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GoHighLevel SaaS mode allows you to brand the GoHighLevel platform and sell it at your own price

It is aimed specifically at marketing agencies looking for an easy way to diversify their income streams and provide more value to clients.

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What Is GoHighLevel SaaS Mode?

SaaS stands for “software as a service.” Every time you purchase access to an online platform, you are purchasing SaaS. For example, platforms such as Shopify, Salesforce, Slack, and Hubspot are all SaaS, as is GoHighLevel itself.

Access to SaaS platforms is typically given in exchange for a monthly or yearly subscription fee that is paid on an ongoing basis for as long as you require access to the platform.

GoHighLevel SaaS mode (also referred to as the GoHighLevel Pro plan) gives agencies and marketing professionals the opportunity to sell the GoHighLevel software (or SaaS) to their clients under their own branding. 

It’s essentially a white-labeled version of the entire GoHighLevel platform. All traces of the GoHighLevel branding are removed and replaced with the agency’s own branding. Agencies are then free to set their own subscription price and sell it an unlimited number of times.

Customers that purchase GoHighLevel from an agency won’t know that it is GoHighLevel. It will look and feel like they are purchasing an agency’s own software. However, they will still have access to all the same features, tools, and functions that GoHighLevel provides.

Additionally, there are a few extra features offered through SaaS mode that are not included in GoHighLevel’s standard plans.

How to Sign Up for GoHighLevel SaaS Mode

SaaS mode cannot be accessed or purchased from gohighlevel.com. 

If you are new to GoHighLevel and don’t have an account, we are offering an extended 30-day free trial for GoHighLevel SaaS mode.

To access it, all you have to do is click the link and follow the signup instructions:

For existing users of GoHighLevel, you can use the same link and click on the “Already a HighLevel user?” button.

Upgrading gives you a $400 discount coupon if you are on the Starter plan and a $200 discount coupon if you are on the Unlimited plan.

Who Is GoHighLevel SaaS Mode for?

GoHighLevel SaaS is specifically for marketing professionals and agencies that want an easy way to provide more value to their clients while also increasing and diversifying their revenue streams.

Through SaaS mode, agencies are given an opportunity to offer an enhanced service and seamless experience to their clients, and since SaaS mode can be sold an unlimited number of times, there is no ceiling for how much extra can be earned.

How Much Does GoHighLevel SaaS Mode Cost?

After the free trial, SaaS mode costs $497/month or $4,970/year. Paying annually gives you a discount equivalent to two months’ worth of subscription fees, therefore saving you $994 overall.

What Are the Benefits of GoHighLevel SaaS Mode?

Subscribing to GoHighLevel has tons of benefits:

  • Unlimited potential for additional and continuous revenue.
  • You are free to set your own price and pricing plans for SaaS.
  • You can use it to enhance your client offers and provide a more valuable service.
  • You get a range of extra features and tools.
  • The price for SaaS mode is very affordable.
  • There are features within GoHighLevel that every small business can benefit from, making it an easy “win” or sale.

GoHighLevel SaaS Mode Features for Clients

  • Reputation Management: Review requests are automatically sent to customers via SMS or email.
  • Missed-Call Text Back: To help prevent lost opportunities, leads that call the business but don’t get a reply are automatically sent a text detailing when they will be contacted or inviting them to make a booking.
  • Web Chat Widget: A chat widget that can be installed on clients’ websites to allow an additional channel of communication and lead generation. Via the chat widget, the conversation is moved onto SMS.
  • 2-Way Text Messaging: Online chat conversations are moved onto SMS so the conversation can continue when the lead or customer is not online.
  • Google My Business Chat: Customers can contact a business via Google My Business. Conversation threads can be viewed and responded to within GoHighLevel.
  • Facebook Messenger Chat: As above.

GoHighLevel SaaS Mode Features for Agencies

  • SaaS Dashboard: Special dashboard shows the health of the agency, including revenue stats and the number of customers.
  • SaaS Snapshots: Export an existing SaaS account into a new one, reducing setup and configuration times.
  • Auto User and Permission Generation: Setup configurations for new users are done automatically.
  • Auto Sub-Account Generation: Sub-accounts are automatically generated, removing the need to do it manually.
  • Automatic Twilio Re-Billing:  Auto-charge clients for used Twilio credits and auto-recharge them when they get low.
  • Dunning (Non-Payment Lockout): Clients are automatically locked out of their account if they stop paying their subscription fee.
  • Customizable Pricing Plans and Billing: Offer different pricing tiers and choose which features are available for each one. Offer monthly and/or yearly billing.
  • Customizable Free Trials and Purchase Incentives: Provide customers with a free trial and discounts as an incentive to purchase.
  • SaaS Analytics: Full analytics and stats for all your SaaS clients.
  • Resell WordPress and Yext With SaaS: Increase revenue even further by offering WordPress and/or Yext with GoHighLevel SaaS.

Frequently Asked Questions

GoHighLevel SaaS mode is definitely worth it because it provides agencies with an additional income stream and a way to give more value to clients.

GoHighLevel can be sold as SaaS an unlimited number of times.

Agencies that purchase GoHighLevel SaaS and choose to pay yearly will get a discount. This is equivalent to two months’ worth for free or a 20% discount.

You can sell GoHighLevel SaaS mode in different currencies. Once you have connected Stripe, you can go into the product settings and change the currency to the desired one.

You can charge clients for GoHighLevel SaaS by creating pricing plans. Clients can choose which pricing plan they want, then pay on an ongoing monthly or yearly basis.

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