Ranking Methodology

At SupplyGem, we recognize the importance of making informed decisions.

Decisions in the digital landscape can be overwhelming, which is why we pride ourselves on delivering precise and unbiased reviews rooted in meticulous research, hands-on testing, and unparalleled expertise.

Our team represents the very best in the industry, handpicked from a vast array of professionals for their exceptional skill and knowledge. To ensure we consistently bring you insights from top minds, we offer premium compensations to our staff.

This dedication to excellence resonates not just in our reviews but throughout every facet of SupplyGem.

To learn more about our journey, values, and the experts behind our mission, we warmly invite you to visit our “About Us” page.

Our Editorial Integrity

  • Commitment to Authenticity: Our reviews are rooted in honesty and impartiality. We reject any internal or external interference that might compromise the integrity of our findings.
  • No Positive Review Payments: Under no circumstances do we accept payments to influence the content or outcome of our reviews. Every product and service is subjected to the same rigorous standards.
  • Unbiased Expertise: Our team, comprising of seasoned knowledge commerce professionals, ensures every tool or platform undergoes a thorough range of tests, checks, and real-world applications.

To learn more about how we can hold ourselves to such high editorial standards, take a look at our comprehensive “Disclosure“, where we explain our editorial model and tell you exactly how we make money.


Our Methodology 

Your needs are always our number one consideration. We aim to do whatever we can to help you make the simplest, fastest, and most effective purchase decision.

We continue to stay true to the values we started with – honesty, independence, and passion. Everything else we do serves these values and works to solve the same problems for other entrepreneurs that we encountered when we were starting.

Our Evaluation Parameters

1. Affordability & Pricing

We don’t just measure the absolute and relative prices of the products and services we review.

We also examine the way that our readers are likely to use them, and the respective features available in a given industry segment at a given price point.

This isn’t a purely academic exercise; We’re here to help you get the best value for your money.

2. User Experience

This obviously concerns the user interface (UI) and overall customer journey with a given service or piece of software.

However, it also takes into account the whole experience of dealing with the particular company in question, so that you have a clear sense of what you’re getting into if you choose to form a relationship with a given company and use their product or service.

3. Ease of Use

This takes into account the overall accessibility of the tool or software in question for our average user.

It deals with questions of user interface, the steepness of the learning curve, and any prerequisite knowledge, skills, or training.

4. Sales & Marketing Features

Most of the tools we review are specifically to help you run your business in some way. This section deals with the Marketing or Sales Administration and Automation components of a given software.

The questions here are always “How effective is it?” and “How far does it extend my reach?” – you want results, and we continuously work to help you get them.

5. Design

A more technical and aesthetic examination that addresses code optimization, pure user interface considerations, visual appeal, and efficiency of navigation.

6. Customizability

Since many of the tools and systems we review are designed to help you build or maintain some aspect of your web presence, it’s critical that they also allow you to reflect your particular aesthetic or brand.

Templates are nice, but not if you can spot them a mile away as belonging to a particular company, rather than yours. This category helps you see whether you will be able to clearly embody your own creative vision.

7. Customer Support

Addresses the entire customer life cycle, from training and onboarding to technical support when things inevitably go wrong, to cancellation or termination when your business grows and another tool or system becomes the better option for you.

Continuing from Customer Experience, this helps you understand what a given company or team will be like to deal with, from start to finish.

8. Training

Deals with the quality and breadth of the training resources available to you. We will identify what type of materials are available and identify how good they are at taking you from “total newbie” to “experienced professional” in navigating and operating the tool or system in question.

Ethics & Transparency

We openly invite and appreciate feedback from our readers, ensuring our reviews are continuously refined and relevant. To can get in touch by visiting our “Contact Us” page.

At no point have we invested in, or hold stakes in, any platform or tool we review.

We pride ourselves on being bootstrapped, with our allegiance solely to genuine journalism and our readers’ best interests.