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GoHighLevel funnel templates are available for various industries and business niches. 

Each template can be fully customized to your preferences and saved for current and future use.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose from a wide range of templates created for different business niches
  • The templates allow you to make bookings, capture leads, make sales, and more
  • Edit and customize each template to your preferences
  • You can view and customize all of the available templates for free by signing up here

GoHighLevel Automotive Funnel Templates

There are currently over 30 GoHighLevel funnel templates available for automotive services. 

From car washing, detailing, and servicing to selling new or used cars or offering cars for hire.

GoHighLevel Car Wash Funnel Template

The GoHighLevel car wash template is an example of how you can draw customers over to a cash-wash business by offering different price packages. The aim of this template is to get potential customers to book an appointment.

GoHighLevel car wash template

The template lists the different services, three different car wash packages to choose from, and client testimonials. 

The calls to action include a button to book an appointment and a number to call.

GoHighLevel Automotive Service Funnel Template

The GoHighLevel car detailing template has a comprehensive price list plus a gallery to show off previous work. 

With About Us and Meet the Team pages, potential customers can get a good feel for the business and its services.

Meet the Team pages

The key call to action here is to book an online appointment; there is also an area to show the business’ physical location on a map, so customers know where it’s located.

GoHighLevel Used Cars Funnel Template

The used car template provides plenty of space to show off current cars for sale plus explain a little about the business and related services. 

FAQ and client testimonial sections help build credibility for the business.

client testimonial

Any potential customers interested in buying a used car can click the Get Started button and book an appointment on the calendar.

GoHighLevel Beauty and Fashion Funnel Templates

The beauty and fashion template section currently has around 25 templates available. 

The vast majority are for spa and hair stylist services. Only a couple of the templates are based on fashion.

GoHighLevel Hair Salon Discount Funnel Template

Hair Salon Discount Funnel

Offering a discount is an effective way to gain business and capture customer details. 

After reading some details about the salon, including its physical location, people can then click on the Claim Your Discount button and complete the required information.

Claim Your Discount button

Here, you can add the lead details to a campaign where they receive an email or a text providing a discount coupon. 

You can also pass the information on to the salon owner, who can call the lead themselves.

GoHighLevel Beauty Spa Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Beauty Spa Funnel

The beauty spa funnel template provides lots of space to add information about the spa and its services, along with details about the team that works there. 

beauty spa funnel template

There is an area to list promotional spa packages that may be available, along with an invite to book an appointment. 

When someone clicks on the button, they are taken to a calendar page where they can choose their preferred slot. You can add a different calendar for each spa package.

GoHighLevel Chic Smart Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Chic Smart Funnel Template

The chic, smart funnel template enables you to add leads to campaigns or mailing lists. 

The template offers tips and insights into the product and includes a call to action to Get Your Free Guide.

Free Guide

You can add a data capture form to the call-to-action button and automatically add the lead data to the contact database.

Along with sending out the free guide to the lead, you can funnel them into other campaigns where the end goal is for the lead to purchase a product or service.

GoHighLevel Business, Coaching, and Consulting Funnel Templates

There are over 40 different templates in this category, including funnels for appointment booking, webinar invites, free plans, ebooks, memberships, and more.

GoHighLevel Project Management Webinar Funnel Template

Project Management Webinar

The webinar funnel is another great way to capture lead data. This template includes space for a video where you can add an introduction or information about the webinar. You also have an area to include information about the speaker.

capture lead data

The countdown timer is a nice addition as it gives a sense of urgency and encourages people to book themselves a spot.

This template can be used for paid webinars as well as freebies. You can connect Stripe or Paypal to collect payments upfront, or if it’s a free event, you can add all the contact details into a campaign.

GoHighLevel Business Coaching Appointments Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Business Coaching Appointments Funnel

This template is aimed at businesses looking to improve and includes an invitation to book an appointment for a coaching session. The template includes plenty of space to add client testimonials and overviews of the offered services.

appointment for a coaching session

The call-to-action button takes the lead straight to the booking page, where they can schedule an appointment.

GoHighLevel Professional Coaching Courses Funnel Template

Professional Coaching

This professional coaching template is quite detailed as it includes an opportunity to book a coaching appointment as well as listing a number of courses that can be booked.

It’s a highly useful tool if you have created a lot of related courses on the GoHighLevel platform and you want a way to promote and sell them from one place.

