How to Create Automated Webinars with WebinarJam

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Have you ever given a stunning presentation that you wish you could repeat?

With WebinarJam and its sister platform, EverWebinar, you can do exactly that. If you are a WebinarJam user, you can leverage EverWebinar to create pre-recorded webinars that simulate a live event.

Although the work was months ago, the software gives your audience the impression that the event is happening in the present. Your audience can even participate in the event, even though everything is automated. 

If you don’t want the real-time activities, you can opt for a “Replica Replay” instead.

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What Is an Automated Webinar

Automated webinars run on their own without a host. You set them up in advance to simulate a live event by automating the start and end times of the webinar and when videos will play.

With EverWebinar, you can broadcast pre-recorded streams like a webcam, a screen share, or a PowerPoint presentation. People make use of automated webinars because it saves time and effort.

How Do I Create an Automated Webinar with WebinarJam?

Creating an automated evergreen webinar that mimics the experience of a live event is only possible with EverWebinar. This software is a sister platform to WebinarJam, so they work together seamlessly. 

All you have to do is create and host your webinar live on WebinarJam and then convert the recording to an automated webinar in EverWebinar. 


In EverWebinar, navigate to the page that states ’’Source video’’ at the top left corner. You can either upload an external video file or use a previous WebinarJam live session. Drop the URL to your video in the space provided and click ’’Confirm’’. In the bottom right corner, you can indicate the duration of your video.

The EverWebinar integration with EverWebinar is magical. It allows you to mimic live events and maximize attendance with a live chat simulator. This feature lets you automate just-in-time messages, which give your audience the impression they’ve arrived as the webinar starts.

Another feature that consolidates the impression of a live event is a dynamic attendance list that pre-defines the attendance count throughout the event. You can also add live chat and Q&A with an agent who answers live questions.

Is Using EverWebinar Required to Create an Automated Webinar on WebinarJam?

Yes, if you want to recreate the live-event atmosphere for your automated webinar in WebinarJam, EverWebinar is the only way to do it.

However, if you do not want to invest in EverWebinar, but still want to schedule partially automated webinars, the “Replica Replay” feature in WebinarJam might be a solution.

This feature recreates everything that happened in the webinar room up to the last second. You can re-use your WebinarJam webinars and schedule them to stream automatically. 

The “Replica Replay” feature reproduces everything that happened during the live video. Your audience will even see the chat comments as they appeared during the live event. Anything you shared during the live event like surveys and product offers, will also appear again.

In other words, your Replay Room faithfully replicates everything that happened in your Live Room.

replica replay automated webinar webinarjam


If you want to save time and effort on producing videos, the integration between WebinarJam and EverWebinar allows you to reuse your best live events.

These events can be a world-class lecture, a how-to video, or a high-energy marketing event. You don’t need to try and repeat it – that never works anyway.

You can simply use EverWebinar and have your event replay countless times for different audiences. The best part is that your audience can experience it as a live event.

You can also use the Webinar Replica Replay, which will reproduce your event second by second.

Both these features let you benefit from the great work and effort you put in previously. In other words, your hard work keeps working for you and adding to your bank balance.

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