GoHighLevel for Real Estate Agents

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GoHighLevel lets real estate agents perform CRM, nurture leads, and create marketing campaigns all from a single platform.

Use GoHighLevel to automate viewing bookings, build property awareness campaigns, and free up time and resources so you can concentrate on scaling your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • GoHighLevel is an all-in-one platform for all your real estate CRM and marketing needs
  • Create marketing material using funnels, email, and website templates for real estate professionals
  • Directly create, run, and manage marketing campaigns for real estate agents in GoHighLevel
  • The article below highlights default features and snapshots that are available in GoHighLevel for real estate. If you need a custom solution, please join our waiting list here.

GoHighLevel Features for Real Estate Agents

GoHighLevel has numerous features that are designed to increase efficiency and business within your real estate agency:

  • Manage and organize your customer contact databases.
  • Directly call, SMS, send Facebook and Whatsapp messages, and email contacts from the GoHighLevel platform.
  • Simultaneously send out property listing details to groups of contacts.
  • Create marketing and awareness campaigns for your real estate listings using prebuilt sales funnels, websites, and email templates.
  • Automate pretty much every aspect of your marketing campaigns using GoHighLevel workflows.
  • Collect and manage lead data and add them to existing campaigns.
  • Build your sales pipelines and automate the customer journey.
  • Use SMS AI-powered chat and GoHighLevel calendars to automatically book real estate viewings.
  • Use surveys and forms to collect lead data specific to the type of property they are searching for.
  • Use ringless voicemail drops to remind customers of their upcoming viewings. 
  • Set up automated text backs for missed calls, ensuring you never let an opportunity slip by.
  • Integrate directly with Zoom to carry out virtual viewings to groups of contacts simultaneously.

Why Use GoHighLevel for Real Estate Agents?

Why Use GoHighLevel for Real Estate Agents?

GoHighLevel has thought of everything you need to become ultra-efficient at managing your client base while maximizing opportunities to increase your revenue.

Much of a realtor’s time and effort is spent chasing leads, contacting clients, and arranging property viewings, never mind trying to find the resources and skills to create professional and effective marketing material.

Well, GoHighLevel lets you automate most of the customer relationship management and lead nurturing; plus, the platform has a huge variety of tools and features that lets you effortlessly create and run campaigns for your real estate agency.

If you’re not spending all day on these tasks, you now have plenty of opportunities to search for more properties to add to your portfolio. Better for your business, better for your customers.

GoHighLevel Benefits for Real Estate Agents

The biggest benefit of GoHighLevel is that it’s an “all-in-one” platform and removes the requirement for you to subscribe to multiple software applications such as funnel builders, email management systems, CRM platforms, web-building tools, and more.

Instead, you pay a single monthly fee, and you can access everything you need to make your real estate agency thrive.

Real Estate Automations

Additionally, a ton of tasks can be automated in GoHighLevel, saving you valuable time to concentrate on other things like finding more properties to sell.

For example, GoHighLevel lets you create a completely automated SMS-based booking bot. 

This bot converses with the lead via text, and when a booking is made, it will be automatically added to your GoHighLevel calendar.

This is SO handy if you have dozens of property listings you are arranging viewings for.

You can also create automated marketing campaigns. Whether you aim to collect lead data, get bookings, or provide more information about property listings, you can build a workflow to do all this and more entirely automatically. 

Imagine never having to remember to chase down leads, confirm appointments, email information, message clients, or update your calendar.

How much time would that free up for you?

Thanks to GoHighLevel, you can finally find out.

Real Estate Templates

Lastly, GoHighLevel has already created a range of templates for emails, sales funnels, websites, and campaigns specifically for real estate agents.

So, you don’t have to be a graphic designer or technical wizard to build professional-looking marketing material. It’s already done for you.

GoHighLevel Real Estate Agent Snapshot

GoHighLevel Real Estate Agent Snapshot

There are two “views” in GoHighLevel – the Agency View and the Sub-Account View. 

The agency view essentially contains global settings for the GoHighLevel platform and is where you can access learning materials and purchase add-on services.

The sub-account view is where you use all the GoHighLevel features for your real estate agency. 

When you first sign up to GoHighLevel, you must create a sub-account for your business. To make this easier and give you useful tools from the get-go, GoHighLevel provides something called Snapshots.

Snapshots are pre-built sub-accounts that contain marketing campaigns and workflows that are ready for you to use and save you from having to build everything from scratch.