GoHighLevel Creative Funnel

Here you can add your course landing/sign-up page to the template so that leads can book directly, plus you can attach a booking calendar to the Get an Appointment button.

GoHighLevel Creative Funnel Templates

For anyone running a photography or design business, there are over 15 templates to choose from. These range from appointment bookings for consultations and promotional photo shoots to interior and home design services.

GoHighLevel Photoshoot Appointment Setting Funnel Template

Photoshoot Appointment

This funnel lets you showcase the photography work and add a number of photoshoot packages at different price points.

photography work

Along with the company information, physical location, and service overview, there’s also space to add a blog and customer testimonials. The call-to-action button takes the lead through to a booking calendar.

GoHighLevel Interior Decorator Services Funnel Template

Interior Decorator Services

For personal home design services, this template is ideal as it provides lots of space to showcase photo examples of completed projects. Here you can also talk about previous projects and introduce the team who customers will be working with.

home design services

There are also areas to list design services and that all-important call to action where a lead can book an appointment online.

GoHighLevel Limited Time Design Offer Funnel Template

Limited Time Design Offer

This is a useful template for anyone running limited-time offers. The countdown timer encourages immediate bookings, and a large call-to-action button that states, “Hurry – time is running out” also adds to the sense of urgency.

The countdown timer

The Trusted Clients section is a nice addition to the template since it helps establish that this is a reliable and reputable business and further encourages leads to make a booking.

GoHighLevel Financial Funnel Templates

You can choose from over 20 financial funnel templates, including credit evaluation and restoration, networking and investment resources, accounting services, financial planning, and more.

GoHighLevel Accounting Subscriptions Funnel Template

Accounting Subscriptions

This template encourages a person to sign up for monthly accounting services. The page includes information about the subscription, company information, and client reviews.

This template encourages

You can attach a GoHighLevel membership site landing page to the Subscribe button or direct them to another website entirely. You can also use Stripe or Paypal to take the subscription payments directly from the funnel page.

GoHighLevel Offer Credit Repair Services Funnel Template

Offer Credit Repair Services

The credit repair funnel template provides areas to detail the different services on offer and why it’s beneficial to the customer. You can also add proof of success by adding featured work studies.

credit repair

The call-to-action button prompts the lead to book an appointment, and here you can add a GoHighLevel calendar.

GoHighLevel Personal Finance Contacts Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Personal Finance Contacts

If the goal of your funnel is to help customers get in touch, this is the ideal template to use. Most of the template gives you opportunities to add lots of information about the business, including benefits, services, reviews, and more.

goal of your funnel

The Contact Us button brings up all the contact information, plus you can embed a form to collect lead data. When you receive this data, you can add it to any relevant campaigns you are currently running.

GoHighLevel Health and Wellness Funnel Templates

You can find over 35 health and wellness-related templates. These revolve around healthy eating, nutrition, dietary services, yoga, CrossFit, and other fitness and workout plans. You also have general wellness templates and health solutions.

GoHighLevel Crossfit – Free Week Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Crossfit

This template has an instantaneous pop-up that includes a data capture form encouraging people to sign up right away for their free week of CrossFit.

week of CrossFit

The template is fairly minimal, with an overview of the CrossFit sessions plus a large map section showing the physical location of the gym.

GoHighLevel Diet and Nutrition Plans Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Diet and Nutrition Plans

Another appointment booking template centered around diet and fitness plans. The template is quite detailed and has a blog section with featured articles.

diet and fitness plans

You can also find plenty of space to outline services, introduce the team, dispense advice, and share tips on healthy eating.

The stats bar is particularly effective as it tells people how many customers the business has served and how many services are available.

GoHighLevel Yoga Courses Enrollment Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Yoga Courses Enrollment

The yoga course enrollment funnel allows customers to sign up for various available yoga classes. The template provides an area to add the details for all the courses, and here you can add a separate GoHighLevel booking calendar for each.

yoga course enrollment

This template can also be used in conjunction with any GoHighLevel courses you’ve created by attaching the course landing page to the template via a hyperlink. 

For example, if you have a series of yoga videos, they can be uploaded onto GoHighLevel as a course and sold via this funnel template.

GoHighLevel Home Services Funnel Templates

The home services templates are centered around construction and trades such as plumbers and electricians. There are also funnels for solar energy, gardening, and HVAC systems. This is a large section with around 60 templates available for use.

