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GoHighLevel has almost 200 website templates available for a wide variety of industries and business niches. 

All templates are fully customizable and you can add calls to action to encourage customers to sign up or make a booking.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose from a large selection of industry-specific templates 
  • Add calls to action with forms, surveys, and booking calendars
  • Edit and customize each template with your branding, text, and images

The GoHighLevel website templates are arranged into different industry categories so that you can easily find one for a specific type of business. 

However, all websites can be edited and customized, so if you find one you like but it’s for the wrong industry, you can easily adjust it to suit your requirements.

Let’s take a look at examples from each of the available categories.

GoHighLevel Automotive Website Templates

GoHighLevel Automotive Website Templates

There are several website templates for the automotive industry. 

These range from dealerships and vehicle listings to service appointments.

Here is an example of a dealership website. It has an attractive homepage, an About Us section, and reasons to choose the company.

dealership website

Further down is a page of car listings, plus a couple of featured vehicles. The entire layout is clean and uncluttered, so the viewer can see at a glance what the company is about and what they offer.

couple of featured vehicles

At the bottom of the website is a testimonial area where you can add social proof of satisfied clients. Space to add contact details is prevalent throughout the website so customers know how to get in touch with you.

GoHighLevel Beauty and Fashion Website Templates

Beauty and Fashion Website

There are more than ten templates available for beauty and fashion, and most are centered around spa services and hair salons. This is an example of a spa and skin appointments website and it has plenty of opportunities throughout the template for a customer to click to book.

beauty and fashion

The website has pages set up to describe the spa and its services while establishing ethos. As you can see in the image above, there’s a call-to-action button for each type of treatment.

Here, you can embed a different GoHighLevel calendar for each treatment, so the bookings are taken and automatically added to the spa’s schedule. You can also set up Stripe or Paypal and take upfront payments for the treatments when the booking is made.

GoHighLevel calendar

To help convert leads to sales, a discount coupon has been included on the website. You can set up the payments so that the discount is automatically applied at checkout.

GoHighLevel Business Coaching and Consulting Website Templates

GoHighLevel Business Coaching and Consulting Website Templates

If you need a template for coaching and consulting, you have over 15 templates at your disposal. In the coaching niche, there are templates for business, life, career, entrepreneur, and personal coaching services. You also have several courses and membership websites to pick from.

courses and membership website

This template for business coaching serves multi-purposes. You have the usual information about the business plus calls to action to book an appointment for a coaching session. Here, you can set up a GoHighLevel booking calendar for this purpose.

coaching session

This template also has an e-learning section where customers can sign up for and access courses online. So, you can create the courses on the GoHighLevel platform and promote and provide access to them on the coaching website.

Customers that click on the desired course will be taken to the course landing page, where they can sign up and pay upfront (if it’s a paid course).

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GoHighLevel Financial Website Templates

GoHighLevel Financial Website Templates

Next, we have financial website templates with over ten on offer. Here, you can find templates for accounting and bookkeeping services, credit repair services, and other money management solutions.

Here’s an example of a credit repair website. It has a simple yet professional layout detailing what credit repair is and how it works.

professional layout detailing

There are plenty of calls to action throughout the site. Here you can attach a GoHighLevel booking calendar. If you want to collect data up front, you can attach a GoHighLevel data capture form instead.

GoHighLevel data capture

The template also lays out different plans a customer can choose, making the setup entirely possible for a customer to sign up and pay immediately.

GoHighLevel Health and Wellness Website Templates

GoHighLevel Health and Wellness Website Templates

The health and wellness section has over 20 templates ranging from yoga, gym, personal trainer, and CrossFit instructors to nutritional and health experts. 

Let’s take the body and soul classes template as an example. The template is brimming with different class options a customer can choose between, with an area for online learning as well as in-person sessions.

CrossFit instructors

The online courses can, of course, be created in GoHighLevel and made available via the website while the live courses can be booked via a GoHighLevel calendar with payments taken upfront.

GoHighLevel calendar

A schedule section is included on the website, which tells the customer when the classes are running. Plus, you can add the location if multiple locations are involved. To help customers understand where the physical classes are held, a map with locations is noted in the Contact Us section.

GoHighLevel Home Services Website Templates

GoHighLevel Home Services Website Templates

This large section has over 30 templates available. Here you can find templates for HVAC services, solar installation, and bug extermination. You will also see plumbing and electrician services, roofing and home repair experts, and construction contractors.

This HVAC repair template provides plenty of space to describe the company and the services on offer. 

describe the company

It also features a pop-up where you can add a survey so that potential customers are able to add details about their HVAC system. This information can then be added to a GoHighLevel campaign pipeline, and an HVAC agent will be notified to contact the lead.

GoHighLevel campaign pipeline

Finally, there’s a section to add the brands that the HVAC business works with – this is helpful when building trust, as customers like to see familiar brands on display.

