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Thinkific has two ways to offer upsells to your customers: the Upsells section and the After-purchase flow feature.

The Upsell section is a core feature and is available to all plan holders, whereas the After-purchase flow feature will require you to have a Start subscription plan or above.

Key Takeaways:

  • Thinkific has two ways you can offer upsells
  • To use both features, as a minimum, you will need a Start subscription

What Is a Thinkific Upsell?

A Thinkific Upsell is a feature that allows you to offer customers a more expensive or premium version of a product they are interested in.

The platform offers two features to enable you to do this, which we’ll cover below.

  • Upsells Section – The Upsells section contains products you want to offer customers before they’ve completed their purchase. You can add the section to your landing page, the home page, and custom pages.
  • After-Purchase Flow Upsells – A customer will be redirected to the Thank you page after purchasing a product from you. You will need to use After-purchase flow upsells to display upsells on this page.

The main difference between these types of upsells is where they’re located, which we’ve summarized below.

Upsell FeatureLocation
Upsells SectionMost site pages
After-Purchase Flow UpsellsThank You Page

Thinkific Subscription Plan Requirements 

The Upsell section is a core feature and is available on all subscription plans.

However, to use the After-purchase flow, as a minimum you’ll need a Start plan.

Thinkific’s Start, Grow, and Expand plans have access to both upsell features.

Free planBasic planStart planGrow PlanExpand plan
Upsell SectionAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
After-Purchase Flow UpsellsNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable

Types of Upsells You Can Offer

Below are three types of upsells that you could offer.

  • Additional Courses – After a student has completed their course, or completed the purchase, you could offer a more comprehensive course on the same or similar subject. These upsells can be added to the after-purchase flow or using the upsells section.
  • Coaching – A customer may want a more intimate learning environment and be coached whilst completing the course, or maybe they’re looking for additional one-on-one support. You could offer them coaching as part of the course and charge on a monthly basis using the after-purchase flow feature.
  • E-Books and Digital Downloadable – For in-depth content, customers may also want to read along and reference a book when completing the course. This feature will allow you to offer them e-books, worksheets, and other digital downloadables.
Upsells You Can Offer

Here are four popular reasons that you may want to consider using Thinkific’s Upsell features.

  1. Increase Sales – By offering your products using upsells, it will give customers the opportunity to purchase something of higher value and therefore increase your sales.
  2. Enhance The Customer Experience – When offering complementary products, such as coaching or another course, you offer the customer a more enhanced and personalized product version.
  3. Customer Convenience – Instead of making your customers look around for products they may want, they can purchase everything in one place, improving their experience
  4. Decrease Marketing Spend – Finding a new customer to purchase your products. can be costly. Whereas if they’ve already purchased and have enjoyed learning from you, then it can be a less-expensive way to sell your products.

Thinkific Upsell Features

Here’s a list of where Thinkific’s Upsell feature can be used:

  • Add upsells before or after checkout
  • The Upsell section can be used on multiple pages:
    • Course landing page
    • Community landing page
    • Bundle landing page
    • Home page
    • Custom pages
  • Offer multiple different products
    • Digital products
    • Coaching
    • Courses

Differences Between Upsells and Cross-Sells in Thinkific

Upsells are specifically targeted at customers that are about to buy or have already purchased your product. 

In contrast, a cross-sell is when you offer complementary items to what they’re looking to purchase.

One example of cross-selling would be offering a book on a subject related to a training course.

Key Differences:

  • Cross-selling is always before checkout, whereas upsells can be just before as well as after checkout
  • Cross-selling is for complementary products, this is in contrast to upselling, which can promote standalone products
  • Thinkific allows you to upsell using its After-purchase flow, however, cross-selling can’t be done post-purchase

How to Add Upsells in Thinkific

By using the Upsell section, they can be added to all pre-checkout site pages you have on Thinkific.

Here’s how to add an upsell:

  1. Go to your Thinkific dashboard and click DESIGN YOUR SITE
  2. Then select Site pages
  3. Navigate to the site page that you’d like to add an upsell to, then click the Pencil icon
Upsells You Can Offer
  1. Click + ADD SECTION
  2. Scroll down and choose UPSELLS
Upsells You Can Offer
  1. After the Upsell section has been added, you can now customize it. To do this, scroll down and click EDIT SECTION
  2. On the settings section, you can now edit Headings, Subheadings, Alignment, Background & layout, Color, and Padding
  3. Then to add a product, select + Add Upsell. You can choose a product from the list, add a Description, and Button text
Upsells You Can Offer
  1. If you want to add more products, repeat the previous step
  2. When finished, click SAVE
Upsells You Can Offer

Purchase Flow Upsell

Purchase flow upsells is the feature used to customize your Thank you page, which customers will see after checkout.

In addition to upsells, you can use this feature to direct them to your community, course, or any other URL.

There are two parts to creating a Purchase flow upsell, first, making the flow, and second, customizing the Thank you page to add it.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. On your dashboard, select MANAGE LEARNING PRODUCTS
  2. Click Courses
  3. Then select the course that you’d like to add the flow to
  4. Click After purchase
  5. Then select ADD FLOW
  6. Now you’ll be able to add the Flow name, the Price, and the Destination (Thank you page)
Upsells You Can Offer
  1. Check the box that says Display custom thank you messaging, and fill out the Heading and Subheading
  2. Now, also check the box below: Upsell additional products
  3. You can add a Heading and pick the product from the drop-down section
  4. Then select Add
  5. To add more products, repeat steps 8-10
  6. When you’re done, click SAVE
  7. You can now view the page by clicking PREVIEW THANK YOU PAGE
  8. After viewing, if you want to make any changes go back and edit the customization sections until you’re happy
Upsells You Can Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Thinkific has two options: Upsell sections, which can be added to any pre-checkout site page, and Upsell Flow sections, which appear on the Thank you page after the customer checks out. Upsell sections are a core feature and available on all subscription plans, whereas to create an Upsell flow, you need a Start plan or above.

To upsell a course in Thinkific, you can do it prior to checkout using an Upsell section, which can appear on any site page. Alternatively, after a customer has purchased a product, you can offer the option to upsell the course on the Thank you page.

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