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GoHighLevel Communities is a feature for members to connect, view content, and post.

The Communities are used by eLearning and physical product providers and agencies to manage client communication.

All Communities are created from within a business sub-account.

Key Takeaways:

  • GoHighLevel Communities has member profiles, custom domains, and many types of content
  • It has a Groups feature that enables customers to organize discussions into topics
  • The platform’s Communities feature is available on both subscription plans

What are GoHighLevel Communities?

GoHighLevel Communities allow members to connect, discuss topics, and learn.

The platform enables businesses to organize their communities into groups that can be a more focused area for topic discussion.

Communities are created within a sub-account; new members can join by clicking the invite link and creating a profile.

GoHighLevel Communities Features and Tools

GoHighLevel provides subscribers with a range of features to create their Community, including:

  • Custom Domains – Owners can use their custom domain or sub-domain for members to search.
  • Member Profiles – When a new member joins a Community, they create a personalized profile.
  • Personalization – Some examples of customization include branding, description, and name.
  • Content – Community owners can include courses, posts, polls, and events.

GoHighLevel Community Use Cases

Because GoHighLevel can be used by many different business types, its Community feature can also be used by many industries, which include:

  • Course Creators – GoHighLevel has a course builder; therefore, a Community can improve learner retention and experience and sell it as an upsell.
  • Around a Business – Communities can be created around any product and service by businesses that want to engage and help customers get the most out of their purchase.
  • Client Management – Agencies can create a Community to communicate with their clients.

How to Create GoHighLevel Communities

There are three parts to creating a GoHighLevel community:

  1. From within your sub-account dashboard, select “Settings.”
  2. Click “Labs” and scroll down to Communities to ensure the toggle is slid to the right.
How to Create GoHighLevel Communities

The second step to setting up a Community is setting up Groups:

  1. From the sub-account where you’d like to host the Group, click “Memberships.”
  2. Click on “Communities,” and on the drop-down tab, select “Groups.”
  3. Click “+ Create Group” on the right-hand side of the Group page.
Create Group
  1. You’ll now be presented with many features and settings. Go through the list to adjust them to your needs.
features and settings
  1. When all the details and settings have been added and selected, click “Create Group.”
Create Group

The third and final step to creating your community is adding members:

  1. Within the Community area, select “Settings.”
  2. Copy the Group URL domain.
  3. This can then be sent via email or SMS for users to sign up.
Group URL domain

After a member clicks on a Community URL, they will be prompted to sign up or sign in to continue.

They’ll then gain full access to the Community and be able to join discussions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The GoHighLevel Community feature enables businesses to create a space for members to connect, discuss topics, and learn.

GoHighLevel Communities features include custom domains, member profiles, personalization, and many native content types.

Yes, GoHighLevel Communities are created with a sub-account, which means that companies can resell the community access to their clients.

GoHighLevel Communities is a core feature, meaning it’s available on all of the platform’s subscription plans.

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