Can You Sell Courses on GoHighLevel?

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You can build and sell courses within the GoHighLevel platform. Once you have built your course, you can create an offer and sell to learners for a one-time payment or on a recurring subscription basis.

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What Types of Courses Can You Sell on GoHighLevel?

Before selling courses on GoHighLevel, you must first create them and add all your course material.

You can find the courses section by selecting Sites and then Memberships. Here, GoHighLevel presents you with four options for the different types of courses you can sell.

Sprint Course

The Sprint course is a mini-course blueprint that you can use as a guide to get started. All the course elements are already set up; you just need to add your material.

You can add text and one video on each lesson page; you can also attach supporting documents like PDFs, Word documents, etc. If you need the course to be more detailed, you can add additional lesson pages, subcategories, and even an assessment.

GoHighLevel created this Sprint blueprint as a way for you to build a gateway to paid course memberships or to sell courses in bundles. This type of course is also handy to have as an upsell or introductory offer.

Marathon Course

The Marathon course is a blueprint for a much more in-depth course designed to upskill or train your audience within your chosen niche. Since the Marathon course has a lot more material, it can be sold for a higher price.

Like the Sprint course, you can modify, add, and delete sections as you wish in the Marathon course.

Membership Sites

The Membership blueprint is intended for ongoing, subscription-based content. In other words, a customer can sign up and pay for a membership on a monthly or annual basis and, in return, gain access to all the existing material plus any future course material.

This is ideal if you plan to consistently release new material or if you want to run regular live webinars or Zoom training sessions. This works well also if you have a huge amount of course material that takes a long time to get through. 

Rather than have customers pay a hefty one-time fee, they can pay a lower regular installment with the Membership course, go through the content at their own pace, and enjoy new course material when you add it.

Custom Product

If you don’t want to follow any of the GoHighLevel blueprints, you can create your own custom course by adding lesson pages, subcategories, and assessments in any order.

Creating a custom product is ideal if your course material doesn’t quite fit the blueprints detailed above. It provides you with a completely blank canvas to work on so you can design the perfect course to sell to your client base.

How to Sell Courses on GoHighLevel

How to Sell Courses on GoHighLevel

Once you have prepared your course and have added all the material, it’s time to create an offer so you can sell it. Click on the Memberships tab at the top of the screen and select Offers from the dropdown menu.

Here, you can create a customized offer to sell one or more of your courses at once. First, add your offer title and a description of what it’s all about.

Memberships tab

Next, select which courses you want to include in the offer. For example, if you created a Sprint course as a bonus add-on to a subscription-based membership, you can include them both here as a bundle.

Sprint course

Finally, click to edit the price of your course. Here you can choose how your course will be priced: a free course, a one-time payment, or a recurring subscription payment.

For subscription payments, you can add in a free trial or a one-time fee, as well as the ongoing payment amount.

ongoing payment amount

When you are happy with the details of your offer, you must hit Save in the top right corner. 

If you click on Edit Checkout, you can see what the offer landing page looks like and add a banner image or video. You can also include service agreements and additional fields for customer contact information.

Adding on GoHighLevel Course Upsells

Adding on GoHighLevel Course Upsells

The upsell feature is pretty neat, as it gives you the opportunity to increase your revenue by selling more courses after the initial purchase. There are two options for upselling:

  • One-Click Upsell: This lets you sell an offer after the initial purchase. So once the user has completed the purchase, the upsell will appear on a new page with the option to buy or ignore.
  • In-App Upsell: This allows you to “lock” course material that can only be accessed if the customer pays an additional fee.

How Are People Charged for Your Course?

How Are People Charged for Your Course?

When you are satisfied with your course offer, select Get Link. 

This link takes the user to your course signup page. You can then add the link to a sales funnel, marketing email, website, or another landing page. 

Get Link

When the user clicks on the link, they will arrive on the signup page and have the option to enter their details. Once users hit Submit, they will be taken to the payment page.

As soon as the user enters and submits their payment details, they will be charged accordingly. 

Remember, you can only set up one-time charges or subscription payments if you have already connected to a payment processor. Currently, you can directly integrate GoHighLevel with Stripe and Paypal. If you use another payment processor, you can use the third-party app Zapier to connect it.

It’s also worth noting that you have no limitations when it comes to course members and course purchases. Therefore, you can add the offer link to as many of your campaigns as you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can create and sell courses on GoHighLevel. The platform gives you the choice to create one-time fees for courses or set recurring subscriptions. You can also include course upsells to increase your revenue.

GoHighLevel allows unlimited members for all courses created on the GoHighLevel platform.

You can create and sell courses on both the GoHighLevel Agency Starter and Agency Unlimited plans.

GoHighLevel is excellent for selling courses, as the platform lets you create unlimited courses with unlimited members. You are also free to set your own prices or subscription fees.

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