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The GoHighLevel chat widget can be added to GoHighLevel websites and SaaS. You can also use it on WordPress websites.

The chat widget moves the conversation to SMS or email, which is more convenient for the user and lessens the likelihood of missing lead data and opportunities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Add the GoHighLevel chat widget to websites, funnels, and WordPress websites
  • Decrease the likelihood of missing opportunities and leads
  • Use the chat widget for live support or automated conversations

What Does the GoHighLevel Chat Widget Do?

The GoHighLevel chat widget is a customizable feature that provides a way to generate leads without increasing ad spend. 

You can install it on websites and web pages to use for live chat during office/opening hours. 

If no one is available to facilitate live chat, you can set up automated responses to ensure an opportunity is never missed.

One of the winning aspects of the GoHighLevel chat widget is that rather than perform the live chat on the chat widget itself,  it opens up a two-way SMS chat on the user’s phone. 

This vastly decreases lengthy wait times and enables the user to leave the website but stay engaged in the conversation.

If you prefer, you can direct the conversation to email instead of SMS.

Where Can You Place the GoHighLevel Chat Widget?

The GoHighLevel chat widget is primarily placed on websites, but it can also be used on the GoHighLevel platform itself.

Use with GoHighLevel to Support Your SaaS Clients

Use with GoHighLevel to Support Your SaaS Clients

If you sell GoHighLevel software as a service (SaaS), you will find this feature highly useful since it provides extra value to your clients.

You can set up the GoHighLevel chat widget for each sub-account so that your clients can quickly get in touch if they need help with the platform.

The chat widget presents itself as a blue speech bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of a sub-account. 

When someone clicks on it, the speech bubble opens up the support window where the user can request that the agency gets back to them via SMS or email.

Then, in your agency sub-account, you will see the message that the client sent and respond. 

You can also view the entire conversation thread, enabling you to easily refer back to earlier messages.

Embed on a GoHighLevel Website or Sales Funnel

The GoHighLevel chat widget can be added to any GoHighLevel website or sales funnel.

Again, it appears as a blue speech bubble in the bottom right-hand corner, and the user clicks on it to activate it. 

They enter their details, and the conversation gets moved to SMS or email.

Add to a WordPress Website

Add to a WordPress Website

In addition to using the chat widget with GoHighLevel-created websites, the platform lets you integrate directly with WordPress and use the widget on WordPress websites. 

You can do this by heading to the admin view of the WordPress website and adding the plugin.

Once you have set up the plugin, you can use the GoHighLevel chat widget with the WordPress site.

How Can You Use the GoHighLevel Chat Widget?

The GoHighLevel chat widget is advantageous for capturing leads and opportunities when live support may not be available. 

For this circumstance, GoHighLevel has a couple of features to automate conversations.

Use the Chat Widget for Live Suppor

Use the Chat Widget for Live Suppor

The GoHighLevel chat widget is there so that you can provide live support whenever you are available. 

The important thing to realize here is that the conversation does not take place on the widget itself.

Instead, the user is invited to add their name and contact details; then, the conversation is moved to SMS or email.

This gives the user far more freedom, as they don’t have to sit at their computer for extended lengths of time. 

They can go about their day and respond to each SMS at their own convenience. It also means that the conversation thread is not lost, and the user can refer back to it anytime.

Additionally, the individual providing support does not need to be present at their computer either, as the GoHighLevel mobile app allows you to continue SMS and email conversations while on the go, thus reducing response wait times even further.

Capture Lead Data and Contact Details During Out-of-Office Hours

Capture Lead Data and Contact Details During Out-of-Office Hours

When live chat is unavailable, you can set up triggers and workflows that provide automated responses to the user’s queries.

For example, if it is outside office hours and someone requests support via the chat widget, this could trigger an SMS response telling the user that no one is currently available. Then, it could ask whether or not the user would like to receive a support call: if the user agrees, it can ask the user when they are free to take the call. 

In another example, the automated response could be an invite to complete an online form detailing the query or issue and a notification saying that someone will be in touch to respond within a certain timeframe.

Create an Automated Booking Bot

Create an Automated Booking Bot

To ensure that opportunities are not missed when no one is around, you can create an automated SMS-based booking bot to take and confirm appointments.

The bot uses AI to determine positive and negative user responses and will generate a suitable reply. The end result is the bot providing a number of available calendar slots and the user picking the slot that suits them best.

Once the booking has been confirmed, it will get added to the relevant calendar automatically. You can also set up a series of automated reminders so that the appointment is not forgotten.

Frequently Asked Questions

GoHighLevel has a chat widget that can be added to GoHighLevel SaaS, GoHighLevel websites and sales funnels, and WordPress websites.

The widget lets people add their contact details then the conversation is automatically moved to SMS or email.

The GoHighLevel chat widget is included with all plans and does not cost extra.

To add the chat widget to GoHighLevel SaaS, you need to grab the widget code from the “chat widget” tab and add it to the client sub-account.

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