Podia Lifetime Deal

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

The truth is that there isn’t a Podia lifetime deal, presently.

But, would you genuinely want one if you could have it?

The drawbacks of lifetime deals often outweigh the benefits, which are limited mainly to cost.

If it were in your best interests to have access for a lifetime, Podia would be more likely to provide such an option. 

Instead, Podia‘s offers to you are just as good if not better than lifetime access.

You can choose the free trial to see if it works before paying for the service, or you can take the annual option. For the latter, you get a 2-month discount when you buy any of the plans annually.

Maybe you just want to offer your students or customers a lifetime deal.

Perhaps a free subscription where, later, you can cross-sell or upsell to your established community? If so, Podia lets you do this.

Podia Lifetime Deal

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Can I Offer a Lifetime Deal to My Customers on Podia?

Yes, a Lifetime Deal is an option for your students. But, again, the question is: do you really want to offer your students lifetime access?

With one sale, your student will have access forever. It‘s a one-time gain for you, not a regular income.

On the other hand, many creators say that you can use lifetime deals to create a community of individuals to sell other products.

Perhaps this could be an option for your business, so Podia allows you to make one-time memberships and courses

We’ve looked at the benefits and drawbacks of offering lifetime access.

However, in our experience, such an option can end up hindering a business. Say, for example, Podia offered lifetime access to its Shaker plan last year. However, with the new Earthquaker plan introduced this year, you would be tied to the Shaker.

Therefore, you might have to consider reinvestment for this particular plan and any others that follow. In this way, the lifetime access option can be more limiting than liberating.

Podia Lifetime Deal

Podia Lifetime Deal Alternatives 

You could argue that it‘s a good thing, then, that Podia doesn‘t have a lifetime deal for you. However, it offers a 14-Day Free Trial for you and a 2-Month Free option if you choose the Annual Subscription. 

14-Day Free Trial

The 14-Day Free Trial is the best way of seeing if Podia is right for you and your business.

You don‘t need a credit card to join it, either. It‘s a risk-free opportunity to boost the performance of your business. 

  1. Click here to get started
  2. Hit the “Start your 14-day trial” button
  3. Register for an account by entering your name, email address, and password
  4. Start selling
  5. At the end of a 14-day free trial period, cancel the account if you‘re not happy. We believe you’re more likely to decide to subscribe monthly or annually.

2 Months Free When Choosing Annual Subscription

When you choose to invest in Podia for the long term, you can save two months‘ worth of fees. Some companies only give you a 10% discount. Instead, Podia shows its commitment to its customer base by sweetening the deal.

  • Mover –  $390 yearly, making it $32.50 monthly compared to the $39 monthly price without the annual discount and saving just over 16% in total.
  • Shaker – $790 yearly, making it $65.83 monthly compared to the $79 monthly price without the annual discount and saving a bit more than 16% in total.
  • Earthquaker –  $1,790 yearly, making it $149 monthly compared to the $179 monthly price without the annual discount and saving 16.5 % in total.

With these savings, you can see why a Lifetime deal isn‘t necessary. Yearly offers from Podia ensure you get value for money while still receiving a premium product with all of the most current updates and innovations.

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An annual subscription promises flexibility and savings. Though you might think that the convenience of a Lifetime Deal could outweigh any drawbacks, with Podia, there are better yearly offers.

For example, there is currently a 14-day free trial and a two-month discount on annual subscription packages.

If you need to offer lifetime access to students, and from there upsell or cross-sell, Podia gives you that edge.

Simply sell one-time memberships and courses, and build communities in the process.

We believe you’ll agree – the discounted annual plan offers cost savings and flexibility while providing arguably better value than a potentially limiting lifetime offer.

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