14 GoHighLevel Website Examples

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With GoHighLevel, any business or individual can design, build, and manage a successful online business with ease.

We’ve put together 14 of the best GoHighLevel website examples so you can see what could be possible for your business, with a GoHighLevel subscription

Key Takeaways:

  • Build unique customer experiences with personalized landing pages and websites
  • Automated scheduling and workflows can be built directly into your site or page
  • Use analytics to discover which pages and websites perform best 

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1. Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing is a leading example of what is possible with GoHighLevel. 

Built using GoHighLevel’s website builder toolset, the website is professional, clear, and easy to understand. 

The hero image does a great job of explaining exactly what the company can do for interested parties and includes two call-to-action buttons that entice visitors to immediately sign up for Duct Tape Marketing or get free resources in exchange for the visitor’s contact details.

2. The Webinar Agency

image7 18

The Webinar Agency has used GoHighLevel’s built-in website and landing page builder to create a simple and direct website that quickly and clearly explains the purpose of the site to visitors. 

The site uses simple text and a large contrasting call-to-action button to obtain visitor contact details and add them to The Webinar Agency’s mailing list. 

Once interested leads have submitted their details, they will receive automated and tailored marketing via GoHighLevel’s workflow and analytics tools.

3. Expert Freedom

Expert Freedom

Expert Freedom provides coaching on how to use automation to boost your business revenue. 

The site uses a dark background image and minimal color to create a professional site that clearly displays to visitors what is being offered and what they need to do next. 

The site has a members-only area and various funnels that were all built with GoHighLevel’s membership and funnel builder toolkits.

4. The Money Friends

The Money Friends

The Money Friends uses GoHighLevel’s website builder, email marketing, and offer creation tools to create and run this direct and interesting website. 

Through the use of bold text and an eye-catching image, this site grabs visitor attention and guides them toward signing up for the website’s digital marketing. 

The Money Friends’ marketing can be fully automated and tested with GoHighLevel’s workflow and analytics tools, enabling more leads and sales to be captured.

5. ZonBase


ZonBase focuses on helping new and seasoned Amazon sellers take their business to the next level. 

The ZonBase site was built with GoHighLevel’s easy-to-use website builder and uses a modern design with animated icons to create a visually stimulating and smooth visitor experience. 

The website makes use of other GoHighLevel functionality like automation for marketing emails, membership tools for its members’ area, and payment processing.

6. Dr. Robyn

Dr. Robyn

Dr. Robyn has used GoHighLevel to create a website that promotes her skills and expertise in the fields of mother, child, and teen development. 

The site takes advantage of many GoHighLevel features such as its funnel builder, drag-and-drop surveys, and online scheduling tools to make a seamless customer experience and capture more leads.

7. Mountain Meadow Wool

Mountain Meadow Wool

Mountain Meadow Wool is a beautifully made website devoted to the sale of woolen goods made at a family-run mill in Wyoming, USA. 

The site has used the GoHighLevel website builder to create a stunning landing page with striking imagery that immediately makes visitors aware of what the company does and highlights what they can purchase. 

The site also makes use of GoHighLevel’s blog tools so that business owner Karen Hostetler can keep visitors and customers up to date with the latest news from the business.

8. Swimming Science

Swimming Science

The brainchild of physical therapist, swimmer, and strength coach, John Mullen, Swimming Science is designed to give advice and guidance on how to improve your swimming performance. 

The site was built and edited using the GoHighLevel website builder and element editing tools. 

This makes it easy for visitors to understand what the site is for and what they should do next with a landing page designed with clarity in mind. 

The site also takes advantage of other GoHighLevel features like automated booking, workflows, and payment processing.

9. The Stillness Project

The Stillness Project

The Stillness Project is a great example of the possibilities available to any business website owner when using GoHighLevel. 

The site has an effective hero shot that describes the website’s purpose in a simple way. 

Upon landing on the site, visitors will be directed to enter their email addresses and then they are sent some free materials. 

This is done using GoHighLevel’s detail capture and workflow features which enable the site to operate almost completely automatically.

10. PureTalk


Aimed at United States senior citizens and military veterans, PureTalk aims to provide a cheaper phone service. 

The site was made with the GoHighLevel website builder and uses a striking combination of green, blue, and white that matches the company’s logo colors. 

Visitor attention is immediately drawn to an animated button to speak with a company representative which will capture visitor details and add them to the company marketing list. 

All of this was made using the tools and features that come with a GoHighLevel subscription.

11. Premier Research Labs

Premier Research Labs

Premier Research Labs is a company that specializes in nutritional supplements that are made with high-quality, excipient-free ingredients. 

The site makes use of GoHighLevel for its automated booking and marketing features. 

When visitors decide to make an appointment with the website and business owner Laura Williams, they are directed to a GoHighLevel-built booking page. 

Once they submit their personal details, they are entered into Premier Research Labs’ marketing list and will automatically receive the latest marketing materials.

12. Focus Product Design

Focus Product Design

With the goal of turning product ideas into fully functioning products, Focus Product Design used the power of GoHighLevel to create its website and for its automated appointment booking. 

Focus Product Design aims to not only help with the design and build of your product but also with marketing and copyright guidance. 

Focus PDM also implements GoHighLevel’s ability to create promotions by offering visitors access to a free course in exchange for opting into the company’s email marketing. 

13. Diversion Digital

Diversion Digital

Diversion Digital is a web marketing agency for small to medium-sized businesses that have built their business using GoHighLevel. 

The website was made with GoHighLevel’s website creation and editing tools, and it uses other GoHighLevel features like its workflow rules and online appointment scheduling to enable the business to automate marketing to leads once they request a quote and/or book an appointment. 

The Diversion Digital website gives visitors a number of call-to-action buttons to click on and be directed through one of several different funnels built and tweaked through the power of GoHighLevel.

14. Funnel Gorgeous

Funnel Gorgeous

Funnel Gorgeous have built a delightful online marketing business that offers to help new entrepreneurs get their online businesses up, running, and earning money as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

The site’s design is gorgeous and is a testament to what can be achieved with GoHighLevel’s website builder toolset. Other GoHighLevel features on display are the automated scheduling, funnel, and membership area features.


If you are looking to create an online business website, then GoHighLevel could be the right platform for you. 

These fourteen website examples are the ones that we thought best showed off what can be built with GoHighLevel, but the options are almost limitless. 

GoHighLevel subscribers will enjoy access to a fantastic suite of website, landing page, and funnel creation and optimization tools, as well as automated appointment booking, analytics, payment processing, and much more.

With GoHighLevel able to provide everything you need to create and manage your business from a single location, it should be one SaaS option that every entrepreneur and online business owner considers using.


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