GoHighLevel Features

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GoHighLevel features an extensive toolkit that comprises CRM, automation, email marketing, sales funnels, website-building tools, SMS and calling capabilities, appointment booking, workflow, pipeline management, and course building among others.

Key Takeaways:

Overview of GoHighLevel Features

  • CRM and SmartLists
    • Manage and organize leads and clients effectively.
    • Infinite marketing campaigns without multiple logins and dashboards.
  • Communication Capabilities
  • Automation and Workflow Management
    • Automation Campaigns for lead nurturing and follow-up.
    • Workflow Automation with a visual drag-and-drop tool for creating marketing campaigns and follow-ups.
  • Sales Funnels and Landing Pages
    • Funnel Builder for custom landing pages, funnels, surveys, and forms.
    • Unlimited Sales Funnels creation with embedding conversion techniques.
    • Landing Page Builder with drag-and-drop tool and templates.
  • Website Building and Management
  • Appointment Scheduling and Management
  • Survey Creation
    • Unlimited polls, surveys, and forms embedding capability.
  • Mobile App Access
    • Mobile app for viewing data, managing appointments, and interacting with leads.
    • Two-Way Communication from any device via the mobile app.
  • Real-Time Notifications and Updates
    • Real-Time Notifications for new contacts, completed tasks, etc.
  • Call and Voicemail Management
    • Voice Call Management and Automation with call tracking and dashboard dialer.
    • No-Call Voicemail, Forced Calls, and Bulk Broadcasting capabilities.
  • Reporting and Analytics
    • Reporting on campaign progress and detailed analytics.
    • Tracking and Analytics integrated with Facebook and Google Ads.
  • Integration Capabilities
    • Webhooks for real-time data transfer.
    • Integration with third-party apps via Zapier.
    • Integrations with Mailgun for email and Twilio for calls and SMS.
  • Client Dashboard and Access
    • Detailed Client Dashboard with lead conversion and reporting data.
    • Unlimited sub-accounts for clients with cloning capability for faster setups.
  • White Labeling and Branding
    • White Label Icons & Domain to create authority with clients.
    • White Label Agency Fulfillment and capability to sell GoHighLevel as a service (SaaS) to clients.
  • Course and Product Hosting
    • Course Building and Product Hosting with unlimited video hosting.
    • Full-Featured Course Management with unlimited users capability.
  • Review and Reputation Management
  • Broadcast Messaging
    • Broadcast Messaging for sending promotional updates or custom messages.
  • Support and Community
    • 24/7 Support via live chat, email, or phone.
    • Community-Driven Ideas Board and Facebook Community for engagement and feedback.
  • Additional Features
    • Import & Export Customer Lists.
    • “Smart” Pipelines for lead organization based on their funnel stage.
    • “Force Call” feature to instantly connect with new leads.
    • Zapier app for connecting to various other platforms.

CRM and Pipeline Management

GoHighLevel allows you to set up an infinite number of marketing campaigns you can manage on the platform without using multiple logins and dashboards.

All the Tools You Need in One Platform

The GoHighLevel platform is a feature in its own right. Despite having numerous tools, the dashboard is surprisingly simple to navigate. 

However, there is a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, you can create campaigns in just a few minutes.

The ability to automate many processes, such as lead nurturing, appointment booking, and follow-ups, frees time to concentrate on other tasks.

Contacting leads and customers is a breeze because you don’t have to switch platforms. 

The system allows you to connect to Facebook Messenger, Instagram direct messages, SMS, voice call, and email from the GoHighLevel dashboard.

Lastly, all of the building tools use a drag-and-drop method. 

Simply click on the element you want and drag it into the space provided. 

The concept is the same whether you’re building websites, funnels, landing pages, etc.

Since you don’t have to know or learn complicated code to build anything, anyone can quickly master it.

Import or Export Existing Customer Lists

If you have existing customer contact lists on another platform, there is no need to add them manually. 

GoHighLevel allows you to import them at the click of a button. It is also possible to export your customer lists from GoHighLevel.

Intelligent Pipelines

Managing pipelines is made easy because the platform automatically moves leads to the relevant stage of a particular pipeline. 

I’ll explain this further.

When you create pipelines, you can set the number of stages. For example, you could have:

  • Form completed
  • Appointment booked
  • Product demonstration given
  • Sale made

When a lead enters your pipeline, they’ll automatically move through the stages as they complete them, allowing you to instantly see how many leads you have at various customer journey stages and what action you need to take.

You can also assign a value to your leads (the amount of money you expect to make from them if they reach the completion stage) so you can always see the pipeline’s current value at a glance.

