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Unbounce offers prospective customers a 14-day free trial. 

To claim this free trial, users must sign up via the Unbounce website. They will need to submit their credit card details, but there will be no charge if they cancel within 14 days.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Unbounce free trial is available to all Launch, Optimize, and Accelerate plan holders
  • Key differences between the plans include number of domains, conversions, and visitors supported
  • Unbounce free trials can be canceled within the “Subscription” dashboard section 

Unbounce’s Free Trial Explained

Unbounce has a 14-day free trial that enables customers to create landing pages using the Launch, Optimize, and Accelerate plans. 

The platform does not advertise a 14-day free trial for Concierge plan holders; to sign up for this plan, you must contact the platform.

The Launch PlanThe Optimize PlanThe Accelerate PlanThe Concierge Plan
14-Day Free Trial

When signing up to Unbounce, users are required to select a plan and then submit their credit card details.

After the 14-day free trial has ended, users will then be billed for the plan they selected.

If customers choose to cancel their free trial during the first 14 days, users will be downgraded to the platform’s “free plan.”

Trial Length14 Days
Credit Card Required?Yes
Auto Billing?Yes

What’s Included in the Unbounce Free Trial?

Prospective Launch, Optimize, and Accelerate customers will receive a 14-day free trial when they sign up for a monthly or annual subscription.

The key differences between these plans are the number of domains, conversions, and visitors each plan supports.

Monthly Pricing$99/month$145/month$240/month$625/month + one-time fee
Annual Discount25%25%25%25%
14-Day Free Trial
Unlimited Landing Pages
Unlimited Pop-Ups
Unlimited Sticky Bars
Unlimited Client Sub-Accounts
AI Copywriting
Domains1510Flexible limits
A/B Testing
Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR)
Advanced Targeting & Scheduling
Account Manager

How to Claim an Unbounce Free Trial

Here are the steps for claiming an Unbounce free trial:

  1. First, navigate to the Unbounce website.
  2. Select “Start My Free Trial” on the top-right of the page.
  1. Review the plans and pick the one that matches your business needs the best by selecting “Start Building for Free.”
Start Building for Free
  1. Next, you’ll need to enter your contact information, email, and password. Alternatively, you can sign up using your Google account.
Complete the billing
  1. Complete the billing and credit card information fields.
your Google account
Unbounce will then redirect you to a new page, notifying you to go to your email inbox to verify your account.
  1. To activate your account, click the Unbounce verification link.
Unbounce verification link
  1. The platform will then prompt you to give more information about your experience and company to help you get started. Complete the fields, then select “Start Building Now.”
Start Building Now
  1. You’ll be redirected to the dashboard, where you can begin creating landing pages.
redirected to the dashboard

How to Cancel an Unbounce Free Trial

Here are the steps to cancel an Unbounce free trial:

  1. From your Unbounce dashboard, select “Subscriptions.”
  2. Click the red “Cancel My Plan” button.
How to Cancel an Unbounce Free Trial
  1. Unbounce will then ask you several questions, and you’ll need to check the terms and conditions box before confirming your cancellation by clicking “Yes, I’m Ready to Cancel.”
Yes, I’m Ready to Cancel

Your account will now be canceled, but you’ll still have full access for the duration of your free trial.

How to Remove Credit Card Details from an Unbounce Free Trial

Many guides write that you can remove your credit card details from an Unbounce free trial as an alternative method of canceling.

However, after we tested doing this, it became clear that Unbounce enables companies to change and update their credit card details but not remove them.

How to Remove Credit Card Details from an Unbounce Free Trial

Tips for Making the Most of an Unbounce Free Trial

Here are a few tips to make the most of your free trial:

  • Start Selling – The primary purpose of Unbounce is to advertise products and services; therefore, we recommend creating a landing page and starting to sell to understand the platform’s capabilities.
  • Upgrade – To get a complete understanding of Unbounce’s features, we recommend subscribing to a more expensive plan to use additional tools like A/B Testing, Dynamic Test Replacement, and Advanced Targeting and Scheduling.
  • Support and Help – It’s very common to get stuck and have questions during a free trial as users are learning the platform. Unbounce has a great community forum to ask questions and network with other business owners. The platform also has an extensive documentation library with how-to guides.
Tips for Making the Most of an Unbounce Free Trial

Bottom Line

Unbounce’s 14-day free trial offers new customers a great chance to explore the platform’s landing page builder and additional tools.

To get a full understanding of the platform, we recommend subscribing to a more advanced plan to test out the full suite of Unbounce features.

After your 14-day free trial, you’ll then be able to subscribe to the right plan for you or cancel your trial.

Lastly, remember that the platform does not have a money-back guarantee, so if you’re not planning on subscribing, remember to cancel or downgrade your plan before the trial runs out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Unbounce does have a free plan. However, this is only available to customers who have canceled their plan and are assigned a free one to access their unpublished landing pages.

No, there isn’t a free landing page alternative. The cheapest alternative is likely a self-hosted WordPress solution, which will cost around $50 per year. Most hosted or all-in-one platforms with the same capabilities as Unbounce are priced similarly.

No, Unbounce does not have a money-back guarantee. In order not to avoid charges, all users must cancel before their 14-day free trial ends.

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