Podia Examples: Websites, Courses & Memberships

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There are many excellent hosts for online courses and digital products these days, so choosing which is best for you might seem challenging.

Of course, Podia is one of the best, but you don’t simply need to take our word for it. Instead, you can go through this list of the best Podia website examples to get a sense of what’s possible.

You will find that each company has a unique look, even though they all run on the same platform

podia website examples

10 Best Podia Website Examples 

From communication to DIY, any field can find its home on the Podia platform, and no two sites have to look the same. Podia’s tools and templates are user-friendly for you and your students. 

Listen Money Matters

  • Niche: Finance
  • Estimated Revenue: Unknown
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 59, 559

For courses on personal finance topics as well as business finance courses, look at Listen Money Matters. Podia allows its creators to upload any digital materials or courses. You can import a course you have already made or build one from scratch using the tools Podia offers. 

Listen Money Matters Podia Example


  • Niche: Linguistic Data
  • Estimated Revenue: $828k
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 47, 489

Learning about all the languages in the world is easy with Ethnologue. The site is home to digital downloads, digests, and maps of world languages. As Podia makes it simple to offer digital downloads, Ethnologue lists its products and gives you a library of information in article format on its site. 



  • Niche: Business Coaching and Communication
  • Estimated Revenue: $169k
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2000

Offering courses in communication, Chrislema is a business coach who has built courses and succeeded in making an online coaching business. Updated regularly, Chrislema’s store on Podia has an engaging blog and order page for booking courses. 

Podia Examples: Websites, Courses & Memberships


  • Niche: Social Media development and training
  • Estimated Revenue: Unknown
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2000

Established in 2008, when social media was in its infancy, SocialFresh aims to train and support anyone entering the field. This site offers articles, courses, tips, and advice on setting up your own business in social media. In addition, Podia allows SocialFresh to have a conference center for newcomers and professionals in Social Media. 

social fresh

I Like to Make Stuff

  • Niche: DIY training
  • Estimated Revenue: $148k
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 7,875

If you are a keen builder, doer, or maker, I Like to Make Stuff is the place for online training. 

The difference between the free videos on other platforms and the I Like to Make Stuff Podia store is that Podia courses teach step-by-step subject matter with more personalization.

It’s possible to do so as Podia gives you options on how your students can access course material. 

Podia Examples: Websites, Courses & Memberships

How to Entrepreneur

  • Niche: Business Coaching
  • Estimated Revenue: Unknown
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2000

In the business coaching niche, How to Entrepreneur offers training and support in an online community. This site is a place for people to meet and learn. You get to download a business plan template and take it from there with the support of How to Entrepreneur.

Podia Examples: Websites, Courses & Memberships


  • Niche: Employment Listings
  • Estimated Revenue: Unknown
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2000

Remotive is an advertising board for those specializing in remote work.

Unlike other companies, it does not make the applications on your behalf but guides you to where you can apply.

Podia’s tools allow Remotive to run courses for remote workers to help them land their dream jobs. In addition, there is a membership area where you log in to gain access to your Remotive content.

Podia Examples: Websites, Courses & Memberships

Denver Seminary

  • Niche: Christian Education
  • Estimated Revenue: Unknown
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2000

Denver Seminary is an online Seminary with both free and paid courses. It is even possible to request information packs on how to get a degree through Denver Seminary. Using Podia, Denver Seminary has the tools to upload existing courses or create new ones, either drip-fed or in bundles.

Podia Examples: Websites, Courses & Memberships

Sheri Graham

  • Niche: Homemaking & Homeschooling
  • Estimated Revenue: ER: $157k
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2000

Specializing in homeschooling and homemaking books and materials, Sheri Graham’s Shop offers its customers unique products and educational materials. Podia is well-suited as a host because the digital download option is simple for the user and gives the store owner one platform to sell products and market the business.

Podia Examples: Websites, Courses & Memberships


  • Niche: Foodie
  • Estimated Revenue: Unknown
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 32, 870

SimplyStacie is a recipe hunter’s dream store. Foodies will delight in an array of recipes, kitchen tips, and free printables that the store offers.

Podia lets you upload pre-existing digital products as well as templates to help create new ones.

With Podia, SimplyStacie can provide items for free to build a loyal community or list them for sale.

Podia Examples: Websites, Courses & Memberships

Bottom Line

Every site we’ve looked at has a different image and feel. Being an all-in-one platform, Podia lets you create, market, and sell your work tailored however you like. You also get a community that will support you as you establish your business. 

As these examples show, with Podia, you can present your business in various ways and offer digital content as you envision it.

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