Regarding customer relationship management (CRM), you can directly contact leads through various channels or set up automatic workflows that nurture leads to the point of sale (more on workflows below).

Notifications in Real Time

You can set it up so that the platform will send you notifications every time there is new activity on the platform. 

For example, you can be alerted when a new lead is added to the pipeline. 

You can also receive a ping when a potential customer messages you on one of your communication channels, like Facebook messenger or email.

Unlimited Sales Funnels

Unlike many other funnel-building programs, GoHighLevel does not place any restrictions on the amount of sales funnels you can create.

The building tool allows you to create funnel pages from scratch, or if you already use ClickFunnels, you can import your templates and existing funnels to the GoHighLevel platform. 

The tool also allows you to embed handy conversion techniques such as a booking calendar, two-step order forms, countdown timers, and progress bars. Host your sales funnels on subdomains and add buttons that instruct the reader to click to call, text, or email.

If you’re not confident building sales funnels on your own, GoHighLevel recently launched a marketplace where you can purchase ready-built funnels and use them in your campaigns.

Landing Page Builder

Like the sales funnel tool, you can quickly create stunning landing pages with the intelligent drag-and-drop tool. There are templates available for you to use, or you can build one from scratch.

You can embed forms onto the page to capture lead data which feeds to the GoHighLevel platform. It is also possible to add all the conversion techniques available in the sales funnel builder, such as countdown timers and a booking calendar.

Website Builder

Within the website builder, you have the same clean drag-and-drop interface to create one or multiple-page websites and the ability to embed forms and conversion techniques.

What sets this website builder apart from others is the ready-made industry templates available for you to use. For example, if you want to create a website for a lawyer, you can select the attorney template area and choose a premade layout.

Every aspect of the template is customizable so that you can alter it to your requirements, but having a base to work with speeds things up considerably.

Surveys and Forms

GoHighLevel allows you to create unlimited polls, surveys, and forms and embed them into your client’s websites. These are great ways to acquire new leads and feedback from customers.

All data from your surveys and forms show up on the GoHighLevel dashboard. You can also export it into a GoogleDocs spreadsheet, allowing you to filter the responses to get the necessary information.

Another feature of this tool is sticky contact, which essentially works the same as Google’s Autofill. When someone completes a form, a cookie is embedded in their browser and prefills the information if another page on the same domain is opened.

Finally, you can insert a trigger into your surveys and forms that tell the webchat widget to activate after someone completes them. This neat feature lets you start communicating with potential customers immediately while they are actively thinking about your products.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of GoHighLevel’s crowning features. The tool allows you to create your emails from scratch or use one of the many template options.

You can send out your emails immediately or schedule them to go out on a specific date or time. And you can send emails to batches of contacts at different intervals to help prevent your pipeline from becoming overloaded.

You can incorporate any emails you create into your marketing workflows (more on that below) and use them as part of multi-channel marketing campaigns. 

Other tools provided with the email builder allow you to:

  • Incorporate RSS feeds into emails.
  • Preview your emails and send test emails to your inbox.
  • Create custom unsubscribe links.
  • Add trigger links and hyperlinks.
  • View email statistics and reports to see how your campaigns are progressing.

Simple Drag and Drop Interface

The drag-and-drop email builder could not be more straightforward. On the left, you have all the elements you can build into your template. Simply drag the desired element over into the space on the right.

When you have created your layout, you can go into each element’s sub-menu and customize it to your liking. For example, you can change the font, colors, size, etc., and add images. You can even embed videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and HTML5.

Once your email is complete, you can send it out and save it as a template for future use.

Use Premade Templates

GoHighLevel has several pre-made email templates you can select and use. The beauty of these templates is that every element can be adjusted and customized. This feature is convenient if you’re stuck for ideas or need to create something quickly.

GoHighLevel Features

You have additional template options at your fingertips:

  • Use your previously created emails as templates.
  • Import templates from ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp.
  • Import templates from third-party email providers using HTML code.

Mailgun Integration

GoHighLevel uses the third-party provider Mailgun to send out its emails. Mailgun is already fully integrated within the GoHighLevel platform and is 100% free to use as long as you don’t exceed sending 10,000 emails per month. If you plan to send out more, you can upgrade your Mailgun account.

2-Way SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a significant feature of GoHighLevel and is a powerful tool for marketing campaigns and conversation nurturing. You can manually send text messages to a specific contact or automate the process by incorporating them into workflows.

Send, Record, and Track Text Messages

You can send all text messages from within the GoHighLevel platform. The texts are sent directly to the contact’s phone number, and any replies will be recorded and tracked on GoHighLevel. 

