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Webflow offers a free Starter Workspaces plan that makes it easier for you to design websites for free. 

It also offers a free Starter Site plan for hosting designed websites. You can sign up for the free plans without sharing your credit card number or other payment details. The free plan subscriptions last for an unlimited period of time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Webflow can host a website for free thanks to the Starter Site plan
  • Design a website after signing up for the free Starter Workspaces plan
  • Webflow has an unlimited free trial period
  • There’s no need to share your payment details to sign up

How Long Does Webflow’s Free Trial Last?

The Starter plan is the lowest-tiered plan, and you can use it for an unlimited period. 

What’s Featured in the Free Starter Workspaces Plan?

With the free Starter Workspaces plan, it becomes much easier to design websites for free. However, the free Starter Workspaces plan limits the number of websites that you can design — you can’t build more than two websites.   

Freelance Access: If you need some help while you are designing a website, you can bring in two freelancers or agents to participate in your project. 

It’s worthwhile to note that such freelancers will also get access to the website design tools that Webflow offers, promoting and enhancing team collaboration. 

Website Templates: Once you subscribe to the free Workspaces plan, you’ll get access to tons of website templates. The template marketplace features free and premium templates. 

Design Elements: Some of the design elements that are offered by Webflow include global color swatches, reusable symbols, and custom fonts. 

Who Needs the Free Starter Workspaces Trial Plan?

If you want to get familiar with Webflow’s designing tools, the free Starter Workspaces plan might be a suitable option for you. 

What’s the Free Starter Site Trial Plan? 

Since Webflow is a web designing web solution, it offers you separate plans for hosting fully-designed sites. Webflow’s hosting plans are included in the Site package bundle. 

Instead of designing a website and hosting it on another platform, you can opt for Webflow’s hosting plans to reduce your workload. 

The Starter Site plan is a free web hosting plan, offered by Webflow, with the capability of hosting two websites. 

And if your site is hosted under this plan, it will have Webflow’s domain extension — webflow.io. For instance, a site named dddd will load on a visitor’s web browser as dddd.webflow.io. 

What’s Featured in the Free Site Starter Plan?

1GB Bandwidth: The 1GB bandwidth limits the number of users visiting your site, depending on the size of your web pages. 

For example, a site with a home page of about 2MB can handle a traffic of about 500 web visitors. And as the size of the webpage increases, the maximum number of visitors who can visit your site decreases.     

50 Form Submissions: Whether you are planning to include a contact or customer feedback form in your site, the free Site Stater plan offers you 50 form submission attempts. 

Anyone who visits your site can submit their information through the forms published on various pages.   

50 CMS Items: Webflow features a content management system (CMS) that is quite effective in saving and structuring website content. 

And according to Webflow, a CMS item is a record that represents an element like a product or an author’s bio. In the free trial plan, Webflow lets you save 50 CMS items in its database. 

The CMS item functionalities make it easier for you to publish recipes, blog posts, and new content on your website.

Who Needs the Free Starter Site Trial Plan?

If you are planning to learn more about hosting services, the free Starter Site plan might be a suitable option for you. The free Starter plan can help you publish your website content, making it easier for you to build an audience without spending money. 

How to Get Access to Webflow’s Free Trial

  • Visit Webflow’s official page. 
  • Click the Get Started button on the top-right section of the page. Once you click the Get Started button, a sign-up page will open. 
How to Get Access to Webflow’s Free Trial
  • You can sign in with your Google credentials. You can also create an account by keying in your personal details on the fields published on the sign-in page. 
Google credentials

Upgrading to a Premium Workspaces Plan

From your main dashboard, you can easily access various functionalities. 

  • If you are planning to upgrade to a premium Workspaces plan, click the dashboard settings button.
Upgrading to a Premium Workspaces Plan
  • Head over to the plans section. 
Head over to the plans section
  • Select any Webflow premium plan that suits your needs. 

Here’s a table that will give you some insight into premium plans for in-house teams:

Maximum No. of Seats139Unlimited
No. of Hosted Sites210UnlimitedUnlimited
Guests Allowed222Unlimited
Code Export
Billing Permissions
Publishing Permissions
Advanced Security, Performance, and Customer Success
Page Branching

Upgrading to a Paid Site Plan

Once you design a website or import a template, your project will be displayed on Webflow’s user dashboard. 

If your website traffic starts attracting more than 1000 visitors, a premium site plan might be a suitable option for you since it offers your more website management functionalities and a larger bandwidth. 

To upgrade to a paid site plan, click the Starter Site button, just below the project details.

Upgrading to a Paid Site Plan

Next, choose the Site plan that suits you.

Next, choose the Site plan that suits you

Frequently Asked Questions

Since Webflow’s free plan lasts for an unlimited amount of time, there’s no cancellation option. Nevertheless, you can delete your Webflow account by contacting customer support.

With the free Starter Site plan, you can host two websites. However, your websites will have Webflow’s domain extension.

Webflow has a free plan that lasts for an unlimited amount of time, making it easier for you to test out some of the features offered by this web solution.

The Workspaces plans can offer you designing tools and functionalities for building a website. The Site plans are designed to host websites.

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