Unbounce Pricing Plans

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Unbounce starts at $90 per month.

There are four pricing plans payable either monthly or annually. Paying by the year will save you a total of 10%. 

You can also take advantage of our exclusive deal and save 20% for the first 3 months or 20% by paying for the full year.

  • The Launch plan is $90.00 per month – $81.00 if paid annually.
  • The Optimize plan is $135.00 per month – $122.00 if paid annually.
  • The Accelerate plan is $225.00 per month – $203.00 if paid annually.
  • The Concierge plan is $575.00 per month – $518.00 if paid annually.

Users can test out each plan, as Unbounce is offering a 14-day free trial.

Unbounce Pricing

Our team spent considerable time reviewing the pricing plans and features that Unbounce extends to its users.

In this article, we describe in depth what each plan and feature offers. That way, you can choose the subscription plan that is right for your business.

Unbounce Pricing Plans: In-Depth

Unbounce has four available pricing subscription plans.

All plans allow for unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars. These subscriptions vary in the numbers of conversions, users, and visitors permitted per month. 

The first paid plan does not include Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Advanced Targeting and Scheduling (ATS), Smart Traffic, A/B Testing, or Advanced Text Replacement. And the next plan up does not include AMP or ATS.

But they all include the core features you need to build your landing pages without a developer, including a mobile responsive builder and a staggering range of customizable templates.


Conversions occur when visitors to your site purchase a product, inquire, fill out a form, or click your call to action buttons and even trigger pop-ups or sticky bars. 

A high conversion rate shows your site is successful with its design, marketing strategies, and, of course, your product or service. Conversions are essential in all businesses, but especially digital marketing.

The amount of conversions available per month increases with each pricing plan. The Launch allows for 500, the Optimize 1,000, the Accelerate 2,000, and the Scale 3,000.

Unique Visitors

All of the Unbounce plans permit limited amounts of visitors to your site. The Launch plan allows up to 20,000, the Optimize plan grants up to 30,000, the Accelerate plan provides up to 40,000, and the Scale plan permits up to 50,000.

These figures accrue monthly, and Unbounce counts each visitor only once, even if they return to your site within the month.


This feature is the primary web address of your landing pages. Every domain and subdomain counts towards your limit. The Launch plan is limited to just one, while the Optimize plan allows for three. The Accelerate plan allows as many as seven, while the Scale plan tops the list at fifteen.


This feature allows you to let other members of your team or agency login. The Launch plan is limited to just two users, and all the other pricing plans allow for unlimited users. You can set permissions to grant users access as Viewer, Author, or Admin.

Landing Pages

A landing page is where a user arrives after clicking on a link in an email or an ad featured anywhere on the web. All the Unbounce plans provide users with unlimited landing pages.

Build conversion-focused landing pages with the drag-and-drop builder customizing and editing them as you please. With more than 100 templates, you can publish straight away to your WordPress site, if necessary, as this is a tool that Unbounce integrates with, or to your business’s custom domain name.

Popups & Sticky Bars

This feature allows users to advertise their offers and can help gain high conversion rates. Pop-ups and sticky bars are valuable and highly customizable tools you can create with the drag-and-drop builder. Whenever a visitor to your site triggers one, it counts towards your conversion rate. 

You can have pop-ups or sticky bars on any page of your website. 

Any business selling any product can benefit from this feature as it can boost your conversion rate.

With the Accelerate and Scale plans, users get advanced targeting options and the ability to show or hide them depending on their locations. 

Client Sub-Accounts

This feature is great for agencies. Client sub-accounts let you handle multiple clients while keeping all projects separated. You can manage user activity and enable specific settings for different groups of pages. And you can invite other users to the accounts as viewers, authors or admins. 

Users can also organize and export leads from one or more pages. This unlimited feature is possible with all Unbounce pricing plans.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

This feature loads your pages on a mobile screen almost instantly by selecting AMP in the Unbounce drag-and-drop builder. This speed is especially valuable because many people close pages if they do not load rapidly. Thus, this feature is likely to help users increase traffic to their sites. 

It is available only with the Accelerate and Scale plans.

Advanced Targeting & Scheduling

With this feature, you can trigger pop-ups and sticky bars to launch whenever you want. You can run them on any page or groups of pages within your Unbounce domain.

You can trigger them to only appear to specified types of visitors, or select the best time they appear while a visitor is browsing.

