69 LinkedIn Statistics (2024)

These 69 LinkedIn statistics offer insights into the platform’s usage, engagement, demographics, and impact on career development and networking.

Key Takeaways:

  • More than 900 million users across 200 countries and continues to grow
  • Video content is on the rise and is 4x more engaging
  • Employee advocacy is the most effective tool for driving engagement on the platform 

LinkedIn User Statistics

LinkedIn User Statistics

1. More Than 930 Million Registered Users

LinkedIn boasts a massive user base that includes some of the most highly skilled professionals, and the platform doesn’t show any signs of slowing.

2. 310 Million Monthly Active Users 

Although it isn’t as high as other social networks, LinkedIn still has a significant number of active users, making it a great environment for professional networking.

3. More Than 90 Million Senior-Level Influencers & 63 Million Decision-Makers

LinkedIn continues to be one of the best places to connect with experienced professionals and industry leaders who can provide potential business opportunities, mentorship, and insights.

4. Available in More Than 200 Countries

The global reach of LinkedIn means that users from anywhere in the world can collaborate, connect, and grow their professional space and network.

5. 61 Million Senior-Level Executives & 40 Million Decision-Makers

LinkedIn members have the opportunity to foster valuable connections in positions of influence, with access to one of the largest collections of professionals who possess extensive experience and decision-making authority.

LinkedIn Demographic Statistics

6. 43.2% Female to 56.8% Male User Base

While many social networks’ user bases tend to be skewed in favor of one gender or another, LinkedIn’s user base is one of the most equally represented.

7. 25 – 34-Year-Olds Are the Largest Group of Users

Almost two-thirds (520 million) of registered users fall into this age group, making it an extremely dynamic and youthful platform for building long-term professional relationships.

8. The U.S. Has the Most Users

With almost 200 million registered members, the U.S. has the largest user base of any country in the world.

9. India Has 101 Million Users

India has recently become the country with the largest population in the world, and its LinkedIn user base is growing rapidly too. It’s currently the country with the second-largest LinkedIn user base in the world.

10. China, Brazil, & the U.K. Also Have Large User Bases

10. China, Brazil, & the U.K. Also Have Large User Bases

With the U.S. and India at numbers 1 and 2 respectively, the 5 countries with the largest numbers of users is completed by Brazil (62 million), China (60 million), and the U.K. (36 million).

LinkedIn Engagement & Influence Statistics

11. Articles Are Viewed 3 Million Times a Week

LinkedIn members have a high engagement rate with longer-form content, which reflects the platform’s value as a hub for professional content and knowledge sharing.

12. SlideShare Has Over 80 Million Active Users

The LinkedIn SlideShare community has more than 80 million members who utilize the platform to share and find documents and presentations.

13. LinkedIn Live Use Has Grown 75% Year-Over-Year

Year-over-year growth of 75% shows that the rising popularity of real-time video content is relevant to LinkedIn members just as much as other social network users.

14. Over 30 Million Company Pages Hosted

LinkedIn is a great space for businesses to advertise and promote their brand, products, and services.

15. 100,000+ Articles Published per Week

Long-form content is more prevalent on LinkedIn than many other social media platforms and this is likely to do with the more serious and mature nature of the platform when compared with those others. On average, more than 100,000 articles are posted on the platform every week.

16. 2 – 4 Million Posts per Day

Between 2 and 4 million posts per day would be bad news for any other major social network, but LinkedIn’s focus on career and professional development means that posts made on the platform are generally of higher quality, more informative, and more reliable than those on other platforms.

17. 9 out of 10 Executives Prefer LinkedIn When Looking for Professional Content

Surveys of executives and decision-makers found that the vast majority (91%) would rate LinkedIn as their first choice when searching for professionally relevant content.

18. 9 Billion Impressions per Week

Despite LinkedIn not having the same level of daily and monthly use as other social media platforms, content on the platform still receives a respectable 9 billion impressions per week.

19. 100 Million LinkedIn Users Follow 1+ Company 

With so many people following company pages on the platform, it’s important for businesses to keep their LinkedIn pages and profiles updated with the latest news, announcements, job opportunities, and other relevant content.

