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We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

Unbounce offers a 14-day free trial so you can try before you buy. 

It offers all the features you get with a paid plan so you can make an informed decision before deciding whether to invest in this easy landing page builder for your business. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Create unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars during the 14 days
  • Choose from the Launch, Optimize, or Accelerate plan for your free trial. 
  • You can switch between plans on your account dashboard during your trial. 
  • Once you choose to move forward with a paid plan, there’s a 20% discount available if you pay annually instead of monthly. 

How to Sign Up for Unbounce Free Trial? 

There’s a quick-access button on the Unbounce home page where you can sign up for your free trial in one click. It takes you to the pricing page, where you’ll choose your plan to demo for 14 days. 

You’ll be prompted to create an account and add billing details before starting your free trial. Once that’s done, you can get start using your Unbounce free trial straight away. 

What Comes with the Unbounce Free Trial? 

The Unbounce free trial offers all the features you’ll get with a paid plan. You can choose which plan you want to trial when signing up, and if you need to change your plan during your trial, you can do so on your account dashboard. 

LaunchOptimize Accelerate
Conversions 500 1,0002,500
Unique Visitors 20,000 30,000 5,000
Domains 1510
Users 2Unlimited Unlimited
Client Sub-AccountsUnlimited Unlimited Unlimited

All plans allow you access to the Unbounce Smart Builder, where you can create unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars. All have various extra features. 

The Optimize and Accelerate plans only differ in one feature – Accelerate features Advanced Targeting & Scheduling. The Launch plan is missing a few features that the others have, so it may be worth starting with Optimize. 

Does the Unbounce Free Trial Need a Credit Card? 

You’ll need to enter either your credit card details or log into your PayPal account when signing up for an Unbounce free trial. If this makes you nervous, you can try the Unbounce Interactive Demo, which requires no credit card. However, it’s only a mock landing page builder to show you how Unbounce works, and won’t allow you any of the features of the free trial. 

Does Unbounce Bill Automatically after the Free Trial Ends? 

Yes! Make sure you’re aware of the date you start your free trial, because Unbounce will bill you automatically 14 days later. 

Unbounce Bill

How to Cancel Unbounce Free Trial before Being Billed 

To cancel your free trial if you don’t want to be billed after 14 days, go to “Manage Account” on your dashboard and deactivate it. 

You can also remove your credit card details from the website. Click on your avatar and go to “Account Management”. Go to “billing”, and you’ll be able to edit or remove your details. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Unbounce Have a Free Trial? 

Yes, Unbounce has a 14-day free trial during which you can experience all the features of a Unbounce paid plan. 

Can I Extend the Unbounce Free Trial? 

No, you can’t extend the free trial past 14 days. You’ll automatically be billed for a paying plan after the 14 days. 

Is There a 30-Day Unbounce Free Trial? 

No, Unbounce only currently has a 14-day free trial. 

How Much Is Unbounce after the Free Trial? 

If you choose an annual plan instead of a monthly plan, you’ll save 10%. 

  • Launch: $90 monthly ($972 annually) 
  • Optimize: $135 monthly ($1,464 annually) 
  • Accelerate: $225 monthly ($2,436 annually) 
  • Concierge: $575 monthly ($6,216 annually) 

What Limitations Does the Unbounce Free Trial Have? 

The only limitations of your free trial will be the natural limitations of the plan you choose to test. However, you can switch between plans during your trial if you want to see what each one has to offer.

Is Customer Support Included with the Unbounce Free Trial? 

Yes, you’ll get full customer support when using the Unbounce free trial. 

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