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GoHighLevel texting and SMS integration is a feature that lets you send messages directly from the GoHighLevel platform.

You can also automate SMS conversations, campaigns, opt-ins, appointment booking, and set up an SMS after-hours service so that you never miss an opportunity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use LC – Phone or Twilio to send SMS 
  • Create a fully automated AI-powered conversation for appointment booking
  • Add SMS text messages to your multichannel workflows

How to Set Up GoHighLevel Texting and SMS

To start sending SMS messages to leads, you must first purchase phone numbers to use with each of your client’s accounts. 

There are two ways to do this: use GoHighLevel’s in-house phone provider LC – Phone, or use a third-party app.

LC – Phone

GoHighLevel has recently moved its phone and SMS capability inhouse and launched the LC (LeadConnector) phone system. It eliminates the requirement for using a third-party phone number provider.

It’s 10% cheaper than Twilio and means you can purchase, manage, and use all phone numbers from and with GoHighLevel.

Other benefits of using LC Phone rather than a third-party app include the following:

  • One-click startup
  • Increased security
  • Increased delivery rates
  • Real-time billing
  • Reduction of incompatibility issues since it’s part of the GoHighLevel platform

If you already use Twilio but want to switch to the LC Phone system, you can switch all your sub-accounts to LeadConnector either individually or in bulk.



GoHighLevel has a direct integration capability for Twilio. So, if you prefer to use this service for sending SMS messages or making calls, you can connect your Twilio account to the GoHighLevel platform.

You must purchase a phone number for each of your clients, which costs $1 each. If you already have Twilio numbers, you are able to import these into GoHighLevel.

Send an SMS Message Directly from GoHighLevel

SMS Message Directly

Sending text messages from the GoHighLevel platform is straightforward. First, select the contact (or multiple contacts) to whom you want to send the message, then go ahead and write it.

If you send an SMS to multiple contacts, you can send it to everyone at once or at a scheduled time. You can also set it to “drip mode.” This sends the SMS to batches of contacts at a time. For example, if you want to send the same text to 5,000 contacts, you can send them in batches of 500. This helps control the volume of SMS traffic and avoids overloading the server.

From the GoHighLevel dashboard, you can view all incoming and outgoing SMS messages in the conversations tab so that you can easily see who requires a response.

Personalize the Message

Personalize the Message

GoHighLevel has a series of codes that you can input to customize your message. For example, if you add {{contact.first_name}}, the tool will pull all the first names from your selected contacts and pre-populate the SMS with this information.

If you’re unsure what information to customize, GoHighLevel provides a dropdown menu with all the different options.

Create and Save SMS Templates

Create and Save SMS Templates

If you plan to send out the same or similar SMS messages to leads, you can create your own SMS templates and save them to use repeatedly.

What’s nice is that when you create your template, you can see how it looks in the preview window to the right of the text box. When you’re happy with the layout, simply save it for future use.

Set Up Automatic Texts for Missed Calls

Automatic Texts for Missed Calls

This is a highly useful feature to use with your clients. Typically when someone calls a business or service, and no one picks up, the person will generally move on to the next number until they get a response.

You can set up an automatic text that sends to the caller if no one answers the customer’s call. The value of this means that callers don’t feel like they’re being ignored, and it provides an opportunity to gain more business via an automated process.

Build SMS Opt-In Campaigns

Build SMS Opt-In Campaigns

If you send out flyers or have advertisements out there with the option to text for more information, you can build this into your GoHighLevel SMS workflow.

For example, if one of your clients has a physical pamphlet describing services, they could offer a textable number for quotes or prices.

To make this work, you create a trigger that automatically generates replies depending on the message that is sent. So, if someone sends a text saying “Quotes please” or “Give quote,” you can set the parameters of the trigger to identify the word “Quote” from the content of the message.

Then, when it detects the word “Quote,” an automation triggers the action to send a prewritten message relating to this subject.

Incorporate SMS into GoHighLevel Multichannel Workflows

GoHighLevel Multichannel Workflows

GoHighLevel workflows are what you use to create your campaigns. You set a series of actions that are triggered by certain events.

For example, a campaign may start with someone completing an online form to receive more information about a product. This action could then trigger a text message to be sent to the recipient, offering the customer a chance to book a call.

You can incorporate as many triggers and actions as needed for your campaigns. They can be entirely SMS-based, or you can include a mix of communication channels depending on the campaign and its requirements.

