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Photographers are often busy on shoots and don’t have time to perform admin tasks, contact potential clients, or perform any marketing. 

GoHighLevel can take care of all of these tasks and more, making it a powerful tool and ally for any photography business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Perform all CRM, admin, sales, and marketing from GoHighLevel’s single platform
  • Automation tools allow photographers to increase revenue and spend more time with clients
  • Upfront payment capabilities mean fewer no-shows, cancellations, and revenue loss

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How Can GoHighLevel Help a Photography Business?

A photography business tends to consist of just one individual (the photographer) or a small number of employees. 

That means that as well as taking photos, your business must perform all the client relationship management, admin, sales, and marketing roles too.

This can be a challenging and time-consuming task, especially since photography is a hands-on job and often requires you to be out and about, shooting on location. 

During these times, it’s usually not possible for you to be reachable by phone or email, which can mean that potential customers are easily lost.

GoHighLevel is a true all-in-one platform and provides a way for photographers to take care of all their administrative tasks as well as set up and run marketing campaigns, contact clients and leads, create automated booking systems, and more, all in one place for an affordable price. 

This means you can spend far less time on admin and repetitive tasks and more time shooting. 

However, more crucially, potential customers can be automatically turned into confirmed bookings, meaning you don’t suffer a loss of revenue or clients while you’re busy working.

The Benefits of GoHighLevel for Photography

In a nutshell, here are the benefits that GoHighLevel can bring to a photography business:

  • A true all-in-one platform at an affordable price.
  • Removes the need to sign up to and pay for multiple platforms to perform different admin, marketing, and CRM tasks.
  • Allows most tasks to be automated, freeing up more time to spend with clients.
  • Automatically nurtures potential clients into paid clients, thus increasing revenue.
  • Allows payments to be taken upfront, reducing the likelihood of no-shows and last-minute cancellations.
  • Most features are unlimited, which means you don’t have to worry about how much you are using the platform.
  • Provides all the tools necessary to build a strong and positive online presence and give you the edge over competing photography businesses.
  • Provides additional ways to make revenue through courses and affiliate programs.

GoHighLevel for Photography: CRM

First up is the customer relationship aspect of GoHighLevel. The platform was built for this purpose, so photographers have a large number of sophisticated tools at their disposal.

Build Customer Contact Lists

Build Customer Contact Lists

GoHighLevel allows you to create unlimited numbers of contacts and arrange them into smart lists that can be used for different marketing campaigns. 

For example, you can create a contact list for clients that have purchased pregnancy photoshoots. 

Then, later down the line, you can use that list to offer newborn photoshoots, first birthday shoots, and so on.

View and Manage Pipelines

View and Manage Pipelines

You can set up sales pipelines for all your ongoing promotions and marketing campaigns. 

The system lets you see exactly where each potential customer is within the pipeline to understand how it’s progressing and determine what action to take.

This gives you a good understanding of your upcoming business opportunities and what kind of revenue you can expect to gain from it. 

Viewing your pipeline progress also helps you refine your campaigns so they are more effective and lead to more sales.

Set Up Calendars with Automatic Appointment Bookings

Set Up Calendars with Automatic Appointment Bookings

Creating a booking service is crucial for photographers. 

Since you are often away on shoots, it’s not always convenient or possible to answer your phone to take bookings.

With GoHighLevel, you can create unlimited booking calendars and embed them into web pages. 

This allows clients to check your availability and make a booking there and then. 

And if you’re worried about no-shows or last-minute cancellations, you needn’t be. GoHighLevel has a tool where you can automatically take upfront payments or deposits at the booking stage. 

This vastly reduces the number of no-shows and also means you’re not left out of pocket if one does occur.

Create an Automated Booking Bot

Create an Automated Booking Bot

The GoHighLevel platform has provided an additional solution for those times when you can’t speak directly to potential clients. 

The system has a powerful AI-powered chatbot that operates via SMS. When clients contact you, GoHighLevel can automatically move the conversation onto SMS, where the chatbot will guide the client toward making and confirming a booking.

This means more business for you without spending loads of additional time on the phone or email.

Contact Customers and Leads from a Single Unified Inbox

Contact Customers and Leads from a Single Unified Inbox

GoHighLevel lets you consolidate all your client communication methods into one place. 

This is highly convenient because it removes the need for you to log into multiple platforms in order to pick up messages.

For example, you can connect your Facebook and Instagram messages, WhatsApp, SMS, and email with GoHighLevel and then view and respond to all your conversation threads from a single inbox. 

You can also make and receive calls and receive voicemails, too.

Better still, you can create workflows that will send automated responses on your behalf. 

So, if people are contacting you outside of business hours, automated messages will take care of any customer queries until you’re able to respond personally.

GoHighLevel for Photography: Sales and Marketing

If you need ways to gain more clients, GoHighLevel has plenty of tools to make that happen. 

The good news is that you don’t need to be a marketing expert to make use of what the platform offers.

