanced, professional tools in terms of analytics. It measures and tracks actions students take on your Thinkific site and assists you in improving their experience with data insights.

You can easily track certain things like IP addresses, video plays, quiz attempts, etc. It works on both mobile and web. 

Wizebank Analytics

Wizebank works on the motto of creating leads while saving time. It is free to use and indicates all information regarding your course in one place.

Real-time sales spreadsheets are automatically created based on visitors and email leads that come from purchase funnels.

It also compares results from previous periods and market benchmarks to highlight sales.

Email Marketing Integrations

These integrations deliver personalized messages to potential customers whenever they take action on your site.

They use a specific algorithm to target people with content regarding your course. It’s an effective strategy to gain new customers and keep your audience interested.

You should sync your retail profile with a marketing platform to add courses and relevant information to each email based on each client’s individual needs.

Email marketing integrations also suggest lists of specific programs to users based on their searches. It’s a great way to drive sales and build a community around your course.

Some all-in-one integrations combining both emails and marketing are MailerLite, ConvertKit, MailChimp, and Flodesk.


MailerLite helps create specific email marketing campaigns using automation, landing pages, and surveys. It is an economic newsletter that requires minimum effort and does the job well.

It also provides purchase and campaign reports with defined statistics and informs you about spam complaints. Overall, it’s an excellent integration for beginners.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact helps you build solid marketing strategies using well-designed templates and robust analytics.

It automatically adds new signups in your Thinkific course to custom mailing lists and makes sure to notify them.

It helps find new customers and makes them stay using segmented emails. The result reporting tool helps track current progress.


AWeber is an email marketing integration that uses autoresponder tools to create targeted emails. It also automatically adds new Thinkific users to desired mailing lists.

All customers on your Thinkific site remain well-informed about new updates, lessons, and courses. It is a simple tool with marketing expertise that accelerates growth.


ConvertKit is a very straightforward email marketing automation integration. It arranges all your mailing lists in segments so you can view them easily.

It also tracks user actions and transactions on your Thinkific site and adds them to specific mailing lists. Visual tools help sync orders and subscriber profiles to create a sales funnel. 


Mailchimp helps you accomplish goals faster by gathering customer information and marketing insights.

It is easy to set up with Thinkific and has many striking templates for mailing list campaigns.

It helps promote your business to a vast audience by assuring that all users know about recent activities and lessons.


It’s an email marketing service provider that helps you design and send on-brand emails to potential customers on your list.

The email automation process is quick and includes subscriber count records. It also detects interested clients and helps curate an email targeted to them. The Pro plan comes with the ability to enroll and un-enroll users.

Student Success Integrations

Student success integrations help keep your students entertained while they are going through your course.

They come in handy when creating personalized certificates and challenging examinations.

These integrations also interact with your students better. They can serve as an effective marketing tool.

With the help of unique themes and customizable designs, you can promote your course to thousands of people. The integrations can work according to your specific needs.

They help you conduct surveys and quizzes to get feedback from students regarding the course. The interaction is fun and personalized. 

Few integrations that can easily make your course brandable are as follows.

Typeform Course

Typeform specializes in creating online surveys and quizzes. The forms are versatile and dynamic, all based on your particular course needs. It is an essential tool for lead generation and feedback. The interface is also fun and comes with custom course completion and preview notifications.

All in all, both the recommendations and review app helps navigate your course towards success.


Accredible is a digital certificate generator that motivates students to attempt lessons and promotes completion rates. It has customizable templates and badges designed according to your brand.

You can automate the setup, delivery, and maintenance of these credentials. It can also integrate with Thinkific emails to notify and send certificates to students and expire them accordingly.

Community Box

A directory helps classify an abundance of information in one place. Community Box acts as an online directory for you and your customers.

Integrating it with Thinkific creates different lists of student profiles, where customers can modify it based on their interests.

It constructs a whole community where students can interact and help each other with simplified use.


Lessonspace constructs a versatile, collaborative space where you can teach students live.

It provides many teaching tools including, video conferences, text, whiteboards, or document editors.

All information shared during the session is stored automatically, and the Thinkific setup requires no installation. It has all the tools to create an interactive space.


Intercom access student data on your Thinkific site and creates a file with detailed information. It brings you the data during chats, specific course-related queries, and custom requests.

The student files are created automatically and are meaningful in terms of sales and reviews. It assists in tracking student activity and progress to build better relationships.


PlaYEAH! is a very entertaining integration that ensures students have a gamified experience. It has motivational and personalized message pop-ups that appear when students attempt your course.

It provides reminders and rewards to ensure successful completion rates and engagement. You set the time and place for pop-ups in Thinkific courses, which include fun animations or GIFs.


WordPress works as a content management system that creates websites and blogs using stunning templates.

You can use it on Thinkific to upload media and create posts regarding your program. It can also direct the audience from your existing blog to your Thinkific course by monetization. The experience is user-friendly and almost seamless.

Growth Tools Integrations

Growth tools is a category of business software that amalgamates marketing and sales features into a single integration.

These can work as email automation tools, customer relationship managers, and information storage systems. They are mainly used to drive traffic and automate growth.

These integrations help store and organize information related to each client, so you don’t miss any relevant data, and everyone gets relevant messages.

It also benefits your course with insights on how well your marketing strategies work by connecting input to sales. Growth tools also lessen the number of integrations used at a time.


Sumo is a free traffic simulator that automates your course’s growth.

It offers a wide array of applications that market your content on a microscopic level.

It helps you ensure that all interested candidates receive notification about your content activity. Sumo can be a magnificent email and social tool that ensures business growth.


ActiveCampaign uses a unique Customer Experience Automation Platform to engage with customers. It helps create and send custom marketing campaigns across several social, email, and messaging applications.

It can also generate personalized emails based on customer actions on Thinkific. It is a low-cost, professional CRM and email marketing tool that assures success.

Hello Audio

Hello Audio turns your Thinkific content into private podcasts that customers can listen to anywhere, anytime.

It aids your audience, as they can consume audio files easily; on any podcast player.

The converting process is also fast, easy, and secure; there are also many delivery options. It helps attain substantial results with few efforts.


Capture is a popular growth tool that converts sales traffic into leads using engaging pop-ups.

You can easily customize an attractive ad and use it with your email provider to reach customers. It also integrates with other applications on Thinkific.

Some prominent features of Capture include triggers that notify you about the customer journey, lead magnets, and optimization to mobile screens.


Motrain generates personalized rewards to motivate students. It is a marketing and engagement engine that helps grow your business by uplifting student enrolment and completion rates.

On Thinkific, you can create a rewards store with badges, coins, discounts, or other markers based on student interest.

It is a dynamic tool that helps students redeem rewards within the integration.


Salesforce is a customer relationship management software that connects sales, service, marketing, and e-commerce. The integration combines Thinkific user data with powerful reports that lead to sales opportunities.

It can also identify gaps that might block your revenue funnel and suggest content improvisation and customer support.

Many personalized Thinkific actions come with Salesforce.

Bottom Line

Integrations are crucial if you want to take some figurative weight off your shoulders and ensure an accessible experience for your students or members.

Between Thinkific’s direct integrations and Zapier’s external ones, you have access to more than 1500 integrations to enhance your workflow. 

It is best to think of integrations as superpowers that enhance sales while reducing exertion.

Your business needs will change over time, but – armed with the knowledge you find here – you’ll always have the edge over your competitors.

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