You can also view all automated or manually sent conversations on the platform.

Twilio Integration

The platform uses Twilio to send out SMS messages and calls. Twilio is a leading customer engagement platform, and most businesses and platforms with a text-based communication service are likely using Twilio.

You will be allocated a SID number when setting up a Twilio account. You plug this into GoHighLevel, and you can then send messages and make calls. However, you must first purchase a phone number (costing $1 each) for each client.

Complete Messaging Customization

You choose what messages get sent to contacts and leads. You can build your text replies into workflows so that a specific text is sent out when it is triggered to do so.

You can also tell the system to send a specific reply when the lead messages certain words or phrases. For example, if the lead texts “join the club,” you can set it up to send an invite link as a reply.

Other communication methods can trigger text messages, too. For example, if a lead completes an online form and inputs their phone number, you can set up a text response to be sent.

GoHighLevel Features

Automatically Nurture Conversations

When nudging a customer to take action, the conversation must seem natural. GoHighLevel has built this into its text conversation tool

You can write texts to send to leads. For example, “Hey, it’s Joe. Thanks for your interest in our products. Would you like to book a free demo?” The system can recognize if the response to this text is positive or negative.

So, if the lead replies with “Yes, please.” The response could be, “That’s great. Are you available on Tuesday at 3 pm or Wednesday at 4 pm? Let me know what works for you.” Or, if the response is “No thanks.” the response will be a little different “That’s a shame. If you change your mind, you can message me at any time to book a demo. In the meantime, how about you check out this video to learn more about our products?

You can see that the responses are human-like rather than robotic and help keep potential customers engaged.

Built-In Artificial Intelligence

GoHighLevel uses machine learning for its automatic text generator. The more you use it, the more it will understand and be able to generate better responses. 

The beauty of the AI text generator is that it’s very tough to distinguish the difference between it and actual human responses. 

Visual Text Editor and Text Preview

When you create your texts, you can see exactly how they’ll appear on the lead’s phone. As you edit your text message, it’ll update in the preview window, which makes it much easier to understand what the messages look like from the lead’s point of view.

Bookings and Appointments

You can set up and manage all appointments and bookings from the GoHighLevel platform. 

When setting up the booking system for a campaign, you can choose the length of each appointment, the buffer time (time between appointments), which days appointments are available, and the date range. A timezone feature also prevents bookings from being made in time zones different from yours.

You can embed a calendar into funnels, forms, landing pages, and websites so the user can book an appointment directly. All appointments get automatically added to the pipeline of that particular campaign, and you can manage them from the GoHighLevel dashboard.

GoHighLevel Features

It is also possible to schedule trigger events that automatically occur when the booking status changes. For example, you can set up automatic reminders for confirmed bookings. You can schedule an invite to reschedule for a missed or canceled booking.

Workflow Automation

The workflow tool makes the creation of marketing campaigns straightforward and places most of it on autopilot. The tool allows you to create what essentially looks like a flowchart. You create an event – an email invite, for example – then set follow-up events to occur.

The workflows are created using the drag-and-drop tool, plus you have submenus that allow you to customize the specifics of each event. For example, you can schedule the times and choose the days, among other parameters.

GoHighLevel Features

The beauty of this tool is that you can connect all your marketing channels (emails, social media, text, etc.) and use them in your workflows.

If you’re stuck, GoHighLevel has created snapshots for multiple industries (spa, gym, attorney, etc.). Select the snapshot you want and use it to set up campaigns in minutes. You can also use workflows from previous campaigns and edit them for new ones.

Customize Follow-ups for Campaigns

Follow-ups can make or break a campaign as they keep the lead engaged for longer and can turn into a sale. You can use workflows to trigger specific actions after an event has occurred.

For example, if you held a free webinar, you can set up a follow-up that sends out a discount code to attendees. For the no-shows, you can send out a video for a replay and so on.

Create Multi-Channel Campaigns

Your campaigns can include as many – or as few – channels are you like. They can be purely one channel (email, for example) or be a mix of social media, text, and email.

The workflow tool lets you map out the chain of events, so you know precisely when and how each communication channel will kick in and what the message will be.

Course and Product Hosting

GoHighLevel provides all the tools to sell courses and digital products, and you can create and host them on the GoHighLevel platform.

Like all GoHighLevel features, the drag-and-drop tool is prominent here. GoHighLevel has already mapped out a general course structure for you to use as a template.

Here you can build your course and include as many elements as possible. Whether you choose text, images, video, or a mix of all three, you can add it here.

