WebinarJam Evergreen Webinar Possibilities

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If you need to create evergreen content that stays relevant over time, EverWebinar is the product for you.

Since WebinarJam can’t create evergreen webinars, WebinarJam users can choose to subscribe to EverWebinar.

With EverWebinar, you can create pre-recorded webinars that look and feel live. EverWebinar is a parallel platform by the creators of WebinarJam.

This common origin allows for the process of creating evergreen webinars that are frictionless.

WebinarJam Evergreen

Hosting Evergreen Webinars on WebinarJam

To create an evergreen webinar with WebinarJam and EverWebinar, host and record the webinar with WebinarJam and then convert and automate it with EverWebinar. 

WebinarJam Evergreen Webinar Possibilities

With EverWebinar, your webinars won’t feel pre-recorded – attendees can feel that they are attending a live event. You can set your webinar schedule to show a selection of just-in-time webinars to give users the sense that they were just in time to start.

You can strengthen this impression with dynamic attendance that replicates people joining and leaving. You can predetermine how many will attend, causing the system to build up to that number, like a real crowd.

The live chat simulator lets you import a webinar chat history, and the system replays it during the event. Attendees see the chat scrolling in real-time. You can also use the live chat feature to answer incoming questions.

On the Installment Plan, you pay three payments of $199. The Annual Plan is $499, and the Biennial Plan is $799.

Budget Evergreen WebinarJam Option: Webinar Replica Replays

If you already have WebinarJam and don’t want to invest in EverWebinar, you can use WebinarJam’s Replica Replay feature. 

With this feature, a WebinarJam user can import a previous live webinar and convert it automatically into an evergreen event. You can do it with the click of one button.

You will be pleased to see that EverWebinar completely replicates everything from your original webinar, reproducing what happened at the event, moment by moment.

This true-to-life reenactment includes the live session video, every chat line, poll, slide presentation, and product offer. Truly an exact carbon copy of your live event.

Note that these webinars won’t feel like live events as with EverWebinar. This feature nonetheless allows you to record and re-use the webinars automatically. It recreates everything that happened during the webinar, and you can re-use this content. With planning, you can turn it into evergreen content. 

How to Create an Evergreen Webinar for WebinarJam?

This is how to use EverWebinar and WebinarJam to create evergreen webinars.  

When choosing a previous WebinarJam live session, select the webinar and event date/time. Skip the duration settings since the system already knows the source’s length.

If you use this option, the system automatically imports all WebinarJam session elements, including offers, broadcast messages, and the dynamic attendance list.

You can schedule EverWebinar for a specific date and time or recurring days/dates and times. You can also let your audience choose whether to watch an instant replay, arrive late, or enable the just-in-time option. 

WebinarJam Evergreen Webinar Possibilities

With EverWebinar, you can create a beautiful, responsive registration page using templates. 

EverWebinar lets you easily split-test your registration page to determine which version converts best.

WebinarJam Evergreen Webinar Possibilities

You can charge or offer your webinar for free.

If you used a previous WebinarJam Live Session as your source, the chat would already be present. You can add dynamic attendance and live chat to make the webinar feel immersive.

As you can see in the image below, you can configure reminder and post-webinar notifications for registered attendees.

WebinarJam Evergreen Webinar Possibilities

EverWebinar mail lets you send pre-and-post-webinar notifications. You can also design a “Thank you” page to automatically send post-webinar. You can include a survey for webinar feedback. 

Try EverWebinar together with WebinarJam to create immersive, evergreen webinars.

Bottom Line

EverWebinar offers several features that help you to create a recorded webinar that doesn’t feel recorded.

On the contrary, attendees will be under the impression that they are attending a live event. To create this experience for your audience, you can use the just-in-time webinar setting, a dynamic attendance list, and the live chat simulator.

With EverWebinar, WebinarJam users can create pre-recorded webinars that look and feel live. All you have to do is use WebinarJam to host and record your webinar.

Afterward, you can use EverWebinar to automate the recording and transform it into fabulous evergreen content.

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