20 LearnDash Site Examples

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Our team spent many hours searching through a wide range of LearnDash websites to show you, focusing mainly on the plug-ins used in the following examples to let you see which sites used which apps and which of these you think would be suitable for your business.

We found that grading tools, quizzes, and badges were very popular with e-learning specialists. Scheduling apps and tracking apps were also widely used, along with Google analytics apps.

Many of these sites offered their users downloadable files. Some had apps to convert videos to text to help with accessibility and accommodate multiple styles of learning. Some had community groups that can boost students’ progress by allowing them to interact with each other.

Users have plenty of control, as these sites are easy to build and easily customizable with the drag-and-drop builder. This builder is a fantastic system with a tremendous range of functions, as we will show you below.

Learndash Examples

20 Best LearnDash Site Examples

You can build all kinds of websites with LearnDash. We discovered training courses for community organizations on storytelling, and courses training teachers and providing them with lessons to use with their students. Other websites included lessons on how to write fiction and nonfiction. There’s even a drone site, specifically giving training and information about drones providing practice tests and a social network. The National Center for Victims of Crime, the non-profit organization that advocates for victims’ rights, uses LearnDash for its e-learning courses.

Some apps that LearnDash provides to their users are now using LearnDash as their platform to market their apps. And some of these companies are now offering training in their apps on their sites.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or small business, and no matter what that business is, it seems that LearnDash can provide everything you need to build your site. There is a vast range of apps already available on LearnDash, and you can add more whenever you wish. There are also plenty of tutorials about their features and access to their Support site.


The University of Michigan has a unique program for which they create and sell courses online.

They also provide consulting services and help with guidance for people interested in the program.

LearnDash provided them with workflows to support each of these. The University staff like the features that enable them to create assignments and quizzes.

They also like giving certificates and badges to students upon completion of their work. They use LearnDash’s LMS, Visual Customizer PRO, Gravity Forms, and Badges OS add-ons. They added a BirchPress Scheduling app for optimizing their consulting appointments.

The University built their essay grading tool directly onto LearnDash for students, and they also use the Crazy Egg app, which tracks their visitors.


Teacher Training

PerfectMyMusic is a website designed to help music teachers by providing active practice and learning for and with their students via interactive content.

They offer lessons to all levels, and all courses are also mobile-friendly, and each lesson contains a quiz. LearnDash provides the LMS management functionality PerfectMyMusic needs while allowing the use of WordPress’s Elementor Page Builder.


Medical Training

Executive Electrocardiogram Education (EEE) runs self-paced, interactive video courses teaching their students how to interpret electrocardiograms.

With the LearnDash LMS functionality, EEE can offer multiple practice electrocardiograms, with each course including over eight hours of video. EEE also uses the Google Analytics tool, the Google Tag Manager plug-in, WordPress Emoji Release, and AddThis – a content sharing tool.


How to Write Fiction and Nonfiction

Jerry Jenkins provides a collection of video lessons on fiction and non-fiction writing and self-editing with downloadable resources. Recorded workshops are also available.

LearnDash provides the LMS management Jerry required, without forcing him to abandon his other apps. Jerry also uses Google Analytics and Tag Manager tools, Font Awesome tools, and Infusionsoft apps.


Business Training

Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) is a learning platform helping businesses with software. The folks at Keap sell and teach online marketing and automation.

They picked LearnDash because they love its mobile-friendly site so everyone can access their courses at any time. They use the LearnDash LMS, the BuddyPress app, Memberium (membership), and FullStory plug-in. They also use Infusionsoft and the Amplitude app for tracking the actions of users on their site. And they are adding to their app list as they grow. 

MyStudy Series

Teacher Training

My Study Series is a learning platform built in New Zealand. Vitally, it is produced by teachers and for teachers. My Study Series provides more than 600 videos in PE, Maths, Health, and Science at NCEA levels 1, 2, and 3. My Study Series picked LearnDash for the advanced quizzing and gamification tools with LearnDash’s LMS.

It uses the QuiroBot plug-in, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager tools.The site also uses the Beamer app and ConvertBox to announce its latest updates and get feedback.

Yoast Academy

SEO Copywriting Training

Yoast SEO Copywriting is a popular search engine optimization plug-in used by WordPress.

The Yoast SEO Copywriting Academy offers training in SEO copywriting, which helps businesses rank in Google searches.

Yoast team members train students to use their SEO plug-in as well as giving other hints and tips. LearnDash provides the LMS management functionality Yoast required while also integrating nicely with their entire complementary applications suite. This suite includes WooCommerce, and, of course, Yoast SEO Copywriting plug-ins. The folks at Yoast like the ability to transfer all course content into PDF files. They also love the quiz app, which they use to create diverse questions. For analytics and feedback, the Yoast team uses an instant page app, the Hotjar app, and the Google Tag Manager tool.

Drone Academy

Drone Training

Drone Academy provides training, news, and reviews for drone enthusiasts, supporting drone instructors, providing practice exams, and hosting a social learning network.

The academy chose LearnDash for its LMS quiz and forum features. The Drone Academy uses Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, WordPress Wordfence security app, and Google APIs.

Camp Chroma

The Art and Science of Color

Camp Chroma is an online color training program teaching the art and science of color to design businesses, providing videos, numerous downloadables, quizzes, and a Facebook community.

It picked LearnDash because the team likes the hands-on exercises and active learning features offered by the LearnDash LMS. The team there uses Badge OS and the WordPress Thickbox to create pop-up windows, as well as WordPress Pixel, WordPress Emoji, and WordPress Stats tools. And it also uses Google Analytics.

