Thinkific Video Hosting: Video Size Limits and Requirements

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Thinkific allows unlimited video hosting but has a file limit of 2GB per video.

Thinkific doesn’t allow you to create videos on the platform; however, you can upload them via the Video Library, Lesson Level, and Bulk Importer.

Key Takeaways:

Does Thinkific Host Videos?

Yes, Thinkific hosts videos. You can upload your video courses and lessons directly to the platform.

Thinkific will store them in your Video Library, where you can create new lessons and courses.

What Thinkific Plan Will I Need to Host Videos?

Thinkific allows unlimited hosting on all plans, but each video file can’t be more than 2GB.

Therefore, if you want to try out the feature, you can subscribe to the platform’s Free plan.

Thinkific PlanVideo Hosting LimitMaximum Video Size
Free planUnlimited2GB
Start planUnlimited2GB
Grow planUnlimited2GB
Expand planUnlimited2GB

What Types of Videos Can Be Uploaded to Thinkific?

Although the platform offers unlimited hosting, the video you upload must meet specific criteria.

Here’s the type of videos you can upload:

  • 2GB or Under – Each video must be of a maximum size of 2GB. For larger content, you may have to consider using compression software.
  • Supported File Types – Thinkific support 36 file types for you to choose from. They include the most popular ones, such as mp4.

In addition, Thinkific provides you with a list of recommended video specs for the upload:

  • Codec: h.264
  • File Extension: mp4
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Bitrate: 5,625 kbps (for 1080p videos)
  • Framerate: 15-60 fps (constant)
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (recommended)

Is There a Thinkific Video Size Limit?

Yes, Thinkific has a strict video size limit. All videos uploaded to the site must be smaller than 2GB.

The maximum video size limit is the same for all subscription plans. If your video exceeds this limit, the platform recommends that you compress the video to reduce the file size.

Thinkific Video Hosting

Ways to Upload Your Video to Thinkific

Thinkific offers users three ways to upload videos to the platform, which we describe below.

  • Video Library – The Thinkific Video Library houses all your videos; you can also upload them directly there. When creating content, you’ll be able to select the video from the library to use.
  • Video Lessons – When creating a lesson or course, you’ll also be able to drag & drop or upload video files from your computer.
  • Bulk Importer – If you’ve already created a complete video course, you can use the bulk importer feature to order, edit the names, and upload the videos in one go. This method is only available at a course level.

Where Can I Publish Videos on My Thinkific Site?

Once your video is uploaded, you can publish it to your courses, in video lessons, and on your site pages.

Can I Remove the Ability to Fast-Forward a Thinkific Video?

Yes, you can hide the play bar to prevent students from skipping through your video lessons. 

Once removed, they won’t be able to jump around. However, they will still be able to watch at a higher playback speed.

How to Upload Your Video to Thinkific

There are three ways you can upload your video to the platform – below is a breakdown of each method.

Video Library

  1. Navigate to Manage learning products on your dashboard
  2. Click Video library
  3. Then select Upload
  4. You’ll now find a range of options for ways to upload, choose your preferred method, and upload your video
Thinkific Video Hosting

After your video has successfully uploaded (it may take a few seconds), it’ll now appear as processing.

When the processing has been completed, you’ll be able to customize it before adding it to a lesson or course.

When Creating Video Lessons

  1. On your dashboard, select Manage learning content
  2. Click on Courses
  3. Now select the course that you’d like to add a video lesson to
Thinkific Video Hosting
  1. Select + Add lesson
  2. Then click Video
  3. Either drag and drop or select the file you’d like to upload
Thinkific Video Hosting

You’ll then be able to add a title, text, additional downloads, and complete the lesson settings.

Bulk Importer

  1. On your dashboard, select Manage learning content.
  2. Click on Courses.
  3. Now, select the course that you’d like to add a video lesson to.
Thinkific Video Hosting
  1. Select Bulk importer at the top of the page.
  2. Before importing, you can add a chapter to add your videos to.
  3. Now, you can drag and drop or select files to import multiple videos at once.
Thinkific Video Hosting

Once completed, your course content will start uploading and be ready for viewing.

Thinkific’s Video Features & Customization Options

After you’ve uploaded your video, you’ll now be able to customize it using Thinkific’s features – we’ll go over the entire range below.

  • Add CC – Closed captions can be added to increase the accessibility of your videos. They can either be in the same or a different language from the audio. You’ll have to upload the SRT file to the platform to create captions.
  • Change The Video Player Color – To enhance your brand image, you can change the color of your video player to match.
  • Change The Thumbnail –  Thinkific auto-generates your videos a thumbnail. However, if you’d like to add a custom one, you can upload one in the video library.
  • Video Analytics – The platform’s dashboard lets you view key analytics, including engagement, plays, and play rates. 
  • Download a Video – If you’d like to download any video you’ve published, you can go to the Video Library to do that.
  • Autoplay – When the video has finished playing, you can decide if it will automatically play the next lesson after the full countdown time.
  • Video Completion Required – To ensure that the training has been completed, you can require students to complete a video before progressing to the next.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can live stream on the platform. However, you will need to use third-party software, such as Zoom. Currently, Thinkific does not offer live stream features native to the platform; instead, you must use an app or software.

The analytics provided include average engagement, total video play, play rate, and last watched date. These are found for each video inside the platform’s Video Library.

The platform allows you to view the video analytics for each upload. To access it, you should click on Manage learning content on the dashboard > Video library > Edit > Analytics > you’ll find them at the bottom of the page.

There are three ways to upload, in the Video library, when creating Live Lessons, and using the Bulk Editor. The most popular method is in the Video Library. To do this, go to Manage learning content > Video Library > Upload > drag and drop or select the video file from your computer.

Yes, students can upload videos to the platform. To do this, they must do it through a course assignment lesson. You can submit assignments for your student to complete before moving on to the next course lesson.

Bottom Line

While there are still some limitations around the size of the content you can upload, the fact that you can try this feature using the Free plan makes it an option to try before committing.

That’s the completed guide to Thinkific video hosting; we’ve covered the specs required for uploading, methods, and available features.

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