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We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

Voicemail drops are ringless voicemail messages sent to contacts. GoHighLevel lets you set up and directly send automatic voicemail drops from its platform.

This communication method is an effective way to contact leads without taking up any extra time or manpower.

Key Takeaways:

  • Send out ringless pre-recorded voicemail messages to contacts
  • Increase lead responses and free up time by using voicemail drops
  • Use workflows to automate GoHighLevel voicemail drops

What Is a GoHighLevel Voicemail Drop?

A voicemail drop is the act of leaving or “dropping” a pre-recorded message into a voicemail inbox. However, the recipient’s phone does not ring; they simply get a message notifying them they have a voicemail message.

GoHighLevel lets you directly send out voicemail drops from the platform to your contacts. They can be sent as a standalone message or used in wider marketing campaigns.

The method works by relying on a carrier trick. The system dials a number then immediately hangs up. This causes the recipient’s phone to be momentarily off the network. During this brief period, the system makes another call to the phone and because it is off the network, it goes straight to voicemail where the message is left.

It’s important to understand that because voicemail drops rely on this trick, they are only successful around 70% of the time no matter if they’re made from GoHighLevel or a different service.

What Are GoHighLevel Voicemail Drops Used for?

Voicemail drops are an effective method of marketing communications. While it’s common for someone to decline or ignore a phone call from a number they don’t recognize, they are still likely to listen to any voicemail messages that come through to their phone.

If you have a straightforward message you want to send out, a voicemail drop is an easy way to do it.

What Are the Benefits of Using GoHighLevel Voicemail Drops?

As we already know, an individual is more likely to listen to a voicemail than they are to pick up the phone. This is a huge advantage in itself, but there are many other benefits to using voicemail drops in GoHighLevel:

  • Individually calling people takes a huge amount of manpower and time and is largely ineffective. Voicemail drops can instantly reach thousands of contacts and have a better response rate.
  • It’s an affordable marketing method that tends to cost only a few cents to send a voicemail message.
  • You don’t put recipients off by interrupting their day (no one likes receiving sales calls while they’re at work). They can listen to the voicemail at their own convenience.
  • This marketing method has a wide reach, as messages can be left on both mobile devices and landlines.
  • GoHighLevel voicemail drops are easy to set up and use.

How to Set Up a Voicemail Drop in GoHighLevel

How to Set Up a Voicemail Drop in GoHighLevel

To start using voicemail drops in GoHighLevel, you must first purchase a LC -Phone System or Twilio phone number. 

Next, you need to upload a phone-quality audio file containing the voicemail message.

GoHighLevel recommends using Audacity – a free piece of software for converting audio files – to adjust the quality of your file so it’s suitable for voicemails. After dropping the file into the software, do the following:

  • Set the project rate to 8,000.
  • Ensure the file is in “mono.”
  • Resample the file to 8,000Hz.
  • Export the file by choosing Other Uncompressed Files, select the heading WAV, and set the encoding to U-Law.
Set the project rate

To use your message, you must now create a workflow for a voicemail drop. 

First, create the trigger event that needs to take place before the voicemail is made. For example, if someone books an appointment, this could trigger a voicemail drop with a confirmation message.

Next, set the action to Voicemail action straight after your trigger event. When you select Voicemail, you will be invited to add your audio file. You can either drag and drop it into place or upload it.

Add anything else you need into the workflow, and you’re good to go. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It does not cost extra to use the voicemail feature in GoHighLevel; however, making calls carries a charge which is set out by your phone carrier. Typically this cost is a few cents per call made.

A voicemail drop is when a pre-recorded message is “dropped” into a voicemail box. The recipient only receives a message letting them know they have voicemail; their phone does not ring.

Voicemail drops are legal but they must be Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) compliant.

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