GoHighLevel for Coaches (Full Guide)

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GoHighLevel has many useful tools and features for coaching businesses. 

The platform lets you perform CRM and lead nurturing, automatically takes bookings, and lets you build websites, funnels, and more.

You can also build and host unlimited paid coaching courses and paid membership sites on GoHighLevel.

Key Takeaways:

  • Get started fast by using the GoHighLevel coaching snapshot
  • Create campaigns for coaching effortlessly by using pre-built templates
  • Build and host unlimited coaching courses in GoHighLevel

How Can GoHighLevel Help Coaching Businesses?

GoHighLevel provides vital assistance for coaching businesses by providing all the features and tools necessary to build an audience, nurture leads, and run marketing campaigns.

Because GoHighLevel is an all-in-one platform, it removes the requirement to sign up and pay for multiple software applications such as course hosting, web and funnel builders, email service providers, etc.

Furthermore, most tasks in GoHighLevel can be automated

So, things like appointment requests and bookings, lead nurturing, SMS conversations and marketing workflows can be run entirely by GoHighLevel.

Imagine how much time you spend each day answering texts and emails, managing your calendars and pipelines, running campaigns, and performing CRM. 

If you could free up this time and devote it to paying clients instead, you’re not only increasing your bottom line, but you’ll increase customer satisfaction too.

Import the GoHighLevel Coaching Snapshot

Import the GoHighLevel Coaching Snapshot

When you first set up GoHighLevel, you will be in Agency View. 

This is where you can adjust the global settings of your account as well as find training materials and the GoHighLevel marketplace.

You will then need to create a sub-account for your business. 

This is where you will access all the GoHighLevel features and tools for CRM and marketing.

To give you a boost right from the start, GoHighLevel provides something called Snapshots

These are essentially pre-built sub-accounts that contain complete marketing campaigns specific to a business niche.

You can select the Coaching snapshot for your business and set it up with one click. 

Once ready, you will find the following campaigns ready to be used:

  • Discovery Call Claim Nurture: A personalized campaign encouraging leads to book a free discovery call via automated texts and emails
  • Database Activation: This is an SMS-based offer for a “breakthrough” session which is a free introductory session for new clients. The aim of this campaign is to capture contact details
  • Database Claim: Following on from the database activation campaign, this aims to arrange and confirm a booking through a series of automated texts
  • No-show Campaign: If you had a session booked and an attendee was a no-show, this campaign follows up on that action and attempts to re-engage the individual and rearrange the appointment
  • Not Yet Ready: It’s common for leads to be added to the above campaign but for them to take no action. If this is the case, this campaign gently nudges the contact toward making a booking or getting in touch
  • Booking Requested Reply: This triggers a response to a booking request. For example, it may notify you to call the contact to arrange a booking
  • Appointment Reminders: GoHighLevel can send automated reminders to contacts once they have confirmed a booking. Sending reminders lessens the likelihood of a no-show occurring

Use GoHighLevel Coaching Templates

If you’re not experienced in creating web pages or emails, it can be almost impossible to start with a blank page. This is where GoHighLevel’s templates prove their worth.

There are many to choose from, and all can be customized for your coaching business and marketing needs. 

The simple drag-and-drop editing tool means you don’t need any tech skills, and since the design layout is already done, you don’t have to worry about becoming an overnight expert in graphic design.

Coaching Funnel Template Example

Over 50 templates are available in the coaching niche and have a wide variety of purposes, such as:

  • Strategic coaching sessions
  • Ebook online orders
  • Life advisors courses
  • Successful life coaching
  • Masterclasses
  • Professional coaching events and webinars
  • And more
Strategic coaching sessions

This example is a funnel for promoting and selling courses

Here you can provide a link to your course landing page (also created and hosted on GoHighlevel) where people can sign up and pay.

Or, if your courses are webinar-based, you can add a GoHighLevel booking calendar and automatically take appointments. 

Better still, if you integrate with Stripe or Paypal, you can take payments upfront, lessening the no-show instances.

