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Familiarizing yourself with a new platform can be tricky, especially if you’re not tech-savvy.

To help you get to grips with Thinkific, the creators have provided an extensive range of training material to help you get started. These include a 24/7 help center, the Thinkific Training Center, and a Youtube channel.

The excellent free training provided by these sources is sure to help you master every aspect of the platform.

Thinkific Training

Free Thinkific Training Resources

Thinkific lets you access numerous training materials filled with valuable information if you’re interested in accessing tutorials and guides. 

We outline all of these resources below:

  • Free Thinkific Plan (Trial) – Provides general information regarding the platform. Train and create by attempting and executing things yourself.
  • Thinkific Help Center – An all-in-one platform that covers all essential, classified content regarding Thinkific
  • Thinkific Training Center – Assists in creating, marketing, and selling your course through a well-built online community. Only two of the courses are free.
  • Thinkific YouTube Channel – A terrific way to learn from tutorials delivered by industry experts and customers. 

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Thinkific Training Center

The Thinkific Training Center is a complete training program that combines every feature necessary for success. It offers extensive material guaranteeing a pay-off.

The provided training content includes:

  • Lessons on course-related information
  • Webinars from experts
  • Help center articles and FAQs
  • Thinkific Studio (online community)
  • Expert advice

Here are some benefits of the Training Center: 

  • Extensive knowledge
  • Video content giving hands-on experience of the platform
  • Get connected to other people facing the same issues and ask them for help.
  • You can seek help from experienced professionals.

Some drawbacks or limitations of this resource are:

  • A significant portion of the content has a paywall.
  • Webinars are held one at a time.
  • Additional features are available on pro and higher plans.

The best way to learn from the training center is by staying consistent with your lessons and implementing tips. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and engage with the community regularly for course promotions.

Thinkific Youtube Channel Training Sessions

If you’re looking for a quick way to learn and implement Thinkific’s features, YouTube training sessions are a great idea. You can access training content related to the following:

  • Course-related series.
  • Expert tutorials and interviews.
  • Quick tips and monthly updates.
  • Customer reviews and success stories.
  • #LearnwithThinkific and Thinkific live.

Here are a few reasons why YouTube Channel Training Sessions might be the right option for you:

  • Videos are free to access and cover a diverse range of topics.
  • Easily acquire a comprehensive visual guide and advance your course.
  • Learn tips and tricks from online creators on how to scale your business.
  • Tutorials and interviews help change your approach and gain inspiration.

The best way to learn from Thinkific’s YouTube Channel Training Sessions is by practicing everything you see. Also, look into customer reviews since these highlight unique ways to solve problems. Remember that everything might not work out for you, but it’s worth trying.

Thinkific Demo Webinar

Live Thinkific Training Webinars

Thinkific also hosts Live Training Webinars every Tuesday and Thursday to showcase the platform and resolve any issues you may be facing.

It offers an interactive learning experience where you can get your queries answered instantly. You can access these Training Webinars through the Training Center or visit this link.

To register for the webinar, visit the link above, select any upcoming session, and add your name and email address. These sessions cover a broad series of topics, along with live Q&A sessions. The subjects normally include in-depth growth, online education business, and course setups. 

Perhaps the best part about these webinars is that they’re hosted by Thinkific’s team directly.

This in-house host team means they’re completely aware of the struggles users face and know exactly how to resolve them.

They can also offer insider tips and tricks on how to grow your online courses to new levels.

Thinkific Training, Tutorials & Courses

Thinkific Experts Training

Getting insights from someone more experienced is always a great idea. If you’re looking for advice from someone who knows, firsthand, the challenges of educational entrepreneurship, check out the Thinkific Experts Training resource. It connects you with professionals that look into your problems and help you take your business to the next level.

There are numerous experts at your disposal, so you can easily find one that relates to you the most. Thinkific’s Experts fall under the following categories:

  • Course creation, publishing, and curriculum design
  • Website designing and web development
  • Selling, branding, and marketing
  • Technical implementation, SSO, API, and integrations

Getting access to these Experts is quite simple. You choose whom you want to seek help from and request a quote. Once you agree to a price with the expert, you’ll get firsthand experience. This interaction helps experts and creators both and benefits the entire Thinkific community.

Thinkific Training, Tutorials & Courses

Thinkific Help Center

The Thinkific Help Center has numerous informative articles, FAQs, and demos on various topics. It covers multiple aspects of the platform ranging from Getting Started, Customizing Your Site, to Marketing and Selling using the platform. You can also access a demo that’ll help you get a quick start on the platform. This training content is fit for avid readers, who grasp information quickly. 

The benefits of using this resource are as follows:

  • Provides free access to vast numbers of articles
  • Covers information from elementary starting guides to technical integrations.
  • Available at all times and contains reference materials and external links.

Some drawbacks you can encounter are:

  • Limited availability of visual data.
  • You have to implement changes yourself.

The best way to learn from this resource is by searching any topic and reading multiple articles about it. Also, try to implement changes using reference links. 


Thinkific gives you access to multiple resources that help you learn and scale your business. This treasure trove of resources helps ensure course creators have everything they need to gain the most from the platform. Depending on how you prefer learning and what you find most effective, you can opt for quick solutions like articles or even a personalized approach from Thinkific Experts. Whatever you choose, there are plenty of options to help you start making the most of Thinkific.

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