Full-Featured Course Management

You can add course sign-up pages to your funnels, landing pages, etc. Then, when a person signs up, they’re automatically given access to the content. You can manage memberships from the dashboard, and you can also view the data on membership and sales numbers you have.

GoHighLevel integrates with Stripe, so if you want to host paid courses, you can set up an automatic payment, then when someone purchases your course, they will gain access.

Unlimited Video Hosting

Many course hosting platforms limit the amount of video you can add, but not GoHighLevel. The platform allows you to host as much video content as you like. You can build a 100% video course if you want to.

Unlimited Users

You can have infinite users signed up for your courses. Whether one or 1,000 sign up, you won’t pay anything extra. Having unlimited users allows you to promote your course as much as you like without fear of becoming oversubscribed.

Voice Call Management and Automation 

GoHighLevel has a sophisticated and versatile call management system. As detailed earlier, you will need to set up a Twilio account and purchase a phone number for each client before using the following features.

Call Tracking

The call tracking feature shows you exactly where the call came from and which keywords were used online to find the number. Therefore, if you’re running multiple ads, you can tell which ones convert into calls and which aren’t.

Dashboard Dialer

You can make calls to leads directly from the dashboard while logged into GoHighLevel; this is a handy tool because the system automatically records all calls and lets you view the call data.

No-Call Voicemail 

Just like they can receive text messages, leads and contacts can also receive a voicemail directly to their phone without it ringing. This works by using a clever hack, as telecommunication companies don’t allow direct voicemail drops to happen.

What the system does is call a lead’s phone and then immediately drop the call. The phone will be momentarily off the network, thanks to the dropped call. The system immediately calls the number again, and since the phone is off the network, it goes directly to voicemail.

While it doesn’t work 100% of the time, it’s a neat and useful trick.

Forced Calls

You can use Twilio to call clients’ phones and connect with new leads by automatically calling your client when a lead comes in on the GoHighLevel platform. An automated voice will tell your client, “Hey, a lead came in. Are you interested? If so, press one

When your client presses one, it shifts the call to the lead’s phone number and dials it. If the lead picks up the phone, your client will talk directly with them, allowing them to connect with the lead while it’s still hot.

Bulk Broadcasting

You don’t have to sit there sending out messages and making phone calls one by one. You can set up a bulk broadcast group consisting of the leads you wish to contact and send them all the same message simultaneously.

Bulk broadcasting is ideal for sending out special offers, vouchers, or news updates.

Reputation Management

This handy feature lets you set up one-click review request generation. Review requests can either be sent out via email or SMS and offer a convenient way to collect feedback and testimonials.

You can respond, track, and monitor incoming reviews from the dashboard. You can troubleshoot bad reviews by contacting the reviewer, addressing the problem, and reducing the impact of the negative review.

GoHighLevel Features

A review widget is available to embed onto your websites that pull review data onto the web page. So, rather than manually updating reviews, the widget will display the latest reviews in real-time.

Tracking and Analytics

You can view and analyze detailed campaign data to determine what’s working and what isn’t. The platform also integrates with Facebook and Google Ads to view analytics and monitor how well your paid ads perform.

By viewing the detailed data, you can check the conversion rates of all your campaigns and find out which methods pull in the most leads or clients.

Another aspect of analytics is looking at the call and appointment reports to see how many were converted, no-shows, or cancellations. If you set up any follow-up events, you can also see how well these performed.

Mobile App

The app allows you to perform particular tasks and carry out conversations while on the go. You don’t have the full functionality of the GoHighLevel platform, but you can do enough to keep things ticking over. 

With the GoHighLevel mobile app, you can:

  • View your dashboard
  • Access and edit the calendar and appointments
  • Control review requests
  • Organize contacts
  • Carry out two-way communication

Two-Way Communication From Any Device

The most significant feature of the mobile app is the ability to carry out two-way conversations via text message and voice calls.

Direct call clients straight from the app, drop them a voicemail or send a text message to an individual or a group of contacts in one go.

Gray and White-Labeling Capability

If you sell the GoHighLevel software (SaaS) to your clients, you can provide the mobile app along with it.

If you have an Agency Unlimited account, you can provide the app as Gray label, essentially an unbranded version of the app. If you have the White Label upgrade, you can add your branding to the app.

Your clients will have access to the same app functions noted above, and you can set your prices when selling it.

White Label Agency Fulfillment

If you have the Agency Unlimited account, you can add on the White Label upgrade and sell GoHighLevel as a service (SaaS) to your clients

Not only that, but GoHighLevel also offers white-labeled services such as Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, and Social Media Posting.