You can also specifically target different countries, regions, or cities and target visitors via their traffic source, e.g., Facebook, Google ads, or organic searches.

You can also schedule them to start and stop any time during your campaigns or promotions.

This feature is available with the Accelerate and Scale plans only.

Smart Traffic 

Any business running marketing campaigns can benefit from the Smart Traffic feature.

This AI-powered tool can optimize your campaigns by sending your users to the most relevant page. Unbounce says this optimization can be done quickly – in as few as 50 visits. It works when users click on buttons, links, or fill in forms. Then it sends visitors to the pages that are more relevant to them. 

This feature suits any business wanting to raise their conversion rate. Smart Traffic is available with all plans except the Launch plan. 

A/B Testing

A/B testing is useful in determining which of two different page layouts is the best for your business. It equips you to create and compare two versions of a page, popup or sticky bar.

Any company which wants to increase page conversions and build a successful user experience can benefit from this feature. 

Not available on the Launch Plan, but A/B testing is included on all others.

Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR)

Drawing from your pay-per-click ads and your potential customer’s search words in Google, Dynamic Text Replacement enables users to copy text from ads or the exact words used in the search, personalize it to suit the particular visitor and add it to their landing pages. It means you can quickly help your visitors find the very thing they are looking for on your site. 

The benefits are pleasing your customer by providing a landing page that suited their search, more conversions, and improving your Google Ads Quality Score.

DTR is not available with the Launch plan but is with all the others.

Free Hosting

Using SSL encryption, which secures your pages, Unbounce offers free hosting with all their plans. Visitors can see that your site is secure and know they can trust you with their data, such as their payment details or email address. 

All Unbounce plans include this feature.

Mobile-Responsive Builder

This landing page builder, available with all plans, helps users create landing pages, and coding skills are not required. 

Without too much fuss, you can build a landing page, and Unbounce takes you through each step. You can create and design your own page or choose from over 100 templates on offer. 

Drag and drop and customize page sections, text boxes, images, Call to Action buttons, and social widgets. With this builder, you can also use advanced features like the lightboxes, embedded videos, and almost any type of custom HTML – all by dragging and dropping. 

It also automatically adjusts your site’s layout so that it is legible to mobile users.

Fully Customizable Templates

100+ ready-to-use customizable templates are accessible with all pricing plans for your landing pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars. 

Unbounce has specially created themes to showcase all kinds of services, e.g., SaaS products, consulting businesses (including a lead generation page with a longer form for collecting data from their clients), e-books, etc. 

There is a simple template that can be up and running in minutes to urgently promote a product and a high-converting lead gen template that allows for scheduling virtual meetings, online classes, and video consultations. Smile Dental has plenty of space for testimonials, important to dentists, and explaining its service offering.

Real-Time Conversion Analytics

This feature allows you to track your conversions, conversion rate, and traffic for every landing page, pop-up, and sticky bar. 

The real-time conversion analytics tool helps your business monitor activity on your pages. 

One advantage of these reports is that it can help businesses to create personalized product recommendations to their visitors. 

All of the pricing plans carry this feature.

Speed Boost

A fast page-loading time is critical to all businesses.

Every Unbounce page follows Google’s PageSpeed Insights best practices. This tool analyzes the content of your pages and generates suggestions on how to make it faster. Unbounce takes control of all the elements. 

This feature is available with every pricing plan.

Auto Image Optimizer

This handy feature optimizes your images automatically for quality and file size to make your pages load faster. Users can also fine-tune the settings to take more control if they want to. 

You can access this tool with any of the pricing plans.

Unsplash Photo Library

With over 850,000 images to choose from, you can add any of them to your landing pages with the Unbounce Builder. 

This feature is available with all of the pricing plans.

Integrations & Webhooks

Unbounce has many integrations and works with almost any marketing automation or CRM tool. You can also use Zapier to integrate on Unbounce with a list of over 900 supported apps.

Webhooks sync the data on your Unbounce account with the tools you use to run your marketing campaigns. Unbounce says the most common use for Webhooks is to send lead data from forms on a landing page to a third-party CRM. 

All of these automation shortcuts can save users a lot of time, and this feature is available on all pricing plans.

Security & Compliance

Unbounce complies with worldwide data privacy and security standards.

