What Is Mighty Networks?

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Mighty Networks is a platform focused on helping entrepreneurs and knowledge professionals build businesses, create online courses, create branded websites, and nurture communities around the topics that they have a passion for.

Key Takeaways:

  • Designed to be used by teachers and other knowledge professionals
  • Unlimited number of members 
  • Create online courses and communities 

What Is Mighty Networks?

Mighty Networks is a platform that gives users the tools and opportunity to build and host online communities, courses, and memberships for any topic, subject, or brand. 

You can also add features like events, chat, live streaming, and spaces to your network, as well as charge for access to premium courses and content. 

All this is possible with a simplified user experience that aims to make creating a community-led business as easy and simple as possible.

Is Mighty Networks Right for You?

Mighty Networks’ aim is to give anyone with the passion and expertise within their chosen field the ability to build a community-led business. 

The ideal user is someone who wants to create an online community, course, or membership with unique and engaging experiences. 

Teachers, coaches, entrepreneurs, artists, and other knowledge professionals are prime Mighty Networks users that can build a recurring income without any coding knowledge necessary.  

How Does Might Networks Work?

In less than an hour, users can build and launch their own Mighty Networks community with membership areas, courses, webpages, branding, and community features. 


Mighty Networks is made up of what they call Spaces. Spaces can be dedicated to an entire topic or be targeted to dedicated areas within that topic. 

Additionally, access to Spaces can be made public, private, paid, or even token-granted meaning you can charge whatever you want for access to your entire network, or Spaces within it. 

All Mighty Networks subscribers have access to an unlimited number of Spaces.


With Mighty Networks, you can build the type of community that you want. You can choose whether to give free or paid access to your entire Network, a Space, or a bundle of Spaces. 

If the paid membership model is your preference, then you’ll have the option to choose between a subscription model or one-time payment, which currency to use, and even set up token payment. 

The best part is that the number of members you can have is unlimited, regardless of the plan you subscribe to.



Adding a chat feature to your Spaces will give your community an open place for them to engage with you and other members. Emojis, GIFs, images, and direct messaging are all supported.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Native live-streaming, chat, and screen share functions mean that you can invite community members to participate with you in real-time. 

You can even record your live streams so that you can post them publicly or use them within your paywalled content. 

Depending on the Mighty Networks plan you subscribe to, you will have access to up to twenty hours of streaming per month and a maximum of 200 stream viewers.



Mighty Networks gives you the option to add Events to your Spaces. 

Events can be used to schedule recurring one-on-one or group sessions or even to host special one-off conference events. 

You choose whether to allow free or paid access to these events, add RSVPs, and generate calendar links; you can integrate these events with Zoom. 



Create a static page that introduces members to what they can expect from your Space and points them in the direction of any important resources they should know about.

Highlighted Hashtags

Highlighted Hashtags

Spaces can have a set of highlighted hashtags that give community members a quick and easy way for them to search for content. 

A dedicated dashboard area gives you access to all highlighted hashtags currently set up and a single location to add, edit, and delete hashtags easily.


Knowledge professionals will enjoy the ability to create structured course materials for any Space, add instructors and moderators, use native video, and set up drip content.


Mighty Networks knows that you’re going to need to store plenty of materials and resources on the platform, and so they give subscribers access to 250 GB or 1 TB of storage space and the option to add more if needed.



All members get access to Basic Analytics with Mighty Insights, a set of analytics that tracks key metrics. If a Mighty Networks subscriber wants more detail, they can also access Premium Analytics with Mighty Insights, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and use Zapier for even more analytics integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mighty Networks is used to build businesses, create online courses, and develop free and subscription-based communities around the things that you’re passionate about.

Mighty Network can be used by anyone, but is frequently used by entrepreneurs, teachers, coaches, and knowledge professionals.

Gina Bianchini is the CEO & Co-Founder of the platform. Investors include Owl Ventures, Ziff Capital Partners, Intel Capital, First Round Capital, Floodgate Partners, and more.

Bottom Line

If you are a teacher, coach, or any other type of knowledge professional who would like to start your own online business, Mighty Networks could be a great choice.

With Mighty Networks, anyone can set up paid or free membership to a Network or Spaces and create courses in minutes. 

Built-in live streaming and chat functionality mean that you and your members can communicate seamlessly. With no restrictions on the number of Spaces or members you can have, you’ll always have room to grow.

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