GoHighLevel $150 Off Next Service Funnel Template

GoHighLevel $150 Off Next Service

Rather than have the form on a separate page, this template lets you add one directly onto the funnels page. Other than that, the funnel is quite brief with a simple layout and location section.

layout and location

You can directly capture lead details while giving away a coupon. Therefore, if you are running any promotional campaigns, you can directly add the details to it and let GoHighLevel automated workflows nurture the lead.

GoHighLevel Landscape Scheduler Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Landscape Scheduler

This is an attractive-looking template with lots of nice visuals to attract leads into booking an appointment. The template has many sections, including one where you can show off examples of previous work.


The stats bar provides proof of satisfied clients along with the amount of experience the business has. The call-to-action button invites leads to book a free consultation and quote.

GoHighLevel Free Solar Quote Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Free Solar Quote Funnel Template

This funnel makes use of the surveys feature in GoHighLevel and asks leads to complete one. You can head over to the surveys section of GoHighLevel, create one appropriate for this funnel, and then embed it onto the page.

free quote

A pop-up also appears on this template, reminding people to take the survey and get their free quote.

GoHighLevel Insurance Funnel Templates

If you need a funnel for an insurance business, you have more than ten to pick from. Most of the templates are centered around appointment booking or receiving quotes while outlining the different plans and services.

GoHighLevel Insurance Quotes Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Insurance Quotes

If you want to encourage more people to get a quote, this funnel template will do nicely. The clean layout provides reasons why someone should get a quote, as well as plenty of call-to-action opportunities.

call-to-action opportunities

You can either add a survey to get the required information for the quote or add a contact form so that someone can get in touch and provide a quote.

Towards the bottom of the page, a pop-up reminds people to add their information for the quote.

GoHighLevel Insurance Services Appointments Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Insurance Services Appointments

If the business provides multiple different insurance products, this template fits the bill. You can embed a contact form onto the first page of the funnels and capture lead data. Plus, the call-to-action button allows leads to make appointments directly.

insurance products

On the template is ample room to describe the insurance services and multiple opportunities to click for a consultation throughout the funnel page.

GoHighLevel Insurance Portfolio Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Insurance Portfolio

This template is quite in-depth and allows a business to showcase its portfolio and explain all the different services they offer. To go into even more detail, the funnel can link to full blog articles that give a comprehensive overview.

schedule an appointment

The call to action here is to use a booking calendar to schedule an appointment, or you could embed a form to capture the lead’s contact details.

GoHighLevel Legal Funnel Templates

The legal section features over 15 templates for attorney consultations, legal help appointments, lead gathering, and more.

GoHighLevel Legal Help Appointments Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Legal Help Appointments

This template has a clean, minimal layout providing an overview of services plus all the necessary contact details and a map of the physical location of the law firm.

law firm

The call to action is a button that arrives on a booking page to schedule an appointment. Or you can add a form to capture lead details and have someone from the law firm directly call or message the lead.

GoHighLevel Lawyer Consultations Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Lawyer Consultations

The lawyer consultations template is more detailed than the Legal Help template and is based on building credibility. Alongside a business and services overview, there’s also a section that showcases Google reviews.

Legal Help

The stats section is also based on trust building with further information to back up the stats further down the funnel page. There are plenty of calls to action throughout, inviting leads to book an appointment via a booking calendar.

GoHighLevel Attorney – Free Consultation Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Attorney

The promise of something free encourages many people to take action and book a service. This template has the direct aim of booking in leads for a free consultation, so the information on the funnel page is quite brief.

direct aim of booking

A call to action allows you to add a contact capture form. You can also set up the workflow to automatically send over the contact details to the firm, from which an employee can then call the lead.

GoHighLevel Marketing Agency Funnel Templates

Over 30 templates await you in the marketing agency section. These are designed for marketing agencies to either use themselves or use for their clients.

The templates feature plan overviews, review requests, networking schedulers, free audits, and more.

GoHighLevel Experience Reviews Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Experience Reviews

If your main goal is to capture customer reviews, this funnel is set up for you to do so. The page contains a small space to add information about satisfied clients plus an area showcasing Google reviews.

showcasing Google reviews

This funnel ties in with the GoHighLevel reputation manager. By sending out the link for the funnel to clients, you are able to capture the data in the reputation management tool. This enables you to better manage customer satisfaction levels for your business or any sub-accounts.

