Unbounce Landing Page Examples

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Our expert team thoroughly studied 17 examples of Unbounce landing pages to show you the best practices in them and inspire you to create landing pages of your very own.

Surprisingly, you can create exceptional landing pages without any technical skills.

The ability to quickly build and customize landing pages for a product or service is why so many businesses choose Unbounce.

Along with the many convenient integrations the Unbounce platform offers, these design and customization tools give users more chances to generate leads.

Unbounce Website Examples

Best Unbounce Website Examples

Unbounce makes it possible for anyone to create landing pages, and its customers cover a wide range of industries.

The landing pages we reviewed included mobile beauty services, a wedding registry, university courses, a mapping tool for hunters, and a celebrity messaging service.

Not only does Unbounce provide the tools to build the pages, but it also gives tons of advice on creating landing pages that get high conversions.

Almost every example we saw had well-designed pages that were easy to navigate. Many of the pages included videos or video backgrounds, which are a great way to get a visitor’s attention.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Unbounce Landing Page Examples


Shoelace is a retargeting marketing automation tool for ad campaigns, which connects with e-commerce apps.

Shoelace prominently displays a call-to-action button at the top of the page. Strong, concise content and images appear throughout the site. There is also an eye-catching testimonial strategically placed to engage visitors. Shoelace uses large and colorful pictures to capture users’ interest on the downloadable guides page.


Panoply is an automated business data warehouse to sync and store client data. 

It uses Unbounce’s video background clips that autoplay in the page’s background, showing users how to connect with the data system. Panoply has many text testimonials and one very prominent video testimonial, and the page includes a search bar for supported integrations. Panoply uses calls-to-action throughout its pages, with highly customized text tables showcasing their services.


Mixmax is an email marketing automation system designed to convert leads into customers. Mixmax users can track and send follow-up emails as well as creating emails from templates. They can also book multiple meetings with Mixmax scheduling tools.

Mixmax uses a brilliant looking template with two call-to-action buttons at the top of its first landing page and an autoplay video showing an excerpt on the system.

Clickable tabs bring users to separate pages quickly to see all the available services. Large, bright, friendly images cover the landing page, and a webinar registration page details the weekly Mixmax webinars. 

E-Commerce Unbounce Landing Page Examples


Zola is an online wedding registry. It sells a vast range of products as wedding presents, including homeware, gardening tools, and plants. It also provides invites, thank-you cards, and other wedding essentials. 

Zola’s landing page includes FAQs, many testimonials, and calls to actions. Many images of invites and response cards can be seen just by clicking arrows. Click the Learn More button, and users can see a demonstration video.

An automatic first name/last name form builder leads to visitors entering their email address, and the website pages include pictures and descriptions of each product.


Drizzle Honey

Drizzle Honey sells raw, bee-friendly honey online.

A sticky bar at the top of the page lets users know they’re open during the COVID-19 era along with a free shipping offer. It uses large and beautiful images with a Buy Now call-to-action button at the top of the page. As you scroll down, a pop-up form appears inviting you to sign up.

A Google map on the Drizzle Honey website showcases stores that sell its honey. The About Us page has a high-quality video from the owner and clearly-formatted and intriguing text, next to images of the team. A recipe page includes the owner’s photos of her product. Drizzle Honey has also dedicated a complete page to FAQs.

Unbounce Landing Page Examples

Boxy Charm

Boxy Charm is a subscription service, and members receive boxes of beauty products.

A friendly pop-up email sign-up is the first thing users see when they go to this page.

At the top of the page, a “JOIN NOW” call-to-action button placed directly on the heading image leads to their payment plans. Boxy Charm uses colorful pictures, and parallax scrolling confers a feeling of depth within the page. 

There is a FAQ page and a help center with short articles covering all details of specific questions.

Mobile App Unbounce Landing Page Examples


Aaptiv is a mobile fitness app for the general public and employers as part of their wellness program. 

With the Unbounce features on the fresh-looking landing page, users can access short audios of the different training techniques available. These include yoga and strength training, so users can see for themselves quickly and easily if the app is right for them. 

A sizable changing image header has two calls-to-action – one for a free trial leading to more details and another for information about employer training. Rolling images show customers using the app and the different types of workouts. The page ends with an email address form.

Unbounce Landing Page Examples


Cameo is a celebrity messaging service. Cameo sends personalized video messages from actors, famous sports stars, and even celebrity gamers.

To get users’ attention, Cameo makes use of Unbounce’s background videos as a heading with a short explanation of the product. Then comes a massive range of celebrity profile pictures that users can click to book in a custom message from that person. The booking page contains reviews and a colorful call-to-action button to make the request. On the booking page, users can see a video of the chosen celebrity talking to the camera.

Unbounce Landing Page Examples


onX is a map tool for hunters showing marked property boundaries and landowners’ names. 

