Traffic Secrets Review: Russell Brunson’s Newest Best-Seller

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Want marketing advice that genuinely helps businesses? Learn from someone who has tried it all and now benefits from the results. 

Traffic Secrets is the last book in Russell Brunson’s Secrets trilogy, completing your insight into digital marketing and sales funnels.

It’s informative and practical, with the knowledge to improves your understanding of concepts like connecting target audiences to funnels.

We’ll explain why it deserves a place on your bookshelf.

ClickFunnels Traffic Secrets

Number of Pages


E-Book (PDF) Price

$12.09 (Amazon)

$9.99 (Barnes & Noble)

Hardcover Book Price

$9.95 (ClickFunnels + Bonuses Included)

$26.99 (Barnes & Noble)

Other Books in Trilogy

Expert Secrets,

DotCom Secrets

Hopefully, you already have the first two books in Russell Brunson’s trilogy of books that discuss secrets of the business marketing niche.

Now, the third book – Traffic Secrets – in the Secrets trilogy is available. Using this book, you get dynamic advice on using funnels to optimize the sales results of your online business. 

It’s available in various formats and on different platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can opt for a Kindle version or simply a PDF e-book download apart from a hardcover book.

But why not get bonus extras to help you put the book’s guidelines into practice? This is possible when you order your book via ClickFunnels. It’s your most affordable option at $9.95.

You can also attend four masterclasses and take part in a Traffic Secrets challenge at no additional cost, to get some practical experience and improve your skills.

Traffic Secrets Review: Russell Brunson's Newest Best-Seller

Should I Get an E-Book or Hardcover Copy of Traffic Secrets?

Since we’re all about optimizing results, we believe the hardcover copy deal from ClickFunnels is the best option. Why? If you’re buying this book, you want to see change, improvement, and results.

That’s much more possible with the valuable bonuses you get along with your book from ClickFunnels.

You’re welcome to shop on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble for an electronic version or the hardcover book alone, but remember that these options are more expensive than ClickFunnels’.

In addition, you’re missing out on extras that could make all the difference in your future marketing campaigns. 

Here’s all you’ll get when you instead shop via ClickFunnels:

  • The book: Hardcover version containing 20 secrets that will help you feed your funnels
  • Masterclasses: Four insightful sessions with hosts Russell Brunson, Peng Joon, Prince EA, and Dean Graziosi
  • 30-day challenge: This answers the question of ‘Where do I start?’
Traffic Secrets Review: Russell Brunson's Newest Best-Seller

An Honest Traffic Secrets Review: Is It Worth Getting?

This book won’t simply gather dust in your office.

The secrets in Traffic Secrets relate to topics you face in your business daily. The advice the book provides is relevant and practical. Russell’s success in helping to build ClickFunnels is all the proof you need. 

Those who read Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers often comment on how the book helped them.

You can try this book no matter what industry you’re in because most readers find the advice universal. Some even say the book over-delivers because it so efficiently helps you define and discover customers. 

Business leaders also appreciate that Russell discusses many different aspects of creating funnels in one book.

So, you now only need one resource instead of a stack of guidelines on your desk. 



In today’s competitive world, business owners must grasp and utilize effective marketing tools. Contrary to popular imagination, the customer acquisition process never consists of “If you build it, they will come.” It’s your responsibility to generate a consistent stream of traffic. So, a dynamic sales funnel is essential. 

Don’t simply take anyone’s marketing advice, and you probably don’t have the time or capital to try out different techniques. That makes Russell Brunson’s Traffic Secrets so valuable.

The 20 topics he discusses are crucial to getting those traffic numbers you’re hoping for. Russell’s journey taught him how to get it right, and now you can too. 

Of course, you want to give your business the best possible chance.

Apart from the book, why not enjoy the benefits of masterclasses and a 30-day challenge to get you started? It’s all included at ClickFunnels’ special price for Traffic Secrets. Place your order, learn, and profit.

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