What Is Podia?

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Podia is a platform that lets you run courses, sell digital downloads, and manage subscriptions and memberships.

The best part is that Podia manages all the tech so that you can focus on your product or service.

Excellent customer service is part of the Podia package, so you will always have support if you need it.

At $39 or $79 per month, it is an all-in-one service designed for simplicity.

What Is Podia

What Exactly Is Podia?

Have you considered packaging your expertise and selling it as a course, digital download, or subscription service, then realized you didn’t know where to start? Podia might be the place for you.  

Take a look at Podia’s excellent feature list:

While other sites offer similar services, and some came before it, Podia has filled a market niche for non-technical knowledge entrepreneurs. Podia allows creatives, entrepreneurs, and academics to package their products or services without needing technical skills.

You will pay a monthly fee for the platform and the service, but you could see your business’s value grow from this investment. 

Podia costs $39 for the Mover plan or $79 per month for the Shaker plan. There are no hidden costs or payments, just these two flat fees.

What Is Podia?



Advantages of Podia 

  • It’s easy to set up and make your website and course without any coding experience.
  • Very affordable – starts at only $39 per month going to $79
  • Great customer support and knowledge base
  • Built-in email marketing 

Disadvantages of Podia 

  • No course marketplace
  • Course customization may be less than some competitors.

What Should You Do If You’re Considering Podia?

Try Out Podia Now!

Gain Access to all Podia features for free!

While Podia is a commitment, it lets you focus on the creative side while managing the tech side for you. You can also test with the 14-day trial period. After two weeks, you will either pay $39 or $79 per month, making it the most cost-effective all-in-one platform around.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up, and the course content upload process is quite painless. In the trial period, you can experience what Podia offers and start selling courses or digital downloads immediately, letting it pay for itself.

Signing up to Podia is as simple as these three steps:

  1. Click here to sign up.
  2. Fill in your name, email, and password.
  3. Press the “Start Selling” button.

If you’re not satisfied by the end of the trial period, just cancel the account. The bottom right-hand corner of the page will guide you through cancellations.

What Can You Do With Podia?

What Is Podia?

Host Online Courses

Podia offers a wide range of course options with no limits on the number of products you can sell. To make content, decide on a plan, and start building. When you finish, you can set your pricing, and you’re ready to sell. Alternatively, upload your existing courses. 

How can you sell?

  • Offer Single courses 
  • Bundle in levels
  • Create Drip courses, delivering the content one section at a time on a schedule

If you’re not sure about some details, you can do smaller pre-launch courses to see how it goes. From your Podia platform, you can also pre-sell courses to your existing customer base.

Sell Digital Downloads

What makes Podia unique is that the platform allows you to host and sell digital downloads. It’s simple to upload them to your Podia-based website. Your students can buy them as part of your courses or even as courses within themselves. 

With your digital downloads on Podia, you can sell them or give them away as lead magnets to get more traffic to your site. Using social media, you can offer a download for free. This freebie directs potential customers or clients to your site to register and download in exchange for an email address to reach them with future marketing.

Build Your Websites

If you already have a website, Podia will migrate it for free. You also get one site as part of your package. Your Podia site would be your primary website, with an email newsletter and social profile links. 

Your site can have a custom URL, about pages, contact pages, or whatever pages your business needs, and it has the benefit of coming with eleven language options. 

Podia offers live customer support from the first step to the final product and beyond. Whether you have the technical skills or not, it’s possible to have your business running on Podia within an hour. 

Create Memberships 

At Podia, in the Shaker Plan, you can have a membership-based business or membership as one aspect of it. You can set memberships as free or price them; the content is gated, meaning only your members can access the content in that plan.

There are three simple steps to set up memberships on Podia. In the top sidebar, you will see a membership button. By clicking that, you get a list of options below, choose Plans. Name the plan and fill in the description box. The last step is publishing the plan, and there you will have it.

Use Built-In Email Marketing Platform 

To connect by email with your customers and clients, you can use the in-built email function that Podia offers. If you want to integrate another service provider, like Drip, you can. The flexibility Podia offers is what sets it apart from its competitors.

Its email marketing is part of its Mover plan as well as its Shaker plan. Podia knows that email marketing tools work, so its built-in email marketing plan is completely reliable.

Experience Live-Chat 

Would your business benefit from a live chat? Customers gain a direct communication line with you. At the same time, you learn about your customers through the feedback that Podia captures for you.

The live-chat function is unique to Podia, but it is useful because it comes in many different languages. This accessibility enables you to connect to customers and clients worldwide.

What Is Podia?

Who Can Use Podia and Will It Work for Me?

Podia originated as a solution for a friend who had courses to sell, but no technical skills. Designed to be an all-in-one platform, Podia allows you to get creative and get selling without coding. 

Are you any of the following?

  • a Digital Course Creator
  • an Online Coach
  • a Blogger
  • a Business Consultant
  • a Product owner who wants to give tutorials on their products
  • a Subscription-based business 

If so, Podia might be the platform for you.

Podia favors all entrepreneurs. For the creatives who have yet to go digital, Podia will take you there. For the ever-ready digital entrepreneurs, Podia streamlines the process so that you can maximize exposure and output. 

What Is Podia?

Will Podia Help in Achieving My Goals?

Do you have expertise in an area that is ready to be packaged up and turned into a passive stream of income?

Podia allows you to 

  • Sell Online Courses;
  • Market products by creating training courses;
  • Sell digital products;
  • Create membership levels for your courses or products;
  • Use email marketing;
  • Host webinars;
  • Get Zoom on the Shaker plan;

In the modern business world, we are at risk of over-engaging across too many platforms. Podia streamlines the process for you.

It is designed not to add work to your schedule. Rather, it aims to support your business and help it grow.

Content management systems like WordPress might give you more flexibility with thousands of plug-ins, but they require technical skills.

Podia’s design is simple to use, which allows you to spend your time creating the content and connecting with your new members instead of getting stressed over technicalities.

Bottom Line 

In this era, having multiple income streams is the norm, as the traditional nine to five was for generations past.

In a rapidly shifting working world, these various streams can come from one platform, like Podia, and pay directly into your account at no extra cost. With Podia, you only pay your monthly fee.

In return, you get excellent customer service and everything you need to run a thriving business. 

By handling the technical side for its clients, Podia is an efficient and effective option.

It’s efficient because it offers all you need on one platform and effective because it allows you to run your business from one space.

Its intuitive dashboard frees you to focus on creating course content, your subscribers and members, and running live webinars.

Ultimately, Podia is successful because it offers a thorough service kept simple, with two pricing plans and easy navigation.

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