It uses a simple design and high-quality images with concise copy on a white background. Screenshots of maps from a mobile phone overlay onto photographs, and the site uses parallax scrolling to great effect. The landing page also incorporates a visually powerful video connecting the visitor to their product.

Real Estate & Finance Unbounce Landing Page Examples

The Listings Lab

The Listings Lab helps real estate agents who have hit 100K per year to overhaul their advertising and scale using online marketing.

This page gives the user all the information they need at the top without scrolling. Embedded on the heading image is a call-to-action button and a separate link to click. These lead to more information and later to a form.

When you scroll down, there’s a wealth of information using a large font on a mainly white background, making everything very clear. The text is set out in a two-column newspaper layout style and makes the page look less crowded. On pushing the call-to-action button, users move to a page advertising the services offered, Facebook reviews, and video testimonials. At the end of that page is a form for users to fill in.

Unbounce Landing Page Examples


Ooba is a home loan management service based in South Africa. It helps users to complete an application form that it then sends to banks. ooba then provides quotes, and it also negotiates rates and terms with the banks.

The template chosen has clear text sections and bright descriptive call-to-action buttons, making it easy to navigate. 

At the top of the page is ooba’s telephone number, with only a short scroll of the mouse to reach three call-to-action buttons. The landing page ends with lengthy testimonials, including headshots.

The calls-to-action take users to other pages to fill in a form. The site has a seven-field form for customers’ details to request a call. 

Education Unbounce Landing Page Examples


Thinkific is an all-in-one platform providing education services to teaching professionals with a Learning Management System to teach lessons online.

The large rolling images at the top of this slick landing page draw the visitor’s attention, and there are three call-to-action buttons there.

As well as an explainer video, lots of embedded video testimonials appear on the landing page. The professional-looking template also allows for large images to showcase their team and services. 

The About Us page has a lengthy video about the founders. Email fields feature throughout the pages. One page focuses entirely on a single testimonial, including a video.

Unbounce Landing Page Examples

The University of Athabasca

The University of Athabasca is an open university based in Canada. It aims, without restrictions, to reach anyone who wishes to learn. It offers many programs and courses online.

The landing page makes it easy and direct for potential customers to click on any of the programs, to get information on courses offered, and enroll.

A sticky bar leads to a page dedicated to current COVID-19 information. A second sticky bar shows the applications to a particular course. 

The university’s logo stands out dramatically on the background video clips seen at the top of the page, and when you click, it takes you to details of a virtual conference.

Unbounce Landing Page Examples

Class Creator

Class Creator is an education platform for managing and balancing classes for schools worldwide. It saves schools and teachers lots of time by creating class lists, collecting data on students, and keeping it.

All the features of this tool are readily visible on the landing page. There are two calls-to-action placed at the top of the page to guide users to a form and more information, including a video. 

Back on the landing page, a tutorial video follows, offering a comprehensive list of Class Creator features. Other large calls-to-action embedded throughout the page share the benefits of using Class Creator and showcase testimonials.

Hobbies & Appointments Unbounce Landing Page Examples

Unbounce Landing Page Examples


Awayco is a software system that provides products and services to help businesses rent goods. It provides surfboards from their stores or affiliate stores with many global locations, making it easy for surfers to book boards. 

Awayco starts its landing page with a beautiful high-quality video testimonial, and users can click the “Get Started For Free” button leading to an email address field form. 

Unbounce Landing Page Examples


ClaimCompass helps customers claim compensation for delayed or canceled flights. Users need to fill in a quick form, and ClaimCompass gets back to you by email on the claim’s progress.

The landing page has a couple of form fields at the top of the page for people to enter the flight’s details, and the software does the rest. It contains clear graphics showing how it all works, along with rolling testimonials. Clickable tabs give instant information on all their services without being led to another page. 

Unbounce Landing Page Examples

Blow LTD

Starting its branding from a distinctive choice on capitalization, blow LTD provides professional mobile beauty and hair services to homes in the UK. Customers can download the app or book online through the blow LTD website. 

There is clear and concise information on how to book, and there are plenty of reviews from Trustpilot.

The landing page features images with clickable links taking users to pages with more information on the services offered.

Unbounce Landing Page Examples

Bottom Line

A landing page aims to collect information from a customer or persuade a visitor to buy something immediately.

The site examples we studied made careful choices amongst templates or presets, fonts, layouts, images, and videos.

Unbounce recommends adding videos to landing pages for higher conversions. Video backgrounds are video clips that autoplay in sections of a page. These are a central feature of the Unbounce system.

One of the top best practices in building landing pages is to keep the essential information ‘above the fold’ – viewable without scrolling down. Many of the examples did just that, placing their call-to-action buttons in that area.

We can’t tell you precisely how well these example pages convert their leads, contacts, and visitors, but you can see from these examples that Unbounce provides all the tools they – and you – need for high-converting landing pages.

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