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GoHighLevel is a respected platform for marketing, sales, and CRM. It is noted for its automation capabilities and the sheer number of features provided for its price.

We’ve extensively tested the platform to bring you this honest and detailed review so that you can decide if GoHighLevel is right for you.

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GoHighLevel is an excellent platform and boasts impressive and extensive features. It’s an especially good option if you want to focus on automating your marketing and customer relations. 

That said, it’s not for everyone, and while the features are plentiful, some of them lack enhanced options.

  • Choose GoHighLevel if you are a digital agency or marketing professional. GoHighLevel is also suitable for businesses that want a comprehensive platform for CRM and marketing.
  • Do not choose GoHighLevel if you are a large e-commerce store. Additionally, while the platform does have blogging and course creation features, these are nowhere near as advanced as a dedicated platform. Therefore, professionals in these niches will find GoHighLevel limited.

Key Takeaways:

  • GoHighLevel is ranked as one of the best platforms on SupplyGem
  • GoHighLevel has a Trustpilot score 4.8/5
  • GoHighLevel is a great option for agencies and marketing professionals that want to scale
  • The platform has advanced automation capabilities for campaigns, CRM, pipelines, and more
  • GoHighLevel has a very steep learning curve but is easy to use once you know how

What Is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one marketing, sales, and CRM solution designed by an agency for agencies. 

It removes the need to subscribe to multiple software apps, saving you considerable time and money.

The platform provides all the tools necessary to capture, nurture, and close leads. Manage pipelines and bookings while creating fully automated marketing campaigns.

With GoHighLevel, you have an opportunity to create additional revenue streams in unlimited amounts.

GoHighLevel Pros

So, what exactly makes GoHighLevel worth considering? 

Well, the platform offers an excellent number of standout features that makes it an exceptional value for its price. Here are our favorites.

GoHighLevel Has Unlimited Features

GoHighLevel Has Unlimited Features

This has got to be one of the best things about GoHighLevel, and it is something unmatched by competing platforms. 

Virtually all features and tools are unlimited.

On all plans, you can create unlimited contacts, email campaigns, websites, sales funnels, landing pages, campaign workflows, pipelines, calendars, courses, and more.

If you are on the Unlimited plan, you can set up unlimited accounts and sell GoHighLevel SaaS an unlimited number of times.

The only features you could consider “limited” are emailing and texting because you have to pay for an email and SMS provision service.

Sophisticated CRM and Pipeline Management

Sophisticated CRM and Pipeline Management

Finally, you no longer have to switch software apps to manage your customer relationships and communication. 

With GoHighLevel, you can do everything to nurture those contacts from within its platform.

Starting with unlimited contacts, you can build curated lists and store useful information that can be used for future campaigns.

 Furthermore, you can call, SMS, email, social media message, and WhatsApp your contacts within the platform and view your text or email conversation feeds for each person.

Unlimited pipelines can be created, and you are able to automate the customer journey as they move through it, preventing the likelihood of missing out on a hot lead or opportunity.

Simple-to-Use Email, Website, and Funnel Building Tools

Simple-to-Use Email, Website, and Funnel Building Tools

You don’t have to be a design master to design or create web pages and emails. The drag-and-drop editor is surprisingly easy to use and intuitive, so even beginners will quickly grasp how the tool works. 

There are templates you can use, and although they won’t set your world on fire (more on that later), they do provide a useful foundation from which to quickly create and edit your design.

Advanced Automation Capabilities

Advanced Automation Capabilities

This feature certainly takes some getting used to, but once that happens, you’ll be amazed at what it can do. 

GoHighLevel uses something called “workflows” that enable you to set up 100% automated campaigns and CRM processes.

Every aspect of a marketing campaign can be set to autopilot. The feature is so sophisticated it can easily handle multi-channel or complex campaigns. 

So whether you use social media, email, sales funnels, SMS, calling, or a combination of methods, you can set up an automated process for it.

On the CRM side, you can automate the customer pipeline journey and calendar booking system, take payments, and more. 

Ultimately, this saves so much time by removing the need to perform tedious administrative tasks manually.

Two-Way SMS Conversation Using AI

Two-Way SMS Conversation Using AI

GoHighLevel leverages AI for its text-based conversations to nurture leads through to taking action. 