GoHighLevel Book with Me Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Book with Me

Sometimes simplicity is key, and this is probably the most basic funnel out of all the examples. Just a photo and a request to book a call are included here, with the ability to embed a booking calendar below.

Of course, all templates are customizable, so if you feel this template is a little too basic, you can add in sections. It is a good way to build a funnel how you like without having to start 100% from scratch.

GoHighLevel Elementary Smart Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Elementary Smart Funnel Template

This is another ultra simple design, except that this funnel features space to add a video. In this case, the aim of the page is to let the video do the talking and promote whatever product or service is on offer.

another ultra simple design

Below the video is the call to action, where the lead is invited to sign up. Here, you can integrate with a payment provider to take payments up front and send leads to a checkout page.

GoHighLevel Medical Funnel Templates

The medical section features templates for dental care, massage, cosmetic surgery, chiropractors, therapy, and more. There are over 35 templates available, all with different purposes and goals.

GoHighLevel Med Spa Free $250 Gift Card Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Med Spa Free $250 Gift Card

To encourage leads to purchase medical services, this funnel provides a free promotional gift card. The information on the funnel is minimal and only includes an overview of the medical practice along with contact details.

encourage leads

By adding a form to the call-to-action button, you can capture contact details and set up a workflow to automatically email or text the gift card.

Then, you can add the contact details to any existing or future campaigns that you are running on behalf of the business.

GoHighLevel Dentistry Care Bookings Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Dentistry Care Bookings

If you want a way to take bookings for a dentist, you can add this funnel to their website and other promotional channels such as social media. The template gives an insight into the business and its services, along with the ability to book an appointment via the call-to-action button.

promotional channels

Here you can embed a booking calendar either for a general checkup, or you could promote a specific treatment or service and take bookings for that.

GoHighLevel Pain Relief Offer Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Pain Relief Offer

We have here another offer template providing customers with money off a treatment. The aim of this funnel is to provide a session for a specific treatment at a discounted rate rather than offering a gift card.

money off a treatment

The template allows you to add information about the treatment or service and an overview of the medical practice.

This funnel is a good opportunity to secure appointments by taking payments upfront at a discounted price. You can add a booking calendar that has a payment function included, meaning a customer cannot secure the booking until they have paid.

GoHighLevel Real Estate Funnel Templates

Moving on to real estate, this section has over 35 templates to choose from. The focus here is showcasing homes for sale or to rent; however, there are a number of templates for mortgage lenders too.

GoHighLevel Property Listings Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Property Listings

To entice people to get in touch with a real estate agency, this funnel allows you to add multiple property listings along with a brief overview of each one. A reviews section is also included to help build trust for the agency.

help build trust for the agency

The template includes a pop-up where you can add a contact form along with a call-to-action button to book an appointment.

GoHighLevel Home Loans Book Appointments Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Home Loans Book Appointments

For mortgage lenders, this template is a great way to capture lead data and encourage consultation bookings.  There’s ample room to add information about services and company information, plus there’s a Frequently Asked Questions section to help the reader further.

mortgage lenders

The logo field lets you add the brand logos of the mortgage types you offer so that people can see at a glance what you have on offer.

GoHighLevel Commercial Development Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Commercial Development

The template library even caters to large-scale construction companies with funnels for commercial development. The funnel is aimed at people interested in purchasing finished buildings and property and includes a section to download property plans.

template library

The funnel also includes a call to action to find out more, as well as lots of space to showcase finished developments.

GoHighLevel Restaurant and Bar Funnel Templates

The restaurant and bar section features around ten different templates. Here you can find funnels for online ordering, free appetizers, and table booking.

GoHighLevel Free Appetizer Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Free Appetizer

To attract people to a restaurant, this template offers a free appetizer to customers. The funnel is quite basic, with a quick restaurant overview and a pop-up inviting people to input their details.

attract people

This template doubles up as an opportunity to add leads to the mailing list, which means you can add them to campaigns once you receive the form data. Simply embed the contact form into the funnel, and you can capture the information.

GoHighLevel Healthy Meals Online Orders Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Healthy Meals Online Orders

Making online orders for restaurant food is very popular, and this funnel template allows restaurants to offer this service to their customers. The information on the funnel includes a restaurant overview, plus customer reviews and menu samples.

online orders

To encourage people to sign up and make their first order, a discount coupon is also included. 

