GoHighLevel Twilio: Worth It In 2024?

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You can still use Twilio with GoHighLevel, but it is no longer necessary. GoHighLevel now has its own communication tool—LC-Phone System—which makes calling and sending SMS messages easier and seamless (and sometimes cheaper!).

Key Takeaways:

  • US and Canadian users of LC-Phone System get a 10% discount
  • International users of LC-Phone System pay the same rates as Twilio
  • Clients can still use Twilio even if you have switched to LC-Phone System

GoHighLevel LC-Phone System Is Better than Twilio—Here’s Why

GoHighLevel LC-Phone System

I’ll start by giving a bit of background here. Back in the day, when GoHighLevel was just getting started, it had to rely on third-party apps to give its users the platform’s full functionality.

GoHighLevel allowed direct integration with Twilio so users could call, text, and leave voicemails from within the platform. However, the problem was that doing this required technical know-how and many agencies were uncomfortable setting it up themselves.

Fast-forward to now, and GoHighLevel now has its own “out-of-the-box” phone system, meaning you don’t have to possess specific technical skills to use it.

Called LC-Phone System, this feature has some excellent advantages, and, in my mind, there is no reason to set up and use Twilio anymore.

All-In-One System

All-In-One System

GoHighLevel has worked hard to live up to its “all-in-one” claim, and introducing its phone and emailing systems went a long way toward achieving true all-in-one status.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always put off when I have to connect multiple platforms. 

You have to deal with separate accounts, separate subscriptions, differing technology, and a whole lot of back and forth that can end up a lot of hassle if something goes wrong. And remember, Twilio requires advanced knowledge to get this integration up and running properly.

Everything on a single platform provides a seamless experience for me—and my clients. It’s faster and easier to set up, and if something doesn’t go to plan, I’m not flipping between platforms to determine the problem.

A Single Customer Service Team

Single Customer Service Team

Speaking of problems, there’s nothing worse than dealing with two separate customer service teams when you need help.

Back when I used Twilio, I had issues with SMS messages not sending properly. I was passed back and forth between Twilio and GoHighLevel’s customer service teams, both claiming the other platform was at fault.

It was so frustrating!

Now, since LC-Phone System belongs to GoHighLevel, I only need to contact a single customer service team, and there’s no opportunity for them to point the blame elsewhere!

Cheaper Prices

If you live in the US or Canada, you are in luck! LC-Phone System will cost you 10% less than Twilio for certain things.

For all other countries, LC-Phone System price matches Twilio, so while you won’t save any money, it won’t cost you anything extra, either.

Here’s where you get the 10% saving (remember it’s for the USA and Canada only):

  • Phone numbers: All types
  • SMS: Inbound and outbound
  • Voice calls: Incoming and outgoing

LC-Phone System vs. Twilio Pricing

Twilio Pricing

Here’s a quick comparison of LC-Phone System and Twilio pricing. I’ve used pricing for the US and Canada to show you the 10% discount.

SMSVoice callsLocal numberToll-free number
LC-Phone System$0.00711$0.0126$1.035$1.935

Why Use Twilio if LC-Phone System Is Better?

Twilio if LC-Phone System Is Better

Twilio has been around a lot longer than GoHighLevel (ten years longer, in fact) and has established itself as the main player among internet phone systems.

Let’s keep in mind that LC-Phone System is only better if you use GoHighLevel. Twilio is still the top option if you don’t have a GoHighLevel account.

Many businesses still use Twilio, so if you take on a client that does, they may be reluctant to change.

This isn’t a problem, though. If you are using LC-Phone System, you can still set up the client’s sub-account with Twilio. Check out the last section of this article to understand how to do this.

How to Migrate a Twilio Account into GoHighLevel

To add Twilio to GoHighLevel, you must be logged into both your GoHighLevel and Twilio accounts.

Migrate a Twilio Account

Step 1: Make sure you’re in Agency View of your GoHighLevel account, head to “Settings,” and then “Phone Integration.” At the bottom of the page, you will see the option to connect with Twilio.

Phone Integration

Step 2: Next, switch to your Twilio account and click on “Account” at the top of the screen. Select “API keys and tokens.”

API keys and tokens

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the screen to find your live Twilio credentials. Click the eye symbol to reveal your auth token.


Step 4: Copy the account SID and auth token and paste them into the boxes on GoHighLevel. When done, click “Authorize.”

boxes on GoHighLevel

Your GoHighLevel account will now be connected to Twilio, and you can now hook up your sub-accounts to Twilio. To do this, follow Step 5 onwards.

sub-accounts to Twilio

Step 5: Remain on the “Phone Integration” page and switch to the “Sub Account Settings” tab.

Sub Account Settings

Step 6: Find the sub-account you need and click the pencil icon to the right of it.

Find the sub-account

Step 7: A popup will appear—click the “Login Now” text.

popup will appear

Step 8: Finally, like before, grab the account SID and auth token for the sub-account’s Twillio and add it in. Hit “Authorize,” and you’re done!

account SID

“Twilio” will now appear next to the sub-account name in the “Phone Integrations” tab.

How to Switch a Sub-Account from Twilio to LC-Phone System

Switch a Sub-Account

Step 1: To switch a sub-account to LC-Phone System, you must first connect your agency account to the feature. 

While in the Agency View of your GoHighLevel account, head to “Settings” and then “Phone Integration.” Click the blue “Use LC-Phone System” button.

Use LC-Phone System

Step 2: Read the information and click the confirmation box and blue “Confirm” button if you’re okay with continuing.

This information is important to understand as it will affect any new sub-accounts that you create:

  • Existing sub-accounts will remain with Twilio unless you manually switch them to LC-Phone System.
  • New sub-accounts will be automatically placed with LC-Phone System.
New sub-accounts

Step 3: Your GoHighLevel account will now be connected to LC-Phone System, and your Twilio connection will be removed. 

Now, click on the “Sub Account Settings” tab.

switch all your sub-accounts

Step 4: You have two options here. You can switch all your sub-accounts over to LC-Phone System in one go, or you can switch them individually.

  • To switch all sub-accounts, click the large blue button.
  • To switch individual sub-accounts, click the blue switch icon next to each one.
switch them individually

Step 5: Read through all the information and check the box to confirm you have understood. Then, click the blue “Confirm” button.


The migration may take a short while to complete. Once it’s finished, you will now see that the sub-account is connected to LC-Phone System.

How to Switch a Sub-Account from LC-Phone System to Twilio

Sub-Account from LC-Phone System

If you are already using LC-Phone System with GoHighLevel and take on a client who wants to use Twilio, it’s possible to set them up in this manner.

However, all new sub-accounts are automatically placed on LC-Phone System, so switching one over to Twilio requires a manual process.

To do this, GoHighLevel has provided a form you must complete and submit. The information required for this is:

  • Contact details for the request (name and email)
  • The sub-account’s location ID
  • The Twilio account’s SID and auth token

Once you submit the form, GoHighLevel will reach out to confirm the switch has taken place.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can only use one phone provider with each sub-account. Therefore, you cannot use Twilio and LC-Phone System simultaneously with the same sub-account. However, each sub-account can use its preferred phone provider, whether that’s Twilio or LC-Phone System.

You can rebill Twilio costs to clients if you have SaaS mode activated. If you do not have this option, then rebilling isn’t possible.


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