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GoHighLevel has three pricing plans available, plus a range of add-on services and features that come at an additional cost.

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GoHighLevel Pricing at a Glance

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual PriceDiscount for Paying Annually
Agency Pro (White Label)$497$4,97016.6%

GoHighLevel has three pricing plans available:

  • Starter: From $97/month
  • Unlimited: From $297/month
  • Pro (white label): From $497/month

However, you can extend your free trial by an additional 14 days and you can do this twice, giving you plenty of time to decide if GoHighLevel is for you before you commit financially.

GoHighLevel Pricing Overview

GoHighLevel Starter Plan Pricing

GoHighLevel Starter Pricing Plan

The Starter plan is GoHighLevel’s cheapest plan. 

Most entry-level plans restrict the number of features you can access or how many times you can use them. 

However, GoHighLevel is a rarity in that it provides access to almost everything on an unlimited basis.

The exception is the number of sub-accounts you can have, which is limited to three.

Additionally, you can:

GoHighLevel Unlimited Plan Pricing

GoHighLevel Unlimited Pricing Plan

The chief difference between the Starter and Unlimited plans is the number of sub-accounts you can have. 

As the name suggests, this plan lets you create unlimited sub-accounts.

Like the Starter plan, you also get full use of the platform with a few extras included:

  • API access to allow non-native integrations with third-party platforms
  • Branded desktop app with custom domains

GoHighLevel Pro Plan (White Label) Pricing

GoHighLevel Pro Plan (White Label) Pricing

Once you have signed up for a GoHighLevel free trial, or you subscribe to a paid plan, you will be able to find the Pro plan option in the “Billing” section of your Agency settings menu.

This plan is the same as the Unlimited plan with one big difference: you can sell GoHighLevel as white-label SaaS.

You can:

  • Fully brand the GoHighLevel platform.
  • Set your own prices.
  • Create pricing plans with customized features.
  • Sell GoHighLevel as SaaS an unlimited number of times!

GoHighLevel Services Pricing

LC- Phone Pricing

LC- Phone Pricing

If you want to make calls and send SMS messages via GoHighLevel, it is necessary to connect with a phone provider. 

GoHighLevel offers this in-house, so you don’t have to use a third-party service such as Twilio.

It costs:

  • Local Numbers: $1.15/month
  • Toll-Free Numbers: $2.15/month
  • Outbound SMS: $0.0079/segment
  • Inbound SMS: $0.0079/segment
  • Outbound MMS: $0.0200/segment
  • Inbound MMS: $ 0.0100/segment
  • Outbound Call: $0.0140/minute
  • Inbound Call: $0.0085/minute
  • Number validation: $0.005/validation

LC- Email Pricing

LC- Email Pricing

GoHighLevel has an inbuilt emailing service that removes the need to connect with and use third-party apps like Mailgun. 

It costs:

  • $0.675 per 1000 emails

LC-Premium Triggers and Actions Pricing

LC-Premium Triggers and Actions Pricing

LC premium triggers and actions allow you to access advanced automation capabilities such as integrating your workflows with third-party apps like Slack and ChatGPT.

It costs:

  • First 100 executions: Free
  • Additional executions: $0.01/each

Content AI Pricing

Content AI Pricing

Content AI is a service that uses artificial intelligence to generate marketing copy and other content for your sub-accounts. 

It costs:

  • First 500 words: Free
  • 1,000 words: $0.09

Reviews AI Pricing

Reviews AI Pricing

Review AI allows you to automate review responses within each sub-account.

It costs:

  • First three responses: Free
  • Additional responses: $0.08/each

GoHighLevel Add-On Pricing

GoHighLevel Add-On Pricing

GoHighLevel provides a range of add-on services which you will find in the “Marketplace” tab in the Agency View of your account. 

Basic and Advanced Account Setup

Basic and Advanced Account Setup

GoHighLevel has two account setup services available. 

  • Basic Account Setup: $300 one-time fee
    • Out-of-the-box service that allows you to get started with GoHighLevel right away. 
    • Includes a one-hour onboarding call with a GoHighLevel expert.
  • Advanced Account Setup: $1,000 one-time fee
    • A personalized service aimed at those looking to scale their business. 
    • Includes five one-hour consulting sessions with a GoHighLevel expert.

Priority Support

Priority Support

Although standard GoHighLevel support is available 24/7, you can often experience wait times. 

Priority support sends you to the front of the queue, so you get the fastest response times for email tickets and live chat.

  • GoHighLevel Priority Support costs $300/month.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

If you or your clients work in the medical industry, your GoHighLevel account must be HIPAA compliant. 

There are two ways to pay for this:

Eliza Agent 

Eliza Agent

Eliza is a software service that allows you to nurture and close leads in a more streamlined and efficient manner. It’s for agencies that want to offer it to their clients (however, it cannot be resold).

  • Eliza Agent Platform with five login accounts: $500/month
  • Additional Eliza login accounts: $99/month per account
  • Setup fee: $2,500 or $1,000
Setup fee

White-Label Mobile App and Zap

White-Label Mobile App and Zap

While the Pro plan lets you white label the GoHighLevel platform, it does not extend to the GoHighLevel mobile app or any Zap integrations. 

To do this, you must purchase one of these add-ons:

  • GoHighLevel white-label mobile app: $497/month
  • GoHighLevel white-label mobile app and Zap: $1,491/quarter
  • GoHighLevel white-label Zap: $50/month

Is GoHighLevel Worth the Cost?

Is GoHighLevel Worth the Cost?

In our humble opinion, GoHighLevel is one of the best value platforms available. 

Having such an extensive number of unlimited features for such a low price is practically unheard of and makes it very accessible to those just starting out.

Scaling your business is also easy with GoHighLevel’s pricing plans. 

Selling the platform as SaaS provides a source of potentially unlimited revenue. 

There’s nowhere else you can find that for only $497/month!

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Frequently Asked Questions

GoHighlevel costs from $97/month for the Starter plan, $297/month for the Unlimited plan, and $497/month for the Pro plan. There are also a range of optional paid add-on features and services available.

GoHighLevel white label (also known as the Pro plan) costs $497/month or $4,970/year. Paying annually gets you a 16.6% discount, which is equivalent to two months’ worth for free.

GoHighLevel’s pricing is considered very affordable. This is because most of the platform features are unlimited. Additionally, GoHighLevel is an “all-in-one” platform, so you don’t need to pay for additional costly third-party apps to get the functionality you need.

There are no hidden GoHighLevel pricing fees, but there are optional add-on costs. These are for using GoHighLevel’s email, phone, and AI systems, and services such as premium support, HIPAA compliance, white-label mobile app, and more.

GoHighLevel provides a 16.6% discount for paying annually on any of its plans.
Additionally, GoHighLevel periodically offers sales and discounts, particularly during Black Friday and during the holidays.

You can pay for GoHighLevel using all major credit and debit cards.

GoHighLevel does not offer a money-back guarantee. Instead, it offers the opportunity to extend your free trial by an additional 14 days. You can do this twice, giving you an extra 28 days in total to try out the platform.


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