Podia Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

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Podia offers excellent value for money.

Compared to competitor platforms, Podia not only comes in cheaper but also provides more extensive features and storage space.

There are no hidden or additional transaction costs – what you see is what you pay.

Podia Pricing Overview

Podia Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Podia has a straightforward pricing structure that includes two plans, aptly named the Mover and Shaker. The Mover plan caters to the creative who is starting their online content selling journey, whereas the Shaker is dedicated more to expanding an existing business. 

  • Mover plan costs $39 per month – Save two months’ subscription ($78) by paying annually
  • Shaker plan costs $79 per month – Save two months’ subscription ($158) by paying annually

If you’re unsure about which plan is best suited to your needs, why not try the free trial? You’ll have access to all Podia features (included in the more expensive Shaker plan) without any subscription obligations. No credit card details are required, and you can cancel at any time. 

There are no additional transaction fees, regardless of which plan you’re on. Many of Podia’s competitors take a percentage of the transaction fee. Over time, this can add up to a considerable amount.

Adding additional teammates to your profile will, unfortunately, cost you an extra $20 per month per person. If you’re planning on building a store with multiple contributors, it’s something to bear in mind.

Podia Pricing Plans: In-Depth

Mover ($39 per month)

Although the Mover is Podia’s base plan, it has most of the platform’s core functionality. Below is a summary of the Mover’s main features, including the store, course builder, and email marketing tools. 

When you choose the Mover plan on an annual subscription, you’ll save $78.


The storefront is your home page. It’s from here that you’ll direct your audience and customers to specific courses, products, and downloads. You can also add additional pages such as an about page and contact page.

You can choose to either host the site with your free Podia subdomain or your chosen custom domain. 

Online Courses

Podia not only allows you to sort and share your course content. One of its main strengths is the powerful course building tools. As a course creator, you can add various content types, including images, videos, PDF, audio files, etc.

You can also package related sections or follow-up courses into learning modules. You can automate the release of these sections over time by setting up delivery schedules. 

Digital Downloads

Podia makes selling digital content like E-books, presets, videos, and guides easy. They’ll help you set up secure checkout forms and create downloadable links for customers. 


Sell or provide free admission to scheduled live hosted webinars. Replays of the webinar will be stored on your Podia site and can be accessed by old and new customers, generating a passive income. 

Email Marketing

Podia’s email marketing tool kit offers many advantages to your business. From capturing, storing, and sorting of email addresses to the ability to send newsletters, drip campaigns, and automated emails. You’ll also be able to analyze and track email-related statistics. 


Podia’s live chat tool will enable you to respond quickly and more personally to your customers.

Adding Co-contributors

Adding teammates to your site will cost you an additional $20 per month per person. You can set specific permissions for each individual, depending on their role.

Zero Transaction Fees

One of our favorite things about Podia is it’s zero transaction fee policy. Regardless of how much you make on your site, they won’t charge you any additional fees. 

Unlimited Everything

With what Podia calls “unlimited everything,” there’s no restriction on the number of products, customers, emails sent, sales, and files hosted. 

Free Migration

If you’re going the annual payment route, Podia will migrate your audience and content for free. Migration means that no content will get lost, and you’ll still keep in contact with your hard-earned audience and clients.

Customer Support

Podia has a support crew that’s available for assistance seven days a week. Their live chat feature is accessible 9 AM – 5 PM ET on weekdays and 9 AM – 2 PM over weekends. Outside of those hours, you can send them an email or leave a message via the chat feature, and they’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Shaker ($79 per month)

The more expensive Shaker plan has the same functions as the Mover plan, as discussed above. However, it does come with some useful additional features, especially for the creator looking to expand his reach.

 If you opt for the annual subscription, you can save two month’s fees. That’s $158.


If you regularly generate content, you might be interested in offering a membership subscription to your audience. Podia’s Shaker plan lets you offer free or paid, monthly, and annual subscriptions to your customers. 


One way of expanding your reach is by creating and sharing blog posts. 

Offsite Buy Buttons

The Shaker plan enables you to embed buy buttons on any website. These embedded buttons mean that customers can make purchases or sign up for your membership plan without leaving the page they were browsing. This will greatly expand your potential customer base.

Affiliate Sales

Another way in which the Shaker plan can help expand your business is through affiliate sales. Give partners, colleagues, or connections commission for selling your material. Each affiliate gets a promotion code whereby you can set how much you’re going to pay them.

Third-party Code

The Shaker plan also gives you the ability to install code snippets for third-party sites such as Facebook, Pixel, Olark, etc.

Which Podia Plan Is Right for Me?

Whether you are new to selling online courses, thinking of migrating from an existing site, or a professional content creator, we recommend first trying out the two-week free trial. During this period, you’ll have access to all Podia’s features, even the advanced functionality of the Shaker plan. What’s best is that you can try this with no commitment – even without submitting your credit card details.

So, Who Is the Mover Plan for?

The Mover plan is perfect for someone that has been thinking of creating and sharing courses or other digital content for the first time. It’s a great place to start and find your feet as the Mover plan gives you access to all the tools you’ll need to build, sell, and market content.

Make no mistake; the Mover is not limited to beginners in the online course world. Many experienced creators make use of this plan.

If you’re not sure that you’re ready for a long-term commitment to online courses, that’s fine; you can get a month-to-month subscription that will allow you to cancel at any time. Once you’re happy with the long-term feasibility of your online venture, then get the annual subscription.

Who Is the Shaker Plan for?

Although the Shaker includes all of the Mover’s functions, it’s aimed at the more experienced content creator. The Shaker can help you elevate marketing levels and expand your online reach. This can only succeed when you have high-value content ready to be taken to the next level.

If you already have quality content, and you’re hovering between choosing between the Mover or the Shaker plans, be rest assured that you can switch between the two at any time. This gives you the freedom to experiment with the advanced marketing features of the more expensive plan. 

Podia Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Podia Pricing FAQs

The most common questions regarding Podia’s plans and pricing are listed below.

Is Podia Free?

In short, no. However, Podia does offer a two-week free trial (see the question below).  

Podia offers two plans. The base plan, named the Mover, costs $39 per month (save $78 when paid annually). The more advanced plan, called the Shaker, costs $79 per month (save $158 when paid annually).

Does Podia Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, they do. The no-commitment two-week free trial comes with all the features of the Shaker plan. 

Do I Need a Credit Card to Start a Free Trial?

No. To start a 14-day free trial of Podia, you don’t need to submit any credit card information. This means that you don’t have any obligation to subscribe to Podia should you not want to. 

Does Podia Charge Transaction Fees?

No, Podia does not charge any transaction fees on either of their two plans. They also don’t charge any transaction fees during the 14-day free trial.

Are There Any 3rd Party Payment Processing Fees?

Yes, although Podia doesn’t charge any transaction fees. Third-party payment processors (PayPal and Stripe) will charge their standard transaction fees depending on your country of residence.

Will I Be Able to Upgrade or Downgrade My Podia Plan?

Yes, you will. You can switch between the Mover and Shaker plans at any time. You can also switch between monthly and annual billing. 

Is There a Money-back Guarantee?

Yes, there is. You are welcome to contact Podia within 72 hours of your monthly or annual renewal, and they’ll refund you your last payment. Using the money-back guarantee will cancel your subscription. 

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