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We’ve curated this list of 30 top membership sites that span many niches, platforms, and pricing models.

When ranking them, we judged them on their appearance, popularity, and inspiration we believed they could provide.

Key Takeaways:

1. College Admissions Grown and Flown

Platform UsedKajabi

College Admissions Grown and Flown is a membership platform for parents of prospective college students.

The Kajabi membership site provides parents with digital downloadables, checklists, live Q&A sessions, and community access.

2. Gracie Barra

Platform UsedLearnWorlds

Gracie Barra is an online martial arts training company that provides on-demand lessons to its members.

The company uses LearnWorlds to create its membership site, which enables lesson streaming on multimedia devices, such as Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, and mobile devices.

3. CRAFTERS at Lia Griffith

Platform UsedMightyNetworks

CRAFTERS is an online community for loyal fans of Lia Griffith. Inside the membership site, members gain access to exclusive content and updates.

If a business is looking to build a stronger connection with its audience, this is a great example of how they can do it using MightyNetworks.

4. Practice of the Practice

Platform UsedTeachable

Practice of the Practice is a membership site created on Teachable focused on helping counselors build their practice. 

The company divides its membership site into four communities to better create tailored advice and networking between members at the same building stage.

5. Echelon Front

Platform UsedMemberPress

Echelon Front is a leadership program designed to teach people how to “develop their core actions and mindsets.”

The company demonstrates how an in-person training company can expand by recording its content and creating a membership site.

The platform they chose to host their community is MemberPress.

6. Perfect English Grammar

Platform UsedTeachable

Perfect English Grammar is an online membership site that gives customers access to English courses.

The company uses Teachable to create, host, and deliver courses and modules on its membership site.

7. Buildings

Platform UsedBuddyBoss

Buildings is an education company specializing in improving the efficiency of building owners, facilities managers, and architects.

The site is built on BuddyBoss and gives members access to on-demand video lessons and a networking community.

As it’s built on BuddyBoss, the member’s area is mobile responsive, enabling customers to consume content on their mobile devices.

8. WODprep

Platform UsedTeachable

WODprep is a workout and fitness website that offers its members coaching, at-home programs, and courses.

Teachable enables businesses to create and bundle several types of digital products, such as coaching, courses, and downloadables, to create a membership site offering.

9. The Online Dog Trainer

Platform UsedBuddyBoss

The Online Dog Trainer is an online membership site that sells dog training programs. These are aimed at teaching owners how to improve their pets’ behavior.

The company uses BuddyBoss to host their programs. One of the benefits of using this platform is that they have a native community feature, which can improve the customer experience.

10. GameDev.TV

Platform UsedTeachable

GameDev.TV is an educational platform for learning game development and programming.

Students can purchase stand-alone courses or bundles and access them by logging into their membership site.

Teachable has a website builder that enables businesses to create an online presence and list their products.

11. Wholetones

Platform UsedKajabi

Wholetones provides customers with a range of ancient music hosted on its Kajabi membership site.

This is an excellent example of how businesses can create a membership site for audio streaming and downloads using Kajabi.

12. Agile Alliance

Platform UsedMemberPress

Agile Alliance is a membership site focused on improving how to work. They provide a virtual community, in-person events, and resources.

The site is built on MemberPress and is a good example of a cause-driven membership site. 

13. Park Bench

Platform UsedKajabi

Park Bench is a real estate training program and course to help businesses gain new clients.

As the site is built using Kajabi, the company uses its native community, courses, and live masterminds to offer a bundle.

14. Generals International

Platform UsedKajabi

Generals International offers an online library of recorded teachings and events from their ministry.

The site is hosted on Kajabi, which lets them host an unlimited number and size of videos.

15. YogaUOnline

Platform UsedLearnDash

YogaUOnline is an online yoga studio that sells course access using a membership subscription model.

The company uses LearnDash to sell pre-recorded course access and live lessons.

16. Excel Campus

Platform UsedMemberPress

Excel Campus is an online educational company focused on providing Excel training. They provide their courses using a membership pricing model.

MemberPress has student management tools, allowing Excel Campus to create a 30-day money-back guarantee.