Users can choose to make the log-in process more secure with their two-factor authentication, available on all plans.

Single sign-on, password, and domain protection are other safety features to protect the user.

And to protect your customers, Unbounce is GDPR compliant. This sends a message to your customers that your landing pages come from a secure site, along with their SSL encryption. 

All pricing plans include this feature.

Below, we explain all the benefits included in the pricing plans that Unbounce has to offer. In order from entry-level to enterprise-level, these are: Launch, Optimize, Accelerate, Scale, and Concierge. We explain each benefit in depth as well as the differences between these plans.


For $90.00 Monthly or $81.00 Monthly Paid Annually You Get:

  • One domain supported
  • 500 conversions available
  • 20,000 visitors available

Along with unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, sticky bars, and client sub-accounts, the Launch plan has plenty of features to set up landing pages for a small business.

With this plan, you get the mobile-responsive builder, fully customizable templates, real-time conversion analytics, and plenty of integrations.

It also includes an extensive photo library and an auto image optimizer. It does not include Accelerated Mobile Pages, Advanced Targeting and Scheduling, Smart Traffic, A/B Testing, or Dynamic Text Replacement.

Smart Traffic, A/B testing, and Dynamic Text Replacement tools are available on the next plan up – the Optimize.


For $135.00 Monthly or $122.00 Monthly Paid Annually You Get:

  • Five domains supported
  • 1,000 conversions available
  • 30,000 visitors available

The aptly named Optimize plan is suitable for users who want to start optimizing their pages and get high conversion rates.

This plan contains all the features offered with the Launch plan. It also includes A/B testing, Smart Traffic, and the other conversion tools. 

It does not include Accelerated Mobile Pages or Advanced Targeting and Scheduling. To get these tools, you will have to opt for the next plan up, the Accelerate plan.


For $225.00 Monthly or $203.00 Monthly Paid Annually You Get:

  • Ten domains supported
  • 2,500 conversions available
  • 50,000 visitors available

The Accelerate plan includes the same features as the Optimize plan. The additional features with this plan are the Accelerated Mobile Pages and the Advanced Targeting and Scheduling tools. 

With these additional tools and the increase in domains, conversions, and visitors, it is suitable for businesses and agencies that are growing fast and want to improve their conversion rates.

And if you want to increase your domains, conversion limits, and visitors further, you will need to go for the next option up, the Scale plan.


The Concierge plan is for users who need higher limits when it comes to domain support, numbers of conversions, and numbers of visitors. It scales to any amount of conversions and traffic.

This plan offers personalized onboarding, full team training, and ongoing campaign support. The personal onboarding continues for all new Unbounce features. 

It’s great for those who would like to switch platforms as Unbounce can migrate your existing pages into the drag-and-drop builder from where you can edit, duplicate, and publish them. And you can receive all that helpful personal support.

The pricing of this plan varies, and if you are interested in learning more about it, you will need to book a demo with the Unbounce team directly.

Unbounce Pricing FAQ

How Much Does Unbounce Cost?

Unbounce has four different pricing plans. Launch starts at $90.00 per month, Optimize at $135.00 per month, and Accelerate at $225. You can pay annually and save 20% with our exclusive deal.

Does Unbounce Offer a Free Plan?

No, Unbounce does not currently offer a free plan.

Is Unbounce Subscription Monthly or Annual?

You can pay the Unbounce subscription monthly or annually. If you pay annually, you will save 10%. You can also save 20% by using this link.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade to Another Package Later?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade to another package later.

Does Unbounce Offer a Money-Back Guarantee? 

Unbounce does not offer a money-back guarantee.

Will I Need to Renew My Unbounce Licence?

So long as payments continue, your Unbounce license will renew automatically.

What Types of Payment Does the Unbounce Accept? 

Unbounce accepts all major credit and debit cards.

Bottom Line

We have provided all of the information for you, but only you can decide which pricing plan is best for your business. Our researchers thoroughly examined all the information available on each of the pricing plans Unbounce offers.

Unbounce makes it easy for you by offering payment plans across the board – from $90.00 to $575.00 per month, and even beyond that, with the Concierge plan offering higher limits and team-training, should you need it.

There are no restrictions on campaign sizes which means you can create as many pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars as you want.

If you’re still not sure, you can test out each of the four pricing plans as Unbounce is offering a 14-day free trial, saving you time and money.

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