How LeadConnector & GoHighLevel Can Boost Your Business

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To enhance its “all-in-one” capabilities, GoHighLevel has introduced LeadConnector to its platform. 

This tool reduces the need to connect with third-party apps and leads to an all-around easier and more straightforward experience.

Key Takeaways:

What Exactly Is LeadConnector?

Somewhat confusingly, LeadConnector is what GoHighLevel has chosen to call its own phone, emailing, and webhook services. 

Rather than paying for and integrating third-party apps for this purpose, GoHighLevel has made it easier—and in some cases, cheaper—to get the same functionality all from within the GoHighLevel platform.

LC-Phone System

LC-Phone System

LC-Phone System provides voice calls, SMS, and voicemail services. Using this service, you can purchase phone numbers and contact your clients and leads.

Previously, GoHighLevel only had a direct integration with Twilio. However, it required advanced technical knowledge to set up and use. The obvious problem here is that agencies didn’t possess this knowledge, which caused a lot of issues.

To combat this, GoHighLevel introduced LC-Phone System as an easy “out-of-the-box” solution—no technical skills required. 

The cost of using the LC-Phone System is the same as Twilio, or if you are calling from within the US or Canada, you get a 10% discount.



As you can probably guess, LC-Email is an in-house email service for email campaigns, broadcasts, and sequences. 

GoHighLevel promises that its tool provides industry-standard deliverability, error monitoring, and compliance. This means that the emails you send are far more likely to end up in someone’s inbox than the spam folder.

This service costs $0.675 per 1,000 emails. If you need to perform email verifications too, LC-Email can do that for $2.50 per 1,000 email verifications.

LeadConnector Premium Triggers and Actions

LeadConnector Premium Triggers and Actions

Premium triggers and actions are an optional GoHighLevel add-on service. If you decide to activate it, you can connect your GoHighLevel automated workflows with external systems and services.

This removes the need to use (and pay for) third-party tools like Zapier to create webhooks and send information from GoHighLevel to other apps.

Each sub-account gets 100 free premium actions and trigger executions. Once those have been exhausted, each subsequently costs $0.01.

How GoHighLevel LeadConnector Benefits Your Business

How GoHighLevel LeadConnector Benefits Your Business

We feel there are some significant benefits to using GoHighLevel’s in-house services:

  • Since everything is provided on the same platform, it gives you a seamless experience and reduces the likelihood of issues cropping up.
  • Using LeadConnector is much more straightforward than integrating third-party apps and requires FAR less technical knowledge (phew!). 
  • You don’t have to grapple with multiple platform technologies, so the learning curve is far less steep. You’re only dealing with a single subscription—not several.
  • If you need assistance or have questions, you only have to contact the GoHighLevel support team. In contrast, using third-party apps means you have to go back and forth between each app’s customer service teams, which can become a pain as well as time-consuming.

In short, we believe using LeadConnector allows you to run your business more efficiently and serve your clients better.

LeadConnector Pricing Compared with Third-Party Apps

Another benefit of using LeadConnector is the potential cost savings. While the savings are small, they can soon add up, especially if you have many sub-accounts or use the services frequently. 

We also feel that LeadConnector’s pricing is a lot more straightforward. To understand what we mean, try navigating Twilio’s crazy pricing pages!

Here’s a quick overview of LeadConnector’s pricing compared with third-party equivalents.


SMSVoice callsLocal numberToll-free number
LC-Phone System$0.00711$0.0126$1.035$1.935

*Prices based on US and Canadian calls, SMS, and numbers


Cost per 1,000 emailsCost per 1,000 verifications

*Prices based on the MailGun Foundation plan


Free quotaCost per paid execution
LC Premium Triggers and Actions100 executions$0.01
Zapier*100 executions$0.04

*Prices based on the Zapier Professional plan

Why It’s Worth Using LeadConnector Premium Triggers and Actions

Why It’s Worth Using LeadConnector Premium Triggers and Actions

Even though GoHighLevel is an “all-in-one” platform, you’ll still likely utilize third-party apps. The usual way to connect apps to GoHighLevel is to use something like Zapier, but this presents two key problems:

  • You have to pay for Zapier—and, as we demonstrated above, it costs more than GoHighLevel LeadConnector.
  • You’re connecting three platforms, which raises the potential for connectivity problems.

Using LeadConnector takes the number of platforms you are connecting down to two. It can all be done from within the GoHighLevel workflows feature.

using Zapier for now

Additionally, you get a few new native integrations when you activate premium triggers and actions:

  • Slack
  • Google Sheets
  • ChatGPT
  • Custom code (in beta mode)

The ChatGPT integration is interesting because you can now incorporate this powerful technology into your automated systems.

How to Connect LC-Phone System in Two Steps

It couldn’t be easier to connect your GoHighLevel account to LC-Phone System!

How to Connect LC-Phone System in Two Steps

Step 1: Ensure you’re in your account’s Agency View. Click “Settings” and then “Phone Integration.” Then, click the “Use LC-Phone System” button.

Phone Integration

Step 2: Read the information on the pop-up, check the agreement box, and click confirm. 

A couple of things to note:

  • If you were already connected to Twilio, all sub-accounts will remain on Twilio unless you manually convert them to LC-Phone System.
  • Once you have switched to LC-Phone System, all new sub-accounts you create will be automatically placed on this system.

How to Connect LC-Email in One Step

When you create a GoHighLevel account, you are automatically signed up for LC-Email, so there’s nothing you need to do.

However, you can greatly improve the send rate of your emails by adding a custom domain. Therefore, we recommend doing this before you start sending out emails.

How to Connect LC-Email in One Step

To do this, make sure you’re in Agency View of your account. Then, click “Settings,” “Email Services,” and “Dedicated Domain And IP.”

Dedicated Domain And IP

Click to add a domain.

Click to add a domain

Add your domain name in the space provided, then click to verify. That’s all there is to it!

How to Activate LeadConnector Premium Triggers and Actions

How to Activate LeadConnector Premium Triggers and Actions

You can activate or deactivate premium triggers and actions for each sub-account.

To do this, go to the Agency View of your account, click “Settings,” and then “LC – Premium Triggers & Actions.”

Toggle “Enable/Disable Feature” next to the desired sub-account.

Enable/Disable Feature

Once the premium triggers and actions have been activated, you can head to the “Workflows” tab and use any triggers and actions with a little crown symbol next to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, LeadConnector is available to all GoHighLevel subscribers, regardless of their chosen plan.

Alternatives to GoHighLevel LeadConnector are Twilio for phone and SMS services and MailGun for email services. Both apps are supported by a native integration. You can use other third-party apps but must use Zapier to connect them.

The LeadConnector mobile app allows you to integrate and use multiple CRM tools simultaneously. However, this is unrelated to GoHighLevel, which has its own app for performing CRM on the go.


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