17. Full Plate Living

Platform UsedKajabi

Full Plate Living is a free membership site that provides healthy recipes and dieting advice.

The company is a non-profit organization that uses its Kajabi site to spread its message and help those trying to become healthier.

To comply with local EU laws, the company has added a GDPR banner to the bottom of their Kajabi homepage.

18. Pharma Guideline

Platform UsedLearnWorlds

Pharma Guideline is a company focused on providing up-to-date manufacturing advice and training.

The company’s membership site is built on LearnWorlds, and on its homepage, it advertises its upcoming course launches to help generate buzz and excitement among its members.

19. Pentester Academy

Platform UsedLearnWorlds

Pentester Academy is a cyber security company that trains individuals and companies wanting to learn the skill.

Instead of the typical membership site model with courses and modules, Pentester Academy has “boot camps,” which are designed to teach topics within a specified time frame.

LearnWorlds is HTML and SCORM compliant, meaning companies can use it as an LMS platform.

20. Pioneer Academy

Platform UsedLearnWorlds

Pioneer Academy is a membership site created by, a public relations company.

The membership site has digital training and is a great example of how a service-based company can create virtual training to appeal to grow their company.

The membership site is built using LearnWorlds and offers a 7-day free trial.

21. Golden Flower Herbal Academy

Platform UsedLearnWorlds

Golden Flower Herbal Academy is an online membership site for those looking to learn about Chinese herbs and medicine.

The site is built on LearnWorlds, and they take advantage of the unlimited courses core feature as they offer dozens of different online training lessons.

22. MedSchoolCoach

Platform UsedMemberPress

MedSchoolCoach is a membership site that supports prospective medical school students in getting into college.

The membership site is built on MemberPress, and they use the free courses feature to give away training.

23. Hillsong Leadership Network

Platform UsedThinkific

Hillsong Leadership Network is a faith-based membership site with a mission of “equipping pastors and leaders to flourish,” which they do by providing training courses, webinars, and downloadables.

The membership site is built on Thinkific, which has a free plan. New customers can take advantage of this to test the platform risk-free.

24. Learning Ally

Platform UsedMightyNetworks

Learning Ally is a cause-driven membership site for improving students’ literacy levels.

They do this by providing educational content and a space to discuss the subject in its MightyNetworks community.

25. Double the Donation

Platform UsedThinkific

Double the Donation is a company that teaches non-profits how to double their donations through gift matching.

The company’s membership subscription is charged annually. Thinkific enables companies to charge for subscriptions upfront and as recurring monthly payments.

26. Hedgeye

Platform UsedThinkific

Hedgeye is an investment site that provides members with reports, analysis, and advice; the site is built on Thinkific.

Thinkific has many features that membership site owners can incorporate, including courses, communities, branded apps, and live streaming.

27. Harvest Online

Platform UsedMightyNetworks

Harvest Online is a Christian organization with a membership site focused on becoming more like Jesus.

Its community hosts discussions, host prayer sessions, and accountability meetings.

The company is built using MightyNetworks, meaning it can access community features like chat, feeds, organization tools, and spaces.

28. Holacracy

Platform UsedMightyNetworks

Holacracy is both the community’s name and a decentralized management practice.

This membership community is for businesses to connect and learn with other followers of the Holacracy management style and is built using MightyNetworks.

29. BrightTALK

Platform UsedBuddyBoss

BrightTALK has a monthly summit with leading tech experts as speakers. To attend these events, users can sign up for their membership site.

The site is hosted on BuddyBoss and is free to join.

30. Writing Skills

Platform UsedTeachable

Writing Skills teaches people how to improve their writing. The company offers two products: Writing Better Email and Emphasis 360. 

Teachable has multiple payment options, enabling businesses to charge a one-time or recurring subscription fee.

Bottom Line

As you can see, no one platform is best for building membership sites, and dozens of different membership site models work well.

We recommend using a platform’s free trial or plan to understand if the membership site meets your needs.

We hope that by providing you with a range of membership sites created by cause-driven businesses, non-profits, and corporations, we’ve given you ideas to incorporate into your new or existing site.


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