21 Podia Website Examples

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To help you understand the platform’s capabilities, we’ve curated 21 Podia website examples, ordered by the inspiration they provide.

Key Takeaways:

  • Podia has a complete website builder
  • The platform’s websites can list products for sale and have a login area
  • All Podia subscription plans enable users to create websites

1. Desk Jockey Fitness

Desk Jockey Fitness is a weight-loss and muscle-building company that offers two programs.

To help clients achieve the best results, the paid program bundles courses, coaching, and community access.

The company also uses a custom domain, which is available to all paid Podia subscription plan holders.

2. Location Rebel

Location Rebel is a blog focused on helping people become freelance writers and bloggers.

One monetization method the company uses is selling community access and course products, which are created, hosted, and delivered on Podia.

Podia enables businesses to list and bundle individual products to package and sell to customers.

3. Horizontal Hive Digital

Horizontal Hive Digital is a company providing bee-keeping advice, help, and support.

Their Podia website lists their digital product offerings: an advanced bee-keeping course and a recorded Q&A session.

The company sells access to these products for a limited time of 500 days. Podia enables businesses to sell digital products for a finite period to match their needs.

4. Piano Party

Piano Party is a business that helps piano players improve their skills by providing them with courses and community access.

The site is built on Podia and uses tools such as a video embed that explains its product offerings and more about the company.

Podia lets businesses embed videos directly onto their site using its drag-and-drop editor.

5. Data School

Data School is a company that teaches data science, machine learning, and programming.

To do this, Data School offers a range of courses and bundles for students to purchase.

Their site has many student reviews at the bottom of their Podia website. Companies can add reviews for prospective users to read and help them in the buying process.

6. Healthy Happy Smart

Healthy Happy Smart is a diet and weight loss company that sells an introductory guide to the keto diet.

On their Podia website, the company details a breakdown of all of the modules and lessons that customers can access.

Podia has a tool enabling businesses to display all lessons and digital products within a course on a website.

7. Herb Craft

Jim McDonald runs a Podia website called Herb Craft, which teaches people about herbs.

His Podia site hosts multiple digital products, including live lessons, online courses, and books, and also sells access to in-person events.

He has also used Podia’s banner links to connect all of his social media profiles, making it easy for site visitors to connect with him.

8. LenoFX

LenoFX is a plugin provider for the Final Cut Pro video software.

The company’s Podia website lets customers browse their plugins, read the product descriptions, and then purchase – all on Podia.

This Podia website is a fantastic example of how a SaaS company can use the platform to build an online web presence to sell their products. 

9. Little Might

Little Might is a cryptocurrency education company that sells its course on a Podia website.

On her site, Cathryn, the founder, has a short description summarizing her experience in the field.

The platform enables users to add images and text sections using its drag-and-drop editor, which could be about us sections or any other important information.

10. Respiratory Therapy Zone

Respiratory Therapy Zone is an education company that helps students study respiratory therapy.

The company has a main website and then uses Podia to host its second website, which lists its digital products.

Podia’s websites are versatile and can be linked to an existing site.

11. He’s Extraordinary

He’s Extraordinary is designed to help people parent their children by supplying them with workshops, printables, activity books, and booklets.

The company has listed over 40 products on its website, some currently offered at a discounted price.

Podia enables businesses to create discounts and offer codes to customers.

Moreover, all paid Podia subscription plans can create, host, and deliver unlimited digital products.

12. Leap of Faith Crafting

Leap of Faith Crafting is a crafting company that has created a Podia website to list its digital downloadables for sale.

The company sells the downloadables in multiple formats: SVG, EPS, DXF, and PNG.

Podia enables the hosting and delivery of many types of digital formats.

13. Rhythms of Play Learning Center

Rhythms of Play Learning Center is an educational company that supplements the in-class learning for children.

The company’s Podia site has stated that they currently have a waiting list for new members.

Podia enables businesses to create product waitlists by collecting the leads’ information on their sites.

14. Raspberry Tips

Raspberry Tips is an education company with courses and a community dedicated to the Raspberry Pi.

The site lets customers purchase their community access either on a monthly or annual basis.

Podia lets businesses list annual discounts on their websites to encourage users to pay for a full-year subscription upfront.

15. Divorce and Your Money

Divorce and Your Money is a guide designed to help those going through a divorce to understand their finances better.

The company lists three digital products on its website that combine audio recording and digital downloadables.

Users can also use Podia’s Preview website feature to sample a short segment of digital products. In this example, prospective customers can download a PDF.

16. Dan Silvestre

Dan Silvestre is a high-performance coach with courses, downloadables, and workbooks to help increase productivity.

His website is a long sales page that contains multiple sections, such as products, descriptions, testimonials, and an about us section.

Podia also has a footer section that allows businesses to link to their policy pages to ensure they’re GDPR compliant. 

17. 98 Buck Social

98 Buck Social Academy is a company that teaches entrepreneurs how to start their own social media business.

They do this through digital products created, hosted, and sold on Podia.

The company’s Podia website has multiple call-to-action buttons encouraging customers to purchase.

Podia’s drag-and-drop website builder lets users add buttons and prompts to increase purchases.

18. 80/20 Web Design

80/20 Web Design teaches people how to create WordPress websites.

This site is designed for the Swiss market and lists its prices in Swiss Francs.

Podia lets businesses list their prices in their local currencies on their website.

19. FLE Training

FLE Training is a French educational training business that connects educators from around the world.

The core product they advertise on Podia is its webinar sessions. The platform enables webinar providers to advertise, register, and collect payments for webinars.

20. Listen Money Matters

Listen Money Matters is a personal finance and real estate investment company that provides users with free and paid training.

Its website is very basic and only lists available courses and a login area, which is useful for course providers that may have a third-party website.

21. Global X Trade

Global X Trade is an investment community that helps members grow their wealth.

The company has embedded many customer video testimonials as social proof and multiple places to sign up for the group.

Podia enables businesses to structure their websites to include multiple sign-up forms.

Bottom Line

After learning about these 21 Podia websites, you’ll see that the platform’s website builder has many features, such as a drag-and-drop builder, pricing options, custom domains, and reviews.

These features can create an online presence for all digital product sellers, including coaches, course and webinar providers, and membership community owners.

If you’re ever stuck when creating a Podia website, we suggest you come back to these examples for inspiration.


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