About Us

SupplyGem was co-founded back in 2018 by Samuel Fletcher and Noel Griffith to provide advice you can genuinely trust. Sam and Noel are online business experts with more than thirty years of combined experience. 

By early 2018, Samuel already had substantial experience running an online business, so he set out to build an online course to teach others about dropshipping. He discovered that he couldn’t find trustworthy information about online course platforms, which were essential to the business. The information he did come across was minimal, biased, and often copied from somewhere else.

Websites advertised the platforms paying the best affiliate commissions even if they were less than ideal – or even entirely unsuitable – for online courses. In exasperation, Samuel explained all of this to Noel. They decided to help solve this problem by researching and providing exactly the kind of unbiased information Samuel had been looking for, and SupplyGem was born. 

Here at SupplyGem, we work with digital entrepreneurs like you who are turning their knowledge into a successful business.

We are here to walk with you through the challenging journey of learning how to grow your online business and turn a fledgling enterprise into an established, profitable one.

We provide platform reviews, comparisons, help guides, and publications to help you successfully make, market, and sell your courses, webinars, or podcasts online.

We never aim to push you to choose a specific company. Instead, we aim to help you make an educated decision more easily.

Team Mission

Our Team

In 2018, the SupplyGem team started with just Samuel and Noel, working from a home office. Fast forward to 2021, and the team now includes more than fifteen people working across seven different countries. Although we have grown, our success comes down to staying true to our roots and providing quality information that helps digital entrepreneurs like you succeed in the knowledge economy.

Our team includes digital business experts, researchers, educators, analysts, and members of leading trade associations such as The Learning Guild, the Association for Talent Development, and the Training Magazine Network.

Our in-house experts have successfully launched businesses focused on online courses, webinars, podcasts, and affiliate marketing, as well as more conventional product-based e-commerce and drop shipping. 

We are deeply committed to providing you with the best advice and information to navigate the ever-changing world of online business and digital marketing.

Our Values

At SupplyGem, we believe in a few core values concerning who we are and how we want to act. We are committed to being honest, straightforward, objective, independent, results-oriented, community-oriented, and passionate about what we do.

These values guide us in providing engaging content to inform you, our reader, and keep you coming back for more.



We’re committed to making the world of knowledge commerce a better place by providing you with enough information to make educated decisions in choosing service providers. We’re also committed to helping experienced entrepreneurs grow their businesses while supporting new merchants with the leap into the wonderful world of knowledge commerce.



First and foremost, we provide you with honest information. As a review site offering information and opinions about online services, we feel that honesty is one of our most important values. We want you to feel secure knowing that you can trust the information you read in our reviews.


Straightforward and Simple

We focus on knowledge commerce, but we also address traditional e-commerce, where the tools and systems cross over between these two industries. We aim to provide straightforward reviews so that even if you’re just starting, you’ll find us easy to understand. We also provide information for experienced creators, and we do our own research, guaranteeing quality and reliability. 


Objective & Impartial

We don’t play favorites. We follow the data and tell you our genuine findings on any service or platform we examine in keeping with our other values. We aim to help you make the best use of your knowledge and the tools available to market it. We never aim to drive you toward a particular product for that purpose.



We work for you, our readers. We don’t work for the advertisers, nor the providers, tools, or platforms we review. This independence ensures that we can provide you with quality data and sound conclusions to help you make the best business decisions at any stage of growth. 



Our entire team works hard to succeed at one thing – helping you get results. Whether that’s saving money with a more affordable Learning Management System or learning how to make effective use of complex sales funnel systems, we have your back. Our reviews contain real data, honest opinions, and accurate ratings that you can trust. We want you to see real results, so we deliver useful information to get the job done.



We are working together with you, our community. We want to hear you, and we always act on your feedback. These values are our promise to you, and we will enforce them for the good of the community. 



We believe that loving what you do is how to enjoy life. We’re passionate about e-commerce and online businesses. This passion shows in our quality work and continuous delivery of new reviews, how-to guides, and informational tips. Our passion helps us bring you better information, which helps improve your results.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you succeed in your business ventures with the most efficient tools and cost-effective solutions.

We do this by providing reliable information so you can make good decisions. By providing unbiased reviews for as many services as possible, we make it much easier for you to know which services are worth using and which to avoid.

For us, this is a journey rather than a destination. However, we move a little closer to our goal with every review that we publish, every comparison we write, and every how-to guide we post.

We will keep delivering helpful reviews and valuable articles. But, with thousands of services awaiting review, we’ve got our hands full.

You can expect to see many new tutorials, new reviews, and lots of useful information published on SupplyGem every week.

Our team works hard to deliver the most accurate information possible. We also deliver information regularly, so there is something new to discover every time you return to our website.

Open to Suggestions

Our most important concern is you, our reader. To that end, we are always open to suggestions on improving our website and our reviews.

If you notice something missing or disagree with our findings, please feel free to contact us with your thoughts. We continuously revise our work, and we recognize that things can change quickly within this market.

So if you reach out, we will consider your thoughts.

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