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As you may already know, we’ve reviewed dozens of Learning Management Systems and website management platforms, accumulating considerable expertise in the online software market.

Although Tutor LMS has a history of providing generous discounts, it doesn’t currently offer a direct discount on its website when users sign up for a payment plan.

However, the Tutor LMS team does provide a 20% discount code. You can apply this code when subscribing.

In this article, we show you how to obtain a discount code for a Tutor LMS package.

We also advise you on the savings you can make with these genuine codes and warn of fake online discounts currently gaining momentum.

Tutor LMS Coupons & Discounts

Tutor LMS Lifetime Discount

Tutor LMS used to offer an official Lifetime Discount (LTDF) deal, but this discount has expired. It also provided a very generous deal to users who switched from annual to lifetime billing. Unfortunately, this deal ended a year ago.

However, we discovered that the Tutor LMS team currently offers a generous 20% discount on its Lifetime plans.

To receive this deal, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Click here to register for an account, but do not make a purchase.
  2. Send an email to support@themeum.com and mention your email address that you used to sign up.
  3. Request the team at Tutor LMS to then provide you with a 20% discount code.

Below we detail the discounted price and savings you can make on Tutor LMS Lifetime plans:

  • Lifetime Single License – $319.20 saving $79.80
  • Lifetime Five-License pack – $479.20 saving $119.80
  • Lifetime Unlimited Licenses – $799.20 saving $199.80

Is There a Tutor LMS Discount?

Tutor LMS offers a 20% discount code to all users who enter their email address at the website or email its support team before signing up. You will quickly receive a discount code, which you can then enter when you apply for either an annual or lifetime payment plan.

Detailed below are the discounted prices and savings you can make on Tutor LMS annual plans:

  • Annual Single License – $119.20 saving $29.80 
  • Annual 5-License Pack – $159.20 saving $39.80
  • Annual Unlimited Licenses – $239.20 saving $59.80

Our team is continuously checking directly with Tutor LMS for discount offers and other deals. And we will be the first to update you when a new discount comes out. You should bookmark this page to stay informed.

Is There a Tutor LMS Discount Code?

Tutor LMS does offer an official discount code.

If you’re interested in receiving a 20% discount, you only need to enter your email address at the Tutor LMS site.

The team there will send you an official discount code, which you can use when you sign up for either an annual or a lifetime payment plan.

Many sites online provide tempting coupon codes, but all of those are fake.

However irresistible they may seem, they are not genuine discount codes. There are no time limits to the real Tutor LMS code, and you don’t need to visit another site to obtain one.


Legitimate discount codes are available directly from Tutor LMS.

Sites other than Tutor LMS continually thrust fake discount codes at potential customers.

Don’t yield to phrases such as ‘limited time offer’ on any site offering discount codes. Purely intended to lure website traffic, you will discover the code has ‘expired.’

A bona fide code is not difficult to obtain. The support team at Tutor LMS is very efficient in sending the real deal to you.

When you see ‘Want To Get Discount And Product Updates From Us?’ don’t hesitate to enter your email address.

A 20% reduction makes for impressive savings, just when you need them.

And finally, bookmark this page to learn about new discounts offered by Tutor LMS and so that you can be certain of their authenticity.

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