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If you have local businesses as clients, you can use GoHighLevel’s features to help them gain online visibility, run local-level automated marketing campaigns, and perform CRM.

GoHighLevel is especially beneficial for capturing lead data and opportunities that local businesses are unable to capture themselves.

Key Takeaways:

  • GoHighLevel helps local businesses increase their online visibility
  • Create local business web pages with elements like location maps and booking calendars
  • Integrate with Google My Business and Yext for a stronger online presence and reputation management

How Is GoHighLevel Beneficial for Local Business Clients?

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) platform that lets you perform all the tasks necessary to enable a local business to thrive online and offline.

Many local businesses lack the resources and expertise to understand how to run effective marketing campaigns or even efficiently deal with pre and after-sales communication.

Many don’t even keep a list of contacts to use for marketing purposes.

As an agency, you can offer a full Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing package, all operated using GoHighLevel.

This means your local business clients can be completely hands-off, freeing up their time to concentrate on providing an excellent service instead of getting bogged down with CRM and admin.

Furthermore, most local businesses tend to be small to medium in size, and staff members are often too busy to pick up the phone or answer emails.

Therefore, a lot of opportunities can be lost if there is no one present or available to take calls, answer emails, and confirm appointments.

GoHighLevel is also highly beneficial since you can create automated campaigns that prevent leads and opportunities from being lost.

You can even set up automated responses and lead nurturing for out-of-hours periods.

Take Care of Local Business CRM

Take Care of Local Business CRM

Let’s dig into the CRM aspect of GoHighLevel a little deeper.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Easily create and efficiently curate contact lists that can be added to pipelines and campaigns.
  • Manually call, WhatsApp, send SMS, Facebook, and Instagram messages, and email contacts directly from the GoHighLevel platform.
  • View all ongoing conversations in the conversation feed and reply instantly.
  • Create and manage unlimited booking calendars for your local business client.
  • Create automated appointment follow-ups and booking confirmations
  • Send review requests and manage all incoming reviews from Google and Facebook.
  • Create sales pipelines for your marketing campaigns and automate the customer journey.
  • Integrate with Stripe and collect payments upfront, vastly reducing “no-shows” for appointments.
  • Embed a chat widget onto the client’s website to capture leads and provide assistance.

Create Automated Calls and SMS Conversations to Capture Leads

Local businesses tend to rely on the phone to make bookings and catch sales opportunities, but lack of resources means it’s often not possible for there to be someone always available to answer the phone.

GoHighLevel recognizes this and has implemented a number of useful features that automate many methods of communication.

This enables leads to be acted upon and nurtured while they’re hot and reduces the likelihood of missing an opportunity.

The platform lets you:

  • Create AI-powered SMS conversation and booking bots so appointments can be made without any human interaction.
  • Send out automated ringless voicemail drops.
  • Use forced calls to automatically send an incoming customer call to an available individual.
  • Create a web chat widget that sends the conversation to SMS for a faster response.
  • Add an out-of-hours automated response to capture leads outside of business operating times.
  • Automatically send an SMS when someone calls a business, but no one picks up. The caller receives an SMS with instructions on how to contact the business or information on when someone will call them back.

Create Marketing Campaigns for All Types of Local Business

All Types of Local Business

Marketing campaigns can be created for local businesses by using the Workflows feature.

This allows you to build automated campaigns using one or more marketing channels.

It’s not just for online marketing, either.

Since many local businesses operate offline, you can create SMS-based campaigns and send offers and promotions via text. 

GoHighLevel also has the ability to build SMS opt-in campaigns. 

So if you have a pamphlet, billboard, or another type of physical advertising channel, you can add a number or QR code to the ad so that people can get in touch about it. 

Here you can set up a workflow that automates the conversation. 

Let’s say you have a pamphlet with an offer for a discounted service.

When someone texts the number on the pamphlet, you can have automated responses that guide the user through to making a booking. 

