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GoHighLevel has an app that lets you connect your GoHighLevel account so you can perform CRM as well as manage your calendars, reviews, opportunities, and pipelines. 

You can also upgrade your account to include the ability to sell the white-label GoHighLevel mobile app to clients.

Key Takeaways:

  • Perform CRM while accessing and editing your contacts, appointments, reviews, opportunities, and more
  • Communicate with leads and contacts on all your devices
  • White label the GoHighLevel mobile app and sell it to clients

What Can You Do With the GoHighLevel Mobile App?

The GoHighLevel mobile app is essentially a “lite” version of the GoHighLevel platform. Once you have installed it and logged into your account, you can access several features and tools that allow you to conduct CRM on any device.

View Your Pipeline

View Your Pipeline

As soon as you open the app, you get a snapshot overview of your pipeline. And if you tap All Pipelines, you can toggle between all your different pipelines to view their current status.

Make Calls, Send Emails and SMS

Make Calls, Send Emails and SMS

Communicate with any of your contacts by calling, sending an SMS, or emailing all from within the GoHighLevel mobile app.

Book Appointments; View and Edit Your Calendar

Book Appointments

You can open up and view your GoHighLevel calendars and tap into each appointment to view the detail. It is also possible to manually add an appointment to the calendar by clicking on the plus icon.

Read and Respond to Conversations

Read and Respond to Conversations

All ongoing email and text conversations can be read and replied to, plus you can initiate new conversations by selecting the relevant contact and writing your message.

All conversations appear in feed form and look much like WhatsApp or SMS on your phone. To read or reply to a message, tap on it to open it, and then select how to respond.

Add, View, Edit, and Organize Contacts

Add, View, Edit, and Organize Contacts

All contact lists that you have on the GoHighLevel platform are available to view in the mobile app. Additionally, you can also see at a glance what each contact’s pipeline and current campaign status are.

Here you can do the following:

  • Add new contacts; edit or delete existing ones.
  • Organize contacts into lists.
  • Add a contact to a pipeline and add opportunity info.
  • Add a contact to an automated campaign.
  • Create a task or book an appointment for a contact.
  • Apply notes and additional info within each contact.

Create New Opportunities

Create New Opportunities

If a new opportunity or lead comes in while you’re not at your desk, you can use the app to add the details to a campaign or pipeline. Once you have done this, it will sync with and show up on the GoHighLevel platform.

View Reviews and Send Review Requests

View Reviews and Send Review Requests

Review requests can be sent out via email or SMS from the GoHighLevel mobile app. Here, you can also keep tabs on your existing reviews and respond to them if necessary.

Create Invoices

Create Invoices

Finally, you can create and send invoices to contacts from within the app. However, before using this feature, you must have a Stripe account.

How Do You Get the GoHighLevel Mobile App?

Get the GoHighLevel Mobile App

The GoHighLevel app is available to download for both iOS and Android. Somewhat confusingly, the app is called LeadConnector, so if you are browsing either app store, you must search for this term rather than “GoHighLevel.” 

Alternatively, you can grab the app by following these links:

  • For Apple devices, download LeadConnector here.
  • For Android devices, download LeadConnector here.

Do You Have to Pay for the GoHighLevel Mobile App?

The GoHighLevel mobile app is free to download and use with any GoHighLevel plan.

If you do not subscribe to GoHighLevel, you can still download the app; however, you won’t be able to use any of the features.

White-Label GoHighLevel Mobile App

White-Label GoHighLevel

One of GoHighLevel’s key features is the ability to brand and sell the platform as SaaS to clients. This is available on the Agency Unlimited plan of $297/mo and gives you the ability to add your own branding to the platform.

If you would also like to offer the white-label GoHighLevel mobile app to clients, there is an additional fee for this:

  • White-label mobile iOS and Android app: $1,491/quarter or $4,970/year
  • White-label mobile Zapier: $50/month

Frequently Asked Questions

GoHighLevel has an app called LeadConnector available to all GoHighLevel subscribers. It is available on both Apple iOS and Android.

The GoHighLevel LeadConnector mobile app lets you perform basic CRM functions such as pipeline and calendar management, adding and editing contacts, and reading and replying to messages.

You are also able to call, email, and send SMS messages directly from the app.

You can download the app directly from Google Play or Apple App Store by searching “LeadConnector.” Alternatively, you can request a download link from the GoHighLevel customer service team.

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