You can build an AI-powered booking bot that understands positive or negative responses and will respond appropriately based on the user’s response.

This removes the need for you or your clients to be available at all hours and ensures leads are captured and nurtured right away.

The AI is capable of taking a conversation right through to the booking stage. And once a booking is made, you can use automated workflows to take payments upfront and send reminders leading up to the event.

You Can Sell GoHighLevel as White-Label SaaS

You Can Sell GoHighLevel as White-Label SaaS

If the potential for unlimited clients isn’t enough, you can take your potential revenue to new heights by selling the GoHighLevel platform as a SaaS an unlimited number of times. 

You add your own branding to the platform, set the price you want to charge, and you’re good to go. Customers purchase the platform from you, and since it contains your branding, they won’t know it’s a GoHighLevel product. 

The GoHighLevel Mobile App

The GoHighLevel Mobile App

The GoHighLevel mobile app takes convenience to the next level and provides a quick and easy way to nurture your leads and perform CRM no matter where you are. 

The app lets you call contacts, read and respond to text-based messages and emails, manage reputation and calendar bookings, keep tabs on your pipelines, and organize your contacts. 

Viewing your pipelines is especially important because it allows you to catch hot leads that you would have otherwise missed while away from your desk.

Done-for-You GoHighLevel Snapshots

Done-for-You GoHighLevel Snapshots

Snapshots provide a useful foundation for popular business niches and allow you to set up a sub-account in moments with ready-to-go campaigns. 

For example, if you take on a chiropractor, a CrossFit studio, or an accountancy firm as clients, you can set up their accounts by using the snapshots provided. Inside each snapshot is one or more fully-automated marketing campaigns relevant to the business niche. All you have to do is add the client’s information, and it’s ready.

Furthermore, you can create your own snapshots to save and use with multiple clients.

This saves valuable time and improves efficiency for your agency, particularly if you’re concentrating on taking on clients within a particular industry.

GoHighLevel Cons

There’s no such thing as a perfect platform, and one as feature-rich as GoHighLevel is bound to have a few flaws. 

When using GoHighLevel, here’s what we found to be lacking. 

Frequently Outdated Training Articles

Frequently Outdated Training Articles

One of the best things about GoHighLevel is also its downfall. 

The platform is constantly updating, changing, and introducing new features and tools, so much so that it cannot update its training articles fast enough.

This has led to many of its video tutorials displaying a user interface that looks completely different from the one you are using and the walkthroughs providing wrong information. 

This can be very frustrating, especially if you are new to the platform and trying to work out where everything is.

Limited E-Commerce Options

Limited E-Commerce Options

GoHighLevel does let you sell products and set up product listings on its platform, but it is not set up for large-scale e-commerce and lacks the features that a dedicated platform such as Shopify has. 

For example, GoHighLevel does not have a checkout facility. Additionally, adding products is somewhat clunky and time-consuming. 

Presently, the platform is better suited to selling digital products or a handful of physical products rather than use as a pure e-commerce platform. 

If you want to use GoHighLevel for dedicated e-Commerce, you will need to integrate with Shopify or use Zapier with other e-commerce platforms.

Its Templates Are Somewhat Uninspiring

Its Templates Are Somewhat Uninspiring

There are tons of templates within the GoHighLevel platform for websites, sales funnels, and emails, but they are all somewhat “samey” and lacking originality. 

Many of them also contain multiple spelling and grammatical errors.

They’re great if you only need something basic, but you’ll be disappointed if you want dynamic, eye-catching designs.

Customer Service Takes a While to Respond

Customer Service Takes a While to Respond

In our own experience, GoHighLevel needs to up its game in this department, particularly when providing support to non-US-based customers. 

Its service is patchy at best. Sometimes you get someone who is responsive and helpful, even occasionally willing to jump on a Zoom call with you to walk you through the problem.

More commonly, however, you will wait a number of days for a text response that doesn’t help or answer your query. In the worst case, you will be ignored entirely. 

It doesn’t help that the platform’s chat widget isn’t actually live chat. Instead, it moves the conversation to SMS, where you have no indication of when to expect a response.