Build and Launch a Portfolio Website

All photographers need a stunning portfolio website to showcase their work. GoHighLevel has plenty of templates and a drag-and-drop editing tool that lets you easily create one.

Since you can create unlimited websites, you can even build one for specific purposes. 

For example, family shoots, weddings, pets, etc. And you can add a booking calendar so people can directly schedule a photography session.

Create Sales Funnels and Landing Pages for Offers and Promotions

Create Sales Funnels and Landing Pages for Offers and Promotions

Sales funnels are a sequence of web pages that guide a customer through to taking action, such as making a booking or sale. 

If you have a photo shoot promotion or special offer, you can use one of GoHighLevel’s many templates to create a sales funnel specifically for it.

If you prefer something simpler, there’s also a landing page creation tool you can use that will let you build a single-page website to showcase your offer. 

Landing pages are also a great way to gain contact information for those all-important leads.

Send Out Email Campaigns

Send Out Email Campaigns

Once you have built up your contact lists, you can then create and send out email campaigns for specific purposes. 

For example, let’s say you have a list of clients that purchased engagement photoshoots from you. 

Next, you can set up a sequence of emails to be sent that provide an offer or coupon for the wedding photoshoot. 

Within each email, you can include a link or button that takes the client to a booking page where they can confirm and pay for their photoshoot.

Build Fully Automated Campaigns

Build Fully Automated Campaigns

We’ve mentioned automation a few times throughout this article, but it deserves its own heading because it’s such a timesaver for photography businesses.

Most things within GoHighLevel can be automated, including marketing campaigns from start to finish. 

This means that once you have set up the campaign content and workflow, the entire thing can run on autopilot.

Campaigns can be multi-channel, too. If you want to use email, SMS, and a sales funnel in a single campaign, you can do so. 

The automation tool can be tricky to learn, so bear in mind you’ll have to spend some time getting to grips with it. 

However, once you’ve “got it,” the convenience it will bring you will be more than worth it.

Take Payments Directly

Take Payments Directly

GoHighLevel allows you to set up direct payment methods on the calendar/booking tool, websites, landing pages, and sales funnels.

Not only does this provide a great level of convenience to you and the client, but taking upfront payments helps prevent loss of revenue from no-shows and cancellations.

Manage Your Reputation

Manage Your Reputation

These days, a strong online presence is necessary if you hope to gain business over your competitors. 

Online reviews are extremely powerful because they provide social proof that your photography skills are high quality.

GoHighLevel provides tools to help you manage and increase your online reputation by sending out automated review requests to previous clients via SMS or email. 

You also get a special dashboard where you can view your Google reviews and review scores as well as dispute inappropriate reviews.

Schedule Social Media Posts

Schedule Social Media Posts

Keeping on top of all the different social media platforms is a time-consuming process, but it’s vital if you want to build a strong presence for your photography business.

GoHighLevel provides a social planner tool that lets you connect your photography social media accounts, create posts, and schedule them to be sent out automatically. 

Furthermore, you can create social groups which allow you to send out the same post across multiple platforms in one go.

GoHighLevel for Photography: Increase Revenue

Why stop at selling photography shoots? 

GoHighLevel provides a couple of other opportunities that will allow you to increase your revenue.

Create and Sell Courses

Create and Sell Courses

Photography is a sought-after skill, and people are willing to pay for quality knowledge that will teach them how to do it better.

GoHighLevel has a course creation tool where you can build and sell an unlimited number of courses. 

Plus, you can have unlimited numbers of students bringing you an uncapped revenue opportunity.

For example, you could create a course on how to pose in photos, how to get the best lighting, how to capture candid moments, and much much more. 

You can either sell these courses individually or bundle them and sell several courses together.

Set Up an Affiliate Program

Referrals are one of the biggest ways photographers gain additional clients. Previously satisfied clients are usually more than happy to recommend you to others, but what if you sweetened the deal by offering a reward for doing so?

You can set up an automated affiliate program within GoHighLevel that pays out a commission to those that recommend clients that result in a sale. 

You get more people willing to refer you, and you get more revenue. It’s a win-win situation!

GoHighLevel for Photography: Pros and Cons


  • Affordable (costs from $97/month).
  • Provides all tools for CRM, sales, marketing, and more on a single platform.
  • You can perform all client communication from across all channels from a single inbox.
  • Allows you to take bookings and payments automatically.
  • Automation frees up more time to spend on shoots.
  • Provides additional ways to gain uncapped revenue.
  • Most features and tools are unlimited.


  • There is a large learning curve, so a lot of time must be initially invested into the platform.
  • The platform’s training material is often outdated or inadequate.
  • The platform might be too feature-rich or complicated for some individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

GoHighLevel is excellent for a photography business since it provides all the tools necessary for effective CRM, sales, marketing, and more. Additionally, most tasks can be automated, which frees up more time to spend with clients.

GoHighLevel helps your photography business by automating repetitive admin and communication tasks, allowing you to spend more time on photography shoots. The platform also has tools that reduce the number of dropped leads, thus increasing business opportunities and revenue.


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