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The GoHighLevel University contains learning content aimed at agencies and marketers.

Those that want to understand how best to use GoHighLevel to increase their client’s leads and convert them into customers will find GoHighLevel University valuable.

Key Takeaways:

  • University content is freely available online to non-GoHighLevel account holders
  • The university contains two playbooks, titled “Quick Wins” and “Lead-Gen”
  • Specific parts of GoHighLevel University can be accessed here and the Playbook videos below or here.

How to Access the GoHighLevel University (Step by Step)

You can access specific parts of GoHighLevel University for FREE.

  1. Access the Welcome Course for FREE.
  2. Access GoHighLevel Education for FREE.
  3. Get the GoHighLevel University bundle for FREE.
Head to

You can get the full playbook videos by signing up for free here.

The “Lead-Gen” Playbook

Remaining videos in the “Lead-Gen” Playbook are available here.

The “Quick Wins” Playbook

Remaining videos in the “Quick Wins” Playbook are available here.

What Is GoHighLevel University?

The GoHighLevel University is an education hub designed to help users of the GoHighLevel platform get started and also make the most of its features and tools.

Currently, there are two courses available inside the university, but GoHighLevel does periodically change and update the content. It helps to log into the university every now and then to see if anything has been added.

Who Is GoHighLevel University for?

The GoHighLevel University is specifically aimed at marketing professionals and agencies who want to understand how to leverage GoHighLevel to gain more leads and customers for their clients.

What’s Inside the GoHighLevel University?

There are two courses available inside the GoHighLevel University. The Quick Wins playbook consists of 13 videos, and the Lead-Gen playbook has 69 videos spread across nine modules.

The “Quick Wins” Playbook

The “Quick Wins” Playbook

The “Quick Wins” playbook consists of 13 videos that teach and provide tips on how to make the best of certain features and tools on GoHighLevel with the following videos:

  1. Getting Started Overview
  2. Unlock the Power of SMS with a HighLevel Number
  3. Never Miss Another Call with the Missed-Call Text-Back
  4. Run Your Business from Your Pocket with Your New Mobile App
  5. Streamline Conversations with Social Chat Consolidation
  6. Capitalize on Free Leads from Google with Google Business Chat
  7. Increase Rankings and Convert More Customers with Reputation Management
  8. Take Back a Ton of Time with Auto-Reply Chat Bots FAQs
  9. Generate Free Leads Off Your Website with the Webchat Widget
  10. Generate More Leads Off Your Website with CTA Forms
  11. Turn Your Social Profiles into Lead Generating Machines with Link Tree Pages
  12. Automatically Turn New Leads into Hot Leads with the Fast 5 Lite Recipe
  13. Housekeeping

“Lead-Gen” Playbook

“Lead-Gen” Playbook

The “Lead-Gen” playbook is a more detailed course aimed at agencies and consultants that want to understand how to leverage GoHighLevel to generate more leads. 

The course consists of nine modules that focus on teaching you how to use GoHighLevel to increase client success, decrease client churn, and increase revenue.

Module 1: Launchpad – Easy, Automated Wins for Every Client

Module 1

Module one is where you start, and you get ten videos explaining how to set up and automate certain areas of your business, such as Facebook messenger replies, the webchat widget, and more.

Module 2: Scheduled Success with HighLevel Calendars

Scheduled Success with HighLevel Calendars

The second module contains 15 videos and takes a deep dive into how you can successfully set up and use GoHighLevel’s calendars and scheduling tools.

Module 3: Visualizing the Funnel with Pipelines

Module 3: Visualizing the Funnel with Pipelines

Module three teaches you how to build a pipeline for a free marketing audit (this pipeline can be adapted for other uses).

Module 4: Liftoff with Reactivation Campaigns

Module 4: Liftoff with Reactivation Campaigns

Next up, module four teaches you how to create and launch a “reactivation” campaign to re-engage past customers or clients. The module covers a step-by-step process taught over nine videos.

Module 5: “The Fast Five”

Module 5: “The Fast Five”

The “fast five” demonstrates how to set up automation processes on GoHighLevel for successful new lead nurturing. The series of six videos cover how you can create different workflows for hot or stale leads as well as long-term lead nurturing.

Module 6: The Ultimate Appointment Automation

Module 6: The Ultimate Appointment Automation

Module six goes into the specifics of appointment booking automation and how you can create an AI-powered booking bot that will nurture leads through to making a successful booking.

Module 7: Crystal Clear Reporting

Module 7: Crystal Clear Reporting

Your clients want to see what kind of ROI GoHighLevel can give them. Module seven goes into detail about how you can use its reporting feature to demonstrate successful ROI.

Module 8: Scaling at Lightspeed with Snapshots

Module 8: Scaling at Lightspeed with Snapshots

Snapshots are premade sub-accounts that you can use to set up clients on GoHighLevel fast and efficiently. Module eight shows you exactly how to create and use snapshots with your client.

Module 9: Activating SaaS Mode

Module 9: Activating SaaS Mode

Finally, module nine teaches you how to set up and use SaaS mode on GoHighLevel. SaaS mode is where you can brand and sell the GoHighLevel platform to your clients, adding more value to your offer and more revenue for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

A GoHighLevel University is available to anyone with a GoHighLevel account and contains two courses.

The GoHighLevel University contains two courses that each contain multiple videos: the “Quick Wins” playbook and the “Lead-Gen” playbook.

The GoHighLevel University is completely free

The GoHighLevel University is available to anyone who has a GoHighLevel account and login details. However, those that do not have an account can still find and access the GoHighLevel University content on YouTube.


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