Also, remember that you can integrate with Stripe and take payments for the booking upfront, so even if the appointment is a no-show, you haven’t lost out on the revenue.

Use GoHighLevel Templates to Create Web Pages for Local Business

Use GoHighLevel Templates to Create Web Pages for Local Business

With GoHighLevel, there is no need to start from scratch. 

The platform provides ready-made templates for websites, funnels, and emails specific to a variety of business niches. 

For example, templates are available for chiropractors, real estate agencies, restaurants, and more.

These templates can be edited and customized for each of your local clients, plus you can embed a number of elements that help each business gain visibility.

Add a Location Map

Add a Location Map

Most local businesses have a physical location or premises, and customers need to be able to easily find them. 

You can add a location map to your web pages so that people can immediately see the location.

Add Booking Calendars and Contact Forms

Add Booking Calendars and Contact Forms

It’s often the case that local business owners aren’t available to pick up the phone and take bookings. 

By adding a booking calendar to a web page, customers can make a booking themselves.

You can set the availability parameters so that customers can only book predetermined spots. 

The calendar also features an automatic clash-checker to ensure appointments don’t overlap.

Finally, if you integrate with Stripe, you can take deposits or payments upfront whenever someone books.

Add Client Testimonials and Reviews

Add Client Testimonials and Reviews

GoHighLevel reputation management is really important to local businesses because they don’t have the exposure or brand recognition that large businesses enjoy. 

Instead, they rely on customer reviews and testimonials. 

To help website visitors easily view reviews, you can add the review element to the page. 

This displays the most recent reviews that you’ve received from Google or Facebook, including the star rating and any comments the reviewer left.

Integrate GoHighLevel With Google My Busines

Integrate GoHighLevel With Google My Busines

Google My Business is vital for local businesses because it’s displayed whenever someone performs a search for a certain type of business located nearby.

With the GoHighLevel direct integration, you will be able to perform several tasks within the platform such as:

  • View Google reviews and respond to them in the conversation tab.
  • Track reputation and view associated analytics.
  • Use Google My Business Chat within GoHighLevel to directly respond to any messages that come in from Google Maps and Google Search.

Use GoHighLevel for Reputation Management

Use GoHighLevel for Reputation Management

We’ve already talked about the importance of customer reviews for local businesses, and the advantage of the GoHighLevel platform is that it makes it easy to request and manage reviews that come in from Facebook and Google My Business.

Firstly, you can set up automated review requests that can be sent to customers via email or SMS. 

Then, when the reviews come in, you can respond to them directly in the conversations tab.

Lastly, you can view the reputation score for the business and analyze the review data to spot trends and ways that help the business improve its service.

Integrate GoHighLevel with Yext Listings

Integrate GoHighLevel with Yext Listings

Yext is a third-party tool that helps businesses ensure their information is correct and available on over 70+ different publishing sites, such as Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, Google, Facebook, and many more.

This means that no matter where someone looks, the information they see is current. 

The tool lets you:

  • View live listings of the local business.
  • Approve or reject content edits.
  • View and monitor customer reviews.
  • Make social posts.

GoHighLevel is already a powerful platform for local businesses, but integrating with Google My Business and Yext provides an even stronger and more effective online presence. 

Overall, GoHighLevel gives you all the tools needed to help local businesses grow and succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

GoHighLevel is suitable for local businesses since it contains all the features necessary to perform effective CRM and create targeted marketing campaigns. The platform also has several direct integrations that help local businesses such as Google My Business and Yext.

GoHighLevel includes many features that help businesses increase their visibility and get found online. Thanks to its automation capabilities, the platform also helps reduce missed opportunities and lead data while lessening CRM admin tasks.

You can create an unlimited number of automated local business marketing campaigns on GoHighLevel using email, funnels, SMS, voicemail, and more. Additionally, there is a wide variety of pre-made templates that help you create your campaigns much faster.


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