Since GoHighLevel allows you to integrate Stripe or Paypal and take payments for orders upfront, customers don’t need to be directed elsewhere to pay. All you need to do is create the order form and embed it into the funnel.

GoHighLevel Restaurant Menu Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Restaurant Menu

Showcasing a restaurant menu is an excellent way to gain people’s interest in a restaurant. This funnel displays the full menu along with images of the food, and there is space to add a promotional video and customer reviews.

restaurant menu

The call to action here is an invite to make a table reservation, so you can embed a booking calendar and directly take bookings.

GoHighLevel Travel and Hospitality Funnel Templates

Last but not least, there are over ten templates for the travel and hospitality industry. These are largely centered around travel agencies and provide a way to encourage hotel bookings or to get in touch with a travel agent.

GoHighLevel Budget Travel Quotes Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Budget Travel Quotes

For budget travel companies, this template allows you to embed a contact form directly on the funnel page and capture lead data on behalf of travel agents. The template also features a “Get a Quote” button, so here, you can add a survey to capture the relevant information for a quote to be provided.

budget travel companies

There’s space to add information about available travel destinations, and you can add a blog with more detailed articles.

GoHighLevel Luxury Stays Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Luxury Stays

This funnel is centered around luxury hotel stays and invites the reader to take a look at available hotels and click to make a booking. There’s also space to add a promotional video.

make a booking

Here, you could include a form so that leads can make a booking request. A form submission could then trigger a notification for the travel agent to call the lead to confirm the booking.

GoHighLevel Paradise Hideaway Funnel Template

GoHighLevel Paradise Hideaway

This template focuses on tropical getaways and invites the reader to get in touch. The template has lots of attractive images, but of course, you can add your own.

template focuses on tropical

Rather than list available vacations, this funnel features customer testimonials while the call to action takes the reader to a calendar booking page. 

Here you can add a booking calendar for a specific location or add a calendar to schedule a meeting with an agent.

How to Use GoHighLevel Funnel Templates

GoHighLevel templates are 100% customizable. All you have to do is click and select the template you need, and it will open up in the design tool.

Use the Drag-and-Drop Tool to Customize

Use the Drag-and-Drop Tool to Customize

Customizing each aspect of the template is easy. The tool works by dragging and dropping each desired element into place. Then, you can click to edit each element further. If you don’t like a template element, you can simply delete or replace it.

Add or Remove Steps

Add or Remove Steps

Each funnel template has a number of steps to take the lead through to completion. The steps generally consist of the landing page followed by the booking page and the thank you or confirmation page. However, depending on the template, these may differ slightly.

You have full control over the number of steps, so you can add or delete them as required.

Add a Pop-Up

Add a Pop-Up

Pop-ups are handy to use as prompts when encouraging a lead to take action. You can set them to appear at any point on the funnel page and include a call-to-action button.

For example, if someone has scrolled almost to the end of the funnel page without taking action, a pop-up could appear as they reach the bottom of the page to remind them to book or call.

Can You Use Other Funnel Templates with GoHighLevel?

You don’t have to use GoHighLevel funnel templates. There are other options for you to choose from.

Create Your Own Templates

Every time you create a funnel on GoHighLevel, you can save it and use it as a template for future campaigns.

This is convenient if you are running many similar campaigns and don’t need to change much of the funnel layout for each one.

Import Templates from ClickFunnels

If you used ClickFunnels before moving over to GoHighLevel, you have the ability to import all your existing ClickFunnels funnel templates over to the GoHighLevel platform and use them there.

Can You Create a GoHighLevel Funnel Without a Template?

GoHighLevel lets you start with a blank page and create a funnel from scratch. You can build the funnel step by step and add the elements onto each page.

This is generally recommended for individuals who already have experience building funnels in GoHighLevel. For newcomers, it is better to start out with a template so that you can get a feel for how the different funnel features work and fit together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

GoHighLevel funnel templates are pre-built funnels for different industries and purposes. All the GoHighLevel templates are 100% customizable and editable, so a unique funnel can be created for your clients.

GoHighLevel templates do not cost extra. All templates are included with any GoHighLevel price plan.

There are around 400 funnel templates available on the GoHighLevel platform.


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