20. 17 Minutes per Month

The average user spends an average of 17 minutes per month on the platform, and each individual session lasts an average of approximately 6 minutes.

21. Video Content Has 4x Higher Engagement Rate

Video content has exploded on the internet in the last decade, and today the majority of internet traffic (82%) is dedicated to video. This is no different on LinkedIn, where video content is 4x more likely to be engaged with than standard text-only content.

22. LinkedIn Video Content Views More Than Doubled

Video content is the preferred medium for most people and has boomed in popularity over the last few years. This can be seen on LinkedIn too, with video content views at least doubling, and with some reports suggesting it may have increased by as much as 258%.

23. LinkedIn Mobile Users 3X More Likely to Engage with Content

The speed and convenience of accessing your favorite services through mobile devices make it easier to engage with the content that you like the most. This can be seen on LinkedIn, with mobile users 300% more likely to engage with content than desktop users.

LinkedIn Job Market & Recruitment Statistics

24. 49 Million Job Seekers Every Week

With almost 50 million people actively using LinkedIn to find work every week, it’s clear that LinkedIn is a great resource for professionals looking to advance their careers.

25. 39,000 Professional Skills Listed

This highlights how effective a tool LinkedIn can be for recruiters as they can search for the exact combination of skills needed for a job position or project.

26. 4.2 Million Hires a Year

On average, there are 8 hires made through LinkedIn every minute. When extrapolated for the entire year, that means LinkedIn is responsible for 4.2 million professional hires a year.

27. 77% – 90% of Recruiters Use LinkedIn

Different surveys have slightly different results; however, we can see that the recruitment industry has broadly adopted the platform as a tool for sourcing the best talent.

28. IT & Services Is Most Represented Industry

The top 5 most represented industries on the platform are IT & Services, Marketing & Advertising, Human Resources, Computer Software, and Financial Services.

29. LinkedIn Members with 5+ Skills Listed Receive 17x More Profile Views

The most skilled platform members receive up to 17 times more profile views than those with fewer than 5 skills listed. They are also 33 times more likely to be contacted by recruiters and other LinkedIn members.

30. 90% of LinkedIn Users Are Open to New Opportunities

Recruiters should be delighted with this since it means that a highly skilled and dynamic collection of professionals are always ready to hear about the latest career advancement opportunities regardless of time spent in their current position.

31. LinkedIn Profile with Professional Headshots Receive 21x More Views

Profiles with professional headshots receive up to 21 times more views, 36 times more messages, and 9 times more connection requests.

32. 39% of Users Have LinkedIn Premium Account

More than a third of LinkedIn’s registered users have signed up for a premium account to help them in their job searching and networking attempts.

33. Job Postings That Link to Company Page Have 47% More Applicants

Job seekers want to learn about their potential employers just as much as businesses want to learn about potential candidates. This can be seen in the data that job postings on the platform that link to a company page have almost 50% more applicants than those that do not. 

34. 40% Increase in Job Views

The shift to remote work, the great resignation, and a stronger desire for a better work-life balance have caused many workers to look for new employment opportunities. This has led to a 40% increase in the number of job views on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn Learning Statistics

35. 16,000+ Online Courses

More than 16,000 courses made available through LinkedIn Learning means professionals can access a wide range of educational resources, stay up to date with industry trends, and improve their employability.

36. 78% of Fortune 100 Companies Use LinkedIn Learning

Learning & Development professionals agree that reskilling and upskilling are essential in today’s work environment, which is why 78% of the top 100 companies use LinkedIn Learning.

37. Business Is the Most Sought-After Course

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most popular courses on LinkedIn Learning fall into the business category. The other most popular categories are technology and creativity.

LinkedIn Sales Solutions Statistics

38. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Can Boost Response Rates by 25%

Around 97% of people completely ignore all cold calls and emails, but by using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, sales professionals enjoy a response rate of 10% – 25%.

39. 17% Reduction in Sales Cycle Length

Depending on the industry the typical sales cycle, from first contact with a prospect to closing a sale, can take anything from a week to six months. Sales teams using LinkedIn Sales Navigator report a 17% reduction in the time it takes to complete a cycle.