The GoHighLevel real estate snapshot features the following pre-built campaigns:

  • Home Buyer Nurture – Created for the purpose of marketing a single property and invites leads to input their information to receive more details about the property. GoHighLevel recommends this campaign for homes you’re trying to sell fast.
  • Home Buyers List – This promotes a list of properties within a specific area or price range. Again, it invites the lead to request more information or book a viewing.
  • Home Sellers List – This campaign is aimed at property sellers and allows you to insert a seller’s guide or include a free home valuation.
  • No-Show Campaign – If you have a viewing booked and the contact doesn’t show, this campaign provides follow-up steps to try and get the individual to re-engage and re-book their viewing.
  • Not Yet Ready – If you added contacts to the above campaigns, but they took no action, the “not yet ready” campaign is a gentle re-engagement strategy that sends periodic emails and SMS to nudge the contact every now and then or let them know about any promotions and property on offer.
  • Booking Requested Reply – If you haven’t set up automated calendar bookings, this sets up a response to a booking request, such as notifying you to get in touch with the lead to arrange it.
  • Appointment Reminders – Once a booking is made, GoHighLevel can send out automated reminders to the contact and reduce the likelihood of a missed property viewing.

GoHighLevel Real Estate Agent Funnel Templates

Funnels are highly useful sales tools that guide the user toward taking a certain action. For example, if you are running Facebook Ads for local property listings, a user may click on the ad, which then takes them to the funnel.

The funnel could contain information about the properties for sale plus some reasons to choose your real estate agency. 

The call to action could be to book an appointment or enter their contact information to receive more details.

The good news is that you don’t have to figure out how to build these yourself. GoHighLevel has done all the hard work for you. 

There are almost 40 funnel templates specifically for real estate agencies, and includes funnels such as:

  • Realty appointments
  • Property leads
  • Buyers list
  • Explore properties
  • Home purchase leads
  • Sell real estate
  • Find properties
  • And more

All the funnels can be edited and adapted to contain your agency’s details and property listings. All you do is open the funnel in the editing tool and use the drag-and-drop interface to customize it quickly.

GoHighLevel Real Estate Agent Website Templates

If you need a professional-looking website for your real estate agency, GoHighLevel provides 25 different templates to choose from. 

Like the funnel templates, you use the same editing tool to customize them to your liking.

GoHighLevel lets you have unlimited websites (and funnels), so if you wish, you can create a website for property buyers and another for sellers. 

If you have several business locations, you can also create a website for each one.

GoHighLevel Real Estate Agent Email Templates

Finally, there are almost 50 real estate email templates to choose from. These range from promoting certain property listings, sending lists of properties, providing tips and information for buyers and sellers, and more.

Most templates are generic, meaning you can use the layout but add your own text and call to action. 

For example, you can use the templates to send out a series of newsletters with the latest properties for sale, along with buying tips. Each email could include a call to action where the reader clicks for more information or to be taken to your website.

GoHighLevel Marketing Campaigns for Real Estate Clients

GoHighLevel Marketing Campaigns for Real Estate Clients

Thanks to the GoHighLevel workflow builder, you are in full control of how you want your marketing campaigns to be run.

As well as using the prebuilt campaigns from the real estate agency snapshot, you can build new campaigns from scratch.

Using the workflow-building tool, you can create single-channel or multi-channel campaigns. For example, you can have a campaign that’s entirely SMS-based and leads the contact to make a booking.

Or, you can have a campaign that includes emails, SMS, and even live calls if you want. It’s entirely up to you.

The key point here is that workflows can be completely automated. You do this by creating trigger events (such as a person submitting an online form) which then prompts an action to take place (such as sending an email).

The beauty of this feature is that it removes the need for you to be constantly chasing down leads, sending out information, making calls, managing your calendars, and more. 

It saves time and resources and reduces the likelihood of you missing an opportunity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

GoHighLevel is ideal for real estate agencies. As well as providing all the tools to build marketing campaigns, collect and manage leads, and perform CRM, the platform also has a wide range of email, website, and funnel templates, especially for real estate agents.

GoHighLevel provides prebuilt real estate agency templates for websites, funnels, and emails. All templates can be fully customized and edited to suit the purpose.

GoHighLevel has a full range of CRM features for contacting clients, lead nurturing, and pipeline management.

It also has marketing campaign features such as email, funnel, and website-building tools and a workflow creator. Plus, most of GoHighLevel’s features can be automated.


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