PKP School

Global Education

PKP School is a global learning online platform offering self-paced courses in scholarly publishing, helping new publishers and editors to learn how to use PKP software.

PKP School uses a web analytics application called Matomo and the Gravatar app, which provides them with unique avatars. PKP School also uses the CSS app for programming language learning and the AppJS for creating mobile web apps. The school chose the LearnDash platform as it meets all of these needs, and the PKP School team also likes that students can comment on each module and unit page. 

OptinMonster University

Digital Marketing Training

OptinMonster University trains businesses in email marketing, reducing cart abandonment, and optimizing conversions on websites. They chose LearnDash’s LMS to provide a series of online courses as they wanted a solution that would scale with their expanding customer base.

They currently have six courses with over 700K customers. OptinMonster likes LearnDash’s course builder, saying that it makes it easy to create quizzes, training programs, and tests. LearnDash provides LMS and the Yoast SEO plug-in. They also use a LiveChat app and the Google Analytics and MonsterInsights plug-in.


Software Solutions and Training

Schedulicity is a booking platform for businesses helping them with client transactions.

Schedulicity picked the LearnDash system because it offers everything necessary to provide marketing tools, scheduling software, services, and classes to Schedulicity customers.

Naturally, the team uses many apps on its site, including its own Essentials Schedulicity tool and a Rockerbox app that tracks customers landing on its site. It also uses a Pinterest tool, an iFrame intercom tool, Google Leads, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager tools.

Become Well Known

Social Media

Social Media Examiner is a social media resource for marketers. The Social Media Examiner team trains and supports by supplying articles, podcasts, and videos.

Through the LearnDash system, the team can easily upload 45-minute long podcasts every week, as well as courses and weekly video tutorials. LearnDash also enables Social Media Examiner to offer a series of live Q&A’s with new students. Social Media Examiner uses a deadline funnel tool, the Optinmonster tool, Google Leads, Gravatar app, a drip tags tool, and Google Analytics.

WP Elevation

Business Training

WP Elevation is a business coaching program running online courses that chose LearnDash for its LMS and because LearnDash lets them keep using all their other apps.

WP Elevation uses BuddyPress’s Learning Integration tool and the BuddyPress Social Learner with integrated gamification. WP Elevation also uses the Badge OS, Memberium, the Keap marketing automation tool, Infusionsoft, and the Funnelytics tool.

The folks at WP Elevation love letting their students automatically unlock the next module when they mark a completed module.

They also like the automatic unlocking of bonus courses and badges as soon as they become available to their students. They say that all of this helps to keep students engaged.


Marketer Training

Smart Insights helps clients with digital marketing skills by running e-learning courses.

They chose the LearnDash system so that members have access to a massive range of resources, including e-books, downloadable guides, and templates tackling everything from spreadsheets to copywriting.

The LearnDash LMS also showcases the team’s Capability Grader. Smart Insights uses a broad range of tools, including the standard Google tools for analytics, managing/tagging, an intercom tool, and a visitor-tracking app.


Self-Awareness and Creativity

Ideapod shares new ideas with a new generation, helping them to live more fulfilled lives. Ideapod chose LearnDash because its LMS lets them offer interactive online classes and lets members purchase ebooks, workshops, and articles.

The Ideapod founders use the G1 Socials app to let users follow them. They also use the WordPress Rocket app to improve SEO and conversion rates, the WordPress Bimber Themes app (a viral magazine theme), lots of Google apps, and an Alexa Certified tool to measure site traffic.

Vetco Clinics

Veterinary Training

Vetco University runs courses for vets. The Vetco University team picked LearnDash for its appealing LMS and the ability to continue using a range of plugins.

These include Content Form 7 to manage and customize multiple forms, Simple Social Icons, Theme My Login, WordPress Content Uploads app, and Google APIs for fonts. Vetco also uses AppJS, which creates mobile web apps without losing performance.

Story Corps


StoryCorps DIY provides self-paced courses on storytelling for community organizations and teachers to build connections with people and create a more compassionate world.

This site makes excellent use of the webinar feature available on the LearnDash platform, which was a major factor in choosing LearnDash. Providing lesson plans and resources, this site also uses the WordPress Emoji tool and tons of Google apps. 

Victims of Crime

Helping Crime Victims Through E-learning

The National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC), founded in 1985, helps victims of crime rebuild their lives. It offers self-paced courses and a wealth of resources.

Through the use of the LearnDash software, the NCVC can be more accessible to victim service providers. This website also uses the Gravatar app and the WordPress Emoji app.

Strategic CFO

Business Strategies 

The Strategic CFO helps businesses develop financial leadership. The Strategic CFO picked LearnDash as a one-stop system to offer consulting, workshops, tools, and e-books online.

Plug-ins used include the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit, Infusionsoft, and the Google Analytics tools, Gravity Forms, Booking Calendar, Events Calendar, Fancybox-for-WordPress, and Table of Contents.


Bottom Line

We spent many hours studying LearnDash’s sites to summarize these twenty examples for you. In the course of our research, we confirmed that you could build all kinds of websites for all types of businesses using LearnDash – from storytelling to helping victims of crime.

We focused mainly on the plug-ins to let you see for yourself which sites used which apps and which of these you think would be suitable for your business.

With an extensive list of features and plenty of options for each one, the LearnDash user gets a powerful WordPress LMS, which is used by many popular brands.

Online lessons are increasingly popular in modern times. Many industries that previously may have had little interest are now opening up to teaching and making a great success of working interactively with their students on the LearnDash platforms.

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