40. LinkedIn Sales Solutions Used by Over 70,000 Sales Professionals

LinkedIn Sales Solutions is the combination of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Sales Insights and is being utilized by 70,000 trained sales professionals, and it’s growing.

41. 300% Higher Response Rate with Sales Navigator InMail

LinkedIn Sales Navigator comes with additional InMail features which help users get 3 times more responses than the standard LinkedIn InMail.

LinkedIn Mobile & Global Reach Statistics

LinkedIn Mobile & Global Reach Statistics

42. LinkedIn Is Available in 24 Languages

As well as the 200 countries it’s available in, LinkedIn is also available in 24 languages so that professionals from anywhere in the world can access and connect with other professionals in their preferred language.

43. 70% of LinkedIn Sessions Occur on Mobile Devices

The public’s move toward mobile-focused internet has reached LinkedIn members, and now more than 70% of platform sessions happen through mobile devices rather than desktops.

44. LinkedIn Is Lingying in China

In order to cater to local regulations and cultural differences, LinkedIn created a Chinese version of the platform called “Lingying.” It has approximately 60 million users.

45. Most Users Are Living Outside the U.S.

LinkedIn’s global reach is most evident by the statistic that more than half of its registered members are located outside of the U.S.

46. Over 220 Million Users in Europe

Europe has the largest number of registered users of any region with approximately 222 million registered members. North America is second (~211 million), and Latin America is third (~132 million).

47. More Than 45 Million Students & Recent College Graduates

LinkedIn is a valuable platform for students and recent college graduates to establish and build professional connections and discover job opportunities.

48. 135,000 Schools Have LinkedIn Pages

Schools, colleges, and universities around the globe have created LinkedIn Educational Pages to provide current students, alumni, and the professional community a way to interact.

49. 58.4 Million Downloads of Mobile App in 2022

The popularity of the LinkedIn mobile app showcases the importance of on-the-go access to a professional networking and content platform. The majority of users being under the age of 35 means that the app is likely to increase in importance over the years ahead.

50. The Second Most Popular Social Network App

U.S. millennials are rapidly becoming the dominant workplace demographic and just like their predecessors, they’d like to build strong professional networks and advance their careers. Their affinity for technology and social networks means that many millennials consider it important to maintain a presence on LinkedIn, and it’s their second most popular social network app.

LinkedIn Networking & Connections Statistics

51. 400 Connections per User

Across all registered users, the average number of connections a user has is 400. For higher-level professionals like CEOs, that rises to around 900 connections.

52. 100 Billion Connection Requests per Year

With so many professionals and upper-level decision-makers using LinkedIn, it shouldn’t be surprising that per year LinkedIn facilitates over 100 billion connection requests.

53. Professional Networking Is Important to Career Success for 80% of LinkedIn Members

When surveyed, 8 out of 10 LinkedIn users state that building a strong network of professionals is integral to career growth and learning about the best job opportunities.

54. 35% Increase in LinkedIn Messages

Year over year, the number of private messages that users are sending through LinkedIn has increased by roughly a third. This may be driven in part by the growing under-34 demographic which is familiar with using platform messaging services.

55. Over 2 Million Active LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are the place to go when you want to interact with industry experts and others within topics of professional or even personal interest. There are currently more than 2 million active groups, and approximately 8,000 more are created each week.

LinkedIn Advertising Statistics

CountryTotal ReachReach Change (QOQ)

56. Bermuda, Cayman Islands, & Iceland Have the Highest Penetration Rate

LinkedIn has higher than 100% penetration rates in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, meaning there are likely a number of duplicate or fake accounts in these territories. Iceland has the third highest penetration rate in the world with 89.1% of the country’s adult population on the platform.

57. LinkedIn Ads Reach 922 Million People

LinkedIn ads have the potential to reach approximately 11.5% of the global population, which is an 11.3% increase from the same period a year earlier.

58. Sponsored Ads Have a Higher Clickthrough Rate

Sponsored ads on LinkedIn have a CTR of 0.44%, which is significantly better than the 0.025% CTR of non-sponsored ads.

59. 97% of B2B Marketers Use LinkedIn

The use of LinkedIn in marketing campaigns is at near-universal levels with B2B marketers. Furthermore, around a third of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn to be the most important