One-Word SMS Trigger Automation

One-Word SMS Trigger Automation

This feature allows people to text a single word and get a response. It works in much the same way as the SMS opt-in campaign described above. 

Essentially, you can assign actions to words or short phrases that trigger a response when sent. For example, if someone texts in the word “info,” this can trigger an informational message to be sent. Or, if someone texts “stop,” it can trigger the action to remove them from the campaign.

This feature can automate an entire conversation based on a person’s replies. You can even set it to send a booking link so you can nurture the lead into committing to an appointment.

Pre-Populate SMS Messages with Links

Pre-Populate SMS

Trigger links are useful for performing certain actions, such as adding leads and contacts into pipelines or removing them from campaigns.

You can set up trigger links and add them to your text messages. These are special links that perform an action when they are clicked. For example, you can send a message saying, “take a look at this new offer,” with a trigger link included. When someone clicks on the link, it can automatically add their details to a campaign.

It’s a useful way to automate part of the pipeline process and eliminates the need for you to manually deal with it.

Create Automated Replies for Appointment Booking

Create Automated Replies

The booking bot is a winning feature of the GoHighLevel platform and utilizes AI to create a human-like conversation for booking appointments.

It’s not always possible to physically answer a phone or message, but you don’t want to miss the opportunity to make a booking. This is where the booking bot steps in and takes care of it for you.

First, you can set the parameters of the booking calendar, such as

  • Open hours
  • Slot length
  • Buffer time (time between slots)
  • How far in advance bookings can be taken

Next, you build a workflow that sends an automatic text when someone calls in. For example, you can send a message saying, “We’re not available right now. Would you like to make a booking via text?”

The AI is clever and can spot a positive or negative response. If the response is positive, you can set it to send out available appointments the person can click on to book. If the response is negative, you can set the bot to send out a list of other options, such as a link for more info.

Use the Chatbot Widget to Initiate SMS Conversations

Initiate SMS Conversations

The GoHighLevel chatbot widget is a feature you embed on your client’s websites that facilitates live chat. It’s a simple way to give great customer service without having to be on the phone all day.

However, what do you do if a live person is not available? Well, you can set the widget to ask the recipient for their phone number to initiate an SMS conversation where the customer is asked to input their name, number, and a message which then shifts the conversation over to SMS.

From here, you can either manually text back or you can set up a workflow to incorporate automated responses and one-word triggers.

Set Up Automatic Out-Of-Hours Responses

Out-Of-Hours Responses

In a similar vein, what do you do if potential customers call outside of operating hours? Again, you can use the chatbot widget to set up out-of-hours responses.

This will automatically kick in at a predetermined time (you set the parameters of your office hours) and display whatever message you want. Here, it’s good to give options like the opportunity to book, state the operating hours, or even request a callback.

This means you or your clients never need to miss an opportunity that comes in after you clock out.

Common SMS Errors and How to Fix Them

It can be frustrating to have an SMS bounce back, and there are many reasons why your SMS message didn’t send. Here are the most common ones:

  • You’ve exceeded the limit of 1,000 sub-accounts with Twilio: Contact Twilio to increase the limit.
  • Media message exceeds the size limit: Reduce the content of the message or remove images.
  • The destination number cannot receive the message: Check if the provided number is for a mobile device and not a landline
  • Message blocked by the carrier due to guidelines breach: Check that the content of your message complies with the carrier rules.
  • Account suspended: Contact your third-party phone provider to investigate why you were suspended.
  • Destination number blocked the message: Delete the number from your contacts.

How to Reduce the Cost of Sending SMS Messages

Cost of Sending SMS

If you’re sending messages out to large volumes of contacts, the costs can quickly add up. If you experience unusually high costs, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • Unforeseen additional carrier fees add up.
  • Using emojis increases the length of texts.
  • Using images increases the cost.
  • The SMS is long and consists of multiple segments (each segment of 160 characters is a separate cost).
  • Copy/pasted text often contains hidden characters that lengthen the message to contain multiple segments. 

Frequently Asked Questions

GoHighLevel texting is used to nurture leads, book appointments, and contact leads when no one is present to talk to them live.

GoHighLevel SMS can also be incorporated into marketing strategies and used for multichannel communication and campaigns.

Using SMS with GoHighLevel costs extra. You must purchase a $1 phone number to use with each of your GoHighLevel sub-accounts; SMS is then charged according to the carrier’s tariffs.


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