Coaching Website Template Example

Numerous website templates for coaching lets you set up a professional site in minutes. 

Here you can embed many sales tools, such as a booking calendar, signup form, links to online courses, and more. 

You can also incorporate a pop-up with a special offer or a reminder to get in touch.

If you offer a range of different coaching services, you can even set up a separate website for each one. 

GoHighLevel doesn’t restrict you here, so you can have as many as you like.

Numerous website templates

This website template example is a clean and clear way to introduce yourself and the coaching services you offer. 

It includes sections to talk about the benefits of your sessions, who they’re for, and what types of coaching people can book.

Additionally, there is a section to add client testimonials to help build trust and credibility, along with plenty of call-to-action buttons to allow people to get in touch.

Coaching Email Template Example

Coaching Email Template Example

Almost 40 email templates exist for coaching businesses. 

These range from newsletter-style emails containing useful information or tips to more generic layouts where you can use the design and add your own text.

All emails have a call-to-action button, so here you can add a link to your course landing page, sales funnel, or website. 

If you plan to use emails to get bookings, you can embed a booking calendar or form.

40 email templates

This is one of the more lighthearted examples and contains useful tips on how to create a better work/life balance. 

At the bottom of the text is a call to action inviting the reader to get in touch.

GoHighLevel Courses and Membership Sites for Coaching

GoHighLevel Courses and Membership Sites for Coaching

A great way to increase revenue from (mostly) passive income is to create a paid course on GoHighLevel. 

Then, you can use the platform’s marketing tools to create awareness and encourage people to sign up.

For example, if you are a life coach, you could create a series of mini-courses on different subjects such as goal planning, relationship improvement, staying on track, etc. 

GoHighLevel lets you sell these courses individually or sell them as a bundle. It even has a feature where you can include upsells when someone purchases a course.

There are several different types of courses you can create on the platform:

  • Sprint Courses: Short courses designed to be an introduction to a larger course or membership site
  • Marathon Course: For in-depth training and upskilling
  • Membership Site: A paid portal where your network can gather, learn, and converse
  • Custom Site: You are free to create your own product that matches your needs
Sprint Courses

In the course editing tool, you can add text, video, and images and upload a variety of supporting documents, such as PDFs and Word docs.

Like its web pages, GoHighLevel does not restrict the number of courses you can create. 

Whether you want one course or one thousand, the platform will let you do it.

Create GoHighLevel Marketing Workflows for Coaching Businesses

Create GoHighLevel Marketing Workflows for Coaching Businesses

GoHighLevel has a Workflows feature that lets you build full marketing and lead nurturing campaigns.

For example, if you have a booking calendar on your website, you can create a workflow that sends out a series of reminders after someone has booked and confirmed an appointment.

This works by creating trigger events (such as making a booking, submitting a form, sending a text, etc.) that then cause an action to take place (such as sending an email, SMS, or voicemail drop). 

Workflows can be created for just about any type of lead or customer contact. Workflows even give you the capability to build an AI-powered SMS appointment booking bot that is able to carry out conversations and confirm appointments on your behalf.

The biggest advantage of workflows is automation. 

Because you add trigger events, this tells the system to automatically do something, thus removing the requirement for you to do it yourself. 

Once you get into the swing of building workflows, they’re surprisingly easy to execute and of course, save you a load of time and effort from doing everything manually.

Frequently Asked Questions

GoHighLevel can be used for any type of coaching business. It allows you to connect with clients, perform CRM and lead nurturing, create and host courses, and build marketing campaigns all from one platform.

GoHighLevel has a feature that allows you to create and host unlimited coaching courses on its platform. Additionally, if you plan to charge for the courses, you can integrate with Stripe or Paypal to take payments.

GoHighLevel has multiple CRM features for building an audience, lead nurturing, pipeline, and calendar management.

The platform also lets you create and host unlimited paid or free courses and membership sites. Additionally, it has everything required to build, run, and automate marketing campaigns.


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