WebinarJam Facebook Live: How Does Facebook & Webinar Integration Work?

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

WebinarJam provides a top-of-the-range streaming service. You can choose from the native WebinarJam streaming service, YouTube Live and as of recently – Facebook Live.

However, there are various other great features if you want to integrate with Facebook. We will discuss these integrations in this article.

webinarjam facebook live

Can You Use Facebook Live As a Streaming Service on WebinarJam?

There is an option to use Facebook Live as a streaming service on WebinarJam.

However, it is not recommended to use Facebook Live as your main streaming service, and Genesis Digital strongly recommends using an in-house WebinarJam Live streaming solution for a smoother user experience.

You can also integrate with Facebook through Zapier or Facebook Integrations. 

webinarjam facebook live

WebinarJam & Facebook Integration Possibilities

Even though Facebook Live is not the most recommended streaming service, for the reason of smoother experience – Integrating with Facebook has tons of handy features.

If you activate one of the triggers below, it can create a custom audience or add you to an existing audience.

Facebook Custom Audiences are groups of people who have interacted with your business before, for instance, by visiting your website. They can also be past customers.

Available Triggers:

  • New Live Attendee
  • Registrant Attends Replay
  • Registrant Joins Webinar Later
  • Registrant Leaves Webinar
  • Registrant Misses Webinar
  • Registrant Buys Something
  • New Registration to Webinar
  • Registrant Stay Up To The Specific Timeline

Users who choose to integrate Facebook with WebinarJam can use any or all of those triggers. Creating a custom audience is useful to remarket to people who have interacted with your business in the past.

WebinarJam Facebook Live: How Does Facebook & Webinar Integration Work?

How to Integrate Facebook with WebinarJam?

You can use Zapier to integrate your webinar with Facebook. Zapier is an online platform that connects your apps and allows information to flow between them. With Zapier, it’s easy to connect Facebook and WebinarJam as you don’t need any coding.

You can integrate Facebook and WebinarJam by following these steps.

  1. Visit Zapier.
  2. Authenticate WebinarJam + Facebook Custom Audiences.
  3. Pick one of the apps as a trigger to start your automation.
  4. Choose a resulting action from the other app.
  5. Select the data you want to send from one app to the other, and you are finished.
WebinarJam Facebook Live: How Does Facebook & Webinar Integration Work?
Business Integrations on Facebook

WebinarJam Alternatives to Facebook Live Streaming

For WebinarJam users, the best alternative to Facebook Live Streaming is WebinarJam’s in-house streaming. The other option is streaming through Youtube Live. 

We highly recommend the in-house option because every stage of setting up a webinar with WebinarJam streaming service is seamless and easy. With WebinarJam, the webinar experience is uncomplicated and of the highest quality. 

You must keep one key point in mind if you want to use the Youtube Live streaming service: to stream with Youtube, you must turn on Monetization. 

Bottom Line 

Some users wonder if they can use Facebook Live as a streaming service for their WebinarJam webinars.

However, this is not possible. But, integration with Facebook Live is possible through the use of Zapier. Zapier’s service connects apps and allows for information to move between them.

Another option for WebinarJam users is to stream through Youtube Live. However, to stream through Youtube Live, users must enable Monetization. You can only do this under certain conditions as above.

The best option, and the one that we recommend, is using WebinarJam’s in-house streaming service.

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