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Thinkific has a huge range of outstanding themes you can choose from – and all incorporated into your site with just a couple of clicks.

Our expert team thoroughly researched all of their themes and styles for you so you can be sure to choose the best one for your course.

Each theme we reviewed has stunningly designed pages and we found they are all very easy to navigate.

We also found that each theme has plenty of room for your inspiring images throughout your site.

Our comprehensive review finds that getting potential students to take the next step is excellent on each theme as there’s plenty of opportunity for them to make use of the call to action buttons.

With beautiful color schemes on the pages and strong colorful imagery on pictures, it’s also great to see sites clearly branded.

Thinkific Themes

3 Best Thinkific Themes

Thinkific offers 3 themes each with 3 or 4 styles making a total of 10 theme and style combinations.

Many of the themes offered by Thinkific are breathtaking. All are high-quality and clean-cut and make great use of images and graphics. The pages flow perfectly as you scroll through the sites. 

Most of the information customers need is instantly available on the home page and it’s easy for them to navigate from there to view other pages. You can try out the different themes until you get the one you like and then you can edit it so that it presents your content in the best way.

Design-wise there’s been a lot of work and detail put into all these themes. And, don’t forget, you have complete control over your branding with a couple of clicks.




Carrying black, dark and light blues and white, Jet brings a very refined yet artfully moody style to a site. With a sophisticated look, this theme might be great for university style courses or even the more serious professions such as accounting. The “Sign up now” button is on the heading image, followed by a clear layout of three icon text boxes, and a “sign up today” button. Then the course curriculum, followed by an image and text about the instructor, testimonials and information on course bonuses. Finally, there’s the ability to then browse all courses via the course cards.


Simple but looks very stylish. Mainly gray hues with a pure white background that fills up the pages. The heading and “Enroll now” button are on top of the heading image, and an image and text follows. Next comes a “Sign up today” button, a 3-part layout text with three icons, what you can learn and the course curriculum. An about the instructor section with text, picture and email button is next, followed by a banner image with text and a “Sign up now” button. Scroll and there’s another 3-part layout text, testimonials and other courses available to view.


This theme uses bright colors and images and is very cheerful. Spark has plenty of white background with various shades of pink, blue and purple. The headings are clear and bold. There’s a bright colored image with large text and “SIGN UP TODAY” button all on the heading image. This is followed by text and an image with “SIGN UP TODAY’ button, then a 3-part icon text box, the curriculum, a “MEET INSTRUCTORS” button, and video testimonials. There’s another 3-part icon text box, another banner image with a “SIGN UP” button and the ability to view other courses.



This theme is straight-up edgy without being over the top. Beautifully dark imagery is used with a lot of white background. Large centered text heading plus an “ENROLL NOW”  button, followed by a grey banner with text, text and a picture with “SIGN UP TODAY”  button, and a 3-part icon text box. An introduction video comes next, a limited time only counter for special offers and discounts, and a “CLAIM OFFER NOW”  button. There’s an image with a text box  and testimonials with a circular photo and text, the curriculum, meet the instructor image and text and “BUY NOW” button.



Ideal for photography courses as it’s great for showcasing photos. The very large images totally stand out with the mainly white background. The heading photo is overlapped with the same image, bringing a different dimension to it. Included on the heading image is a “Start Today” button. Then follows a section with headings and text and a “Sign Up Now” button. Immediately after that is a long library of photos and you can have descriptive text on a white background next to each one. Scroll and a 3-part course detail layout, a video, course curriculum, and testimonials with photos.



Stylishly dark with lots of black and pink, yet the colorful images really stand out on this theme. A large text heading, “Start Today” and “Free Trial” buttons are all added onto the heading image. That’s followed by another image with text and a “Sign Up Now” button. Meet your instructor is up next with text and room for three large images. A headed 6-part icon text box is next. After that, the curriculum, a text FAQs section, an image banner with large and small text headings and a “Sign Up Now” button.


The name of the site owner is centered at the top. The text heading, “Start Today” and “Free Trial” buttons are also on the heading image. Then, meet your trainer – photo and text. Scroll, 3 images with text headings, followed by a headed 3-part text box. After that, there’s the instructor picture and text with link to email, centered heading and text, curriculum, and testimonials with pictures and text. Then follows pricing options with “Buy Now” buttons. Next, upsells images with text and “Buy Now” buttons on them, and an image banner with text heading and “Sign up now” button.




The site owner’s name and “GET STARTED NOW” button are among links to sign in and to all courses along the top of the page. Headings and “TAKE THE COURSE” button are on the heading image. After that, a 3-part icon text box, image and text with “PURCHASE NOW” button, text and image with downloadable free offer, curriculum, pricing options with “BUY NOW” buttons. About the instructor has a picture and centered text, a “GET STARTED NOW” button on a headed image banner, testimonials in a clear layout incorporating a follow-on button. Finally, other courses available with pictures and price boxes.


This includes the name of the site owner at the top left along with a “GET STARTED” button on the right. A heading and subheading on the heading image with a “TAKE COURSE” button. Next, three text boxes, a large text box for course description followed by a 6-icon box layout. Another image and text box follow and an image banner with heading and “GET STARTED NOW” button. Testimonials have a clear layout, pictures and a follow-on button. About the team has centered text. Next, the curriculum, and a 3-part layout. Finally, reviews with ability to follow on and read more.



This theme has an all-white background with green buttons and text.

The name of the site and “GET STARTED NOW” button are included at the very top on the heading image with text heading and “BUY NOW” button. Text and image introducing users to the site with a “MORE INFORMATION” button, 3 text box layout and the curriculum then follows. After that, testimonials with follow-on buttons, video, photo and text about the teacher, pricing options with “BUY NOW” buttons, a bonus material banner, image with text and “TAKE COURSE NOW!” button. Finally, related course cards that can be clicked on.

Bottom Line

We really enjoyed browsing through Thinkific’s themes to help give you an overview of the options. That’s because they’re so well developed and designed, making them very easy to navigate and read. With different background colors and layouts, they incorporate call to action buttons to help convert casual visitors into customers. Every image is highly colorful and all text and layouts are rich and clear.

Changing themes gives you a fresh start and it’s easy to change them. However, once you pick a theme and start customizing it, and then want to change it again, you may have to apply the customizations again.

High quality videos feature in all themes and you can even choose a theme with testimonial videos.

This all makes a great impression on your customers. Each theme page looks so professional that your customers will know they can rely on you when they enroll for your course.

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