Your Own White Labeling Platform

The white label capability means you are free to add your branding onto the platform, so the software will appear to come directly from you rather than GoHighLevel. Your clients will not know it’s a GoHighLevel product (unless they’re already familiar with it).

Sell HighLevel to Your Customers

The ability to sell the entire GoHighLevel platform and app to customers allows you to provide more value as an agency. You can offer it as a standalone service or as part of a broader marketing package.

Set Your Own Prices

GoHighLevel has costs for accessing the platform; however, if you want to sell it to your clients, you are free to set your own prices. You can charge a single fee for the platform and the app or assign a separate charge for each.

You can charge monthly, annually, or a one-time fee. It’s entirely up to you.

If you want to increase the value further, you can also provide comprehensive training on the platform and charge for that.

Generate Additional Revenue 

Offering the GoHighLevel platform as a service provides many opportunities to increase your revenue with minimal effort. The platform does all the hard work while you concentrate on creating revenue in other areas.

And, since you can create an unlimited number of accounts, the revenue generated by this service is infinite.

GoHighLevel Integrations

GoHighLevel can integrate with many additional third-party apps other than Mailgun and Twilio.

Integrate With Zapier

GoHighLevel uses Zapier to connect itself with third-party apps. Zapier is essentially the bridge between the two pieces of software; you can give it instructions on what to do when an action is performed.

For example, if someone sends a message on Teachable, it can trigger GoHighLevel to respond. Zapier can connect over 5,000 apps to the GoHighLevel platform, but the most popular ones tend to be:

  • Facebook
  • Quickbooks
  • Shopify
  • ActiveProspect
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Mailchimp
  • Zoom
  • Google 
  • WebinarKit
  • TikTok
  • PayPal

Web Chat and FaceBook Messenger

If you’re running Facebook Ads, you can use Zapier to connect with Facebook messenger to nurture the conversation.

Like the automated text conversation we outlined earlier, you can do the same for Facebook messenger and any web chat facility on a website. You can also incorporate chat and messenger conversations into marketing workflows to diversify your communication channels and allow for a wider reach when contacting leads and clients.

Stripe Compatibility

Stripe provides the ability to receive payments via the GoHighLevel platform. So, if any of your marketing campaigns have the end goal of purchasing a product or service, you can facilitate this via Stripe.

Invoice Feature

The Invoice Feature is new on GoHighLevel. You can now send out invoices to your clients and track all incoming and outgoing expenses on the platform. If you prefer to use specific accounting software such as QuickBooks, you can use Zapier to integrate the service.

Multi-Channel Support

GoHighLevel is a complex platform with a steep learning curve to master. While many of its features are straightforward, getting into the nitty-gritty of it all, particularly the more detailed areas such as Workflows, requires a little support and assistance.

Should you need help, you can reach out via live chat, email, or phone.

GoHighLevel Features

24/7 Support

Thankfully, you can contact the 24/7 support team for help, so regardless of your time zone, someone will always be on hand to assist you.

Community-Driven Ideas Board

GoHighLevel was explicitly created for agencies, and agencies still drive the platform’s development. If you have an idea of how GoHighLevel can improve its platform or any of its features, post it to the ideas board, and the community will vote on whether they want it. 

As a community member, you can also vote for the ideas you like.

Facebook Community

For general chit-chat on GoHighLevel, you can join the Facebook group and talk with and learn from thousands of like-minded individuals.


The number of features you can access on the GoHighLevel platform is unmatched and unbeatable for the service’s price. Whether new to marketing or a seasoned pro, you will find great value in the GoHighLevel platform.

When you sign up, there is a lot to learn, but once you get the hang of all the features, it’ll be well worth the effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

GoHighLevel’s features are extensive. However, its key features are:

  • CRM and pipeline management
  • Unlimited sales funnels
  • Website Builder
  • Surveys and forms builder
  • Email marketing
  • 2-way SMS marketing
  • Bookings and appointments
  • Workflow automation
  • Course building and hosting
  • Call tracking
  • Forced calls and voicemail drops
  • Reputation management
  • Tracking and analytics
  • Gray and white label SaaS
  • Extensive help and support service

GoHighLevel is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool for marketing agencies and marketing professionals. The platform has numerous features that help businesses collect leads and nurture them through the customer journey to completion.

Using GoHighLevel allows businesses to scale and grow their customer base.

GoHighLevel is for marketing agencies and business professionals.

Individuals can use the platform to run their own marketing campaigns and CRM or to run campaigns and CRM on behalf of clients.

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