The GoHighLevel User Experience

The GoHighLevel User Experience

The user experience is tricky to evaluate because it’s not user-unfriendly per se, but it does require a steep learning curve, and it’s not always obvious where things are or how to use them.

However, once you know what you’re doing, the user experience is actually pretty good. 

All its features work well, and during our experience of testing the platform, we found there were hardly any glitches or problems.

The page-building tools are intuitive and simple to grasp, and once you understand how workflows operate, creating them is a breeze.

Our one criticism is that for a platform that’s constantly innovating and improving, the interface still manages to retain an outdated look. 

It reminds us of the software we were using ten years ago. However, it thankfully doesn’t operate like ten-year-old software.

How Easy Is GoHighLevel to Use?

How Easy Is GoHighLevel to Use?

As we mentioned already, this platform requires a steep learning curve, and even then, some features will still confound you. 

Beginners are going to have to set aside a week or two to learn how GoHighLevel works.

Even experienced marketers will need to spend a decent chunk of time getting acquainted with how its tools work.

It also doesn’t help that GoHighLevel frequently updates things, so you could have just gotten to grips with a feature, and then suddenly, overnight, everything changes.

Despite these drawbacks, GoHighLevel is an all-in-one tool, and it’s still preferable to learn a single platform rather than trying to simultaneously master numerous different software apps.

How Affordable is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel has two price plans plus an optional upgrade available:

  • Agency Starter Plan: $97/month or $970/year
  • Agency Unlimited Plan: $297/month or $2,970/year
  • White Label Upgrade: $497/month or $4,970/year

Paying for your plan gives you a discount that equates to two free months.

GoHighLevel PlanMonthly CostAnnual CostAnnual Cost Savings
Agency Starter$97$970$194
Agency Unlimited$297$2,970$594
White Label Upgrade$497$4,970$994

The key difference between the two plans is that the starter plan lets you create only two accounts while the unlimited lets you create as many as you want. 

Considering the majority of the features within the GoHighLevel platform are unlimited, this is a very reasonable price to pay, especially since the platform removes the need for you to sign up and pay for multiple platforms. 

However, it is important to note that you will pay extra to use its emailing and text provision services.

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What Customers Like the Most

  • The platform itself is very robust and getting bigger by the week.
  • You get all the software apps you need on one platform and for one price.
  • Its automation features are top-notch and places everything on autopilot.
  • Despite the learning curve, once you know what to do, it’s very easy to use.
  • The two-way texting feature is excellent.

What Customers Like the Least

  • Wait times for support are lengthy, and you often get ignored.
  • The learning curve for the platform is large.
  • Features frequently change and get placed in a different location without notice.
  • Canceling the free trial takes time, and people are often charged.

How Does GoHighLevel Compare with Other Platforms?

It’s true that there are few platforms that can compete directly with GoHighLevel where the number of features are concerned, and certainly, most competing platforms place limits on their features. GoHighLevel is unlimited.

However, while GoHighLevel is a jack of all trades, other platforms perform better in a specific area. 

For example, ClickFunnels 2.0 has superior funnel-building features, Vendasta provides hundreds of white-label selling opportunities, SamCart has better e-commerce capabilities, and Kajabi wins for course-building.


If you’re looking for an all-arounder marketing and sales platform, GoHighLevel will give you everything you need for an affordable price. Its automation tools are unbeatable and the fact that most features are unlimited is the icing on the cake.

That said, if you’re looking to specialize in a specific area such as funnel-building, course creation, or blogging, you will likely find that a dedicated platform offers more enhanced tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

GoHighLevel was designed for digital agencies and marketing professionals that want a complete sales, marketing, and CRM solution.

GoHighLevel requires a steep learning curve and it may take a while to come to grips with all of its features. However, once you understand the platform, it’s surprisingly easy to use and navigate.

Choose GoHighLevel if you want an all-in-one marketing, sales, and CRM platform where most features and processes can be automated.

Additionally, GoHighLevel is a great choice if you want unlimited clients and a way to create unlimited revenue.

GoHighLevel is definitely worth it. It is currently the only platform that provides such a large number of marketing, sales, and CRM features on an unlimited basis for a single monthly price.

While it does have its flaws, you are still getting a superior platform and capabilities that performs very well and is easy to use.


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