GoHighLevel Insurance Website Templates

GoHighLevel Insurance Website Templates

Several insurance templates are available for different insurance services, solutions, and brokerages.

This template for insurance plans has a pop-up to add a survey. If you include questions about what type of insurance the customer is looking for, the insurance agency can tailor their response to make it far more relevant when they make contact.

templates are available

For customers looking for a specific type of insurance, the template provides space to add the details with a call to action for each one. Here, you can embed a survey that collects all the information required for an accurate quote so the insurance agent can call with a price straight away.

contact the customer

The template also includes a way to  directly message an agent. You can set this up on a GoHighLevel workflow and instruct the system to send any data directly to an insurance agent, who will then contact the customer.

GoHighLevel Legal Website Templates

GoHighLevel Legal Website Templates

For legal services, there are a few templates to pick from. They are all centered around lawyer and attorney services and legal solutions.

This Legal Services example is a minimal design with areas to modify information about the practice and the team.

Legal Services

The call to action on this template is to book an appointment where you can add a booking calendar for each legal team member or include a central calendar where bookings are assigned out to legal team members on an availability basis.

team members

The contact details include a map so that people know where the location is. This is important as most people seeking legal aid tend to find someone operating locally.

GoHighLevel Marketing Agency Website Templates

GoHighLevel Marketing Agency Website Templates

For marketing, advertising, and agency services, there are over 15 templates on offer. Most of the templates are bright and eye-catching.

This example outlines different marketing services on offer and provides lots of space to go into detail about what the agency does, including areas to add samples of previous work.

example outlines

There are many calls to action throughout, and you can either add a booking calendar or add a survey or form to collect more information upfront so that the agency can contact the customer with a tailored response.

social media icons

This template also has a large area to feature social media icons. This is a good choice if the agency is a heavy user of these platforms.

GoHighLevel Medical Website Templates

GoHighLevel Medical Website Templates

This is an interesting category, as it doesn’t include templates for typical doctor-directed surgeries or any medical facilities along that vein. Instead, you get over 25 templates for psychology, dental, and chiropractic services plus options for counseling, therapy, and even massage.

interesting category

This template for massage memberships has the usual descriptions of the treatments on offer and information about the company. However, there’s no call to action to book an appointment. Instead, the customer can choose from different membership plans.

massage memberships

So, instead of setting up GoHighLevel to take a single upfront payment, you can have the payment run on a subscription basis. When a customer signs up for a plan, they pay for the first month upfront and then a regular monthly payment thereafter for the duration of their plan.

GoHighLevel Real Estate Website Templates

GoHighLevel Real Estate Website Templates

Real estate agents, property and commercial developers, and mortgage lenders have over 25 templates available.

Most of the templates provide plenty of opportunities to showcase property listings or examples of previously built and upcoming developments.

upcoming developments

This example of a property listing website lets you add multiple properties and the representing agent. You could add a contact button for each property that puts the customer in touch with the relevant agent.

property listing

This template also includes a pop-up to add an additional call to action. You could perhaps add a survey requesting details about the type of property, or you could add a booking calendar for a live appointment.

GoHighLevel Restaurant and Bar Website Templates

GoHighLevel Restaurant and Bar Website Templates

Finally, there are a couple of website templates for bars and restaurants, mostly for online orders and menus.

This example of a restaurant website features areas to add specials, the full menu, and information about the establishment. You can also embed a map so that customers can find the physical location of your business.

our menu

To entice customers to the restaurant, the menu layout lets you add prices alongside images of the food with an area above to showcase any specials that may be running.

book a table

The key call to action here is for customers to make a table reservation. For this section, you can add a GoHighLevel booking calendar so people can pick the time and date that suits them best.

How to Use GoHighLevel Website Templates

Using GoHighLevel website templates is straightforward. The platform has made the tool very user-friendly. All you need to do is click on the template to edit it.

Once you are in the editing menu, you can choose a specific page to edit and add and delete pages as you like.

Use the Drag-and-Drop Tool to Customize

To edit specific pages, you use the drag-and-drop tool to move elements around the page and add new ones. If you want to edit an element – change the size and font of text elements, for example – you simply click on it and an editing sub-menu will appear.

Add or Remove Pages

You have the ability to add as many pages as you like and delete the ones you don’t want. You can also duplicate existing pages, which is handy if you plan to have several similar pages on the website.

Add a Pop-Up

Pop-ups are commonly used on websites to encourage users to take action. You can add a pop-up to your GoHighLevel website template and embed a booking calendar, form, survey, or another type of action onto it.

Frequently Asked Questions

GoHighLevel has a wide variety of website templates available for numerous different industries and business niches.

All GoHighLevel website templates are included with any GoHighLevel plan. You do not have to pay an additional fee to use them.

There are almost 200 website templates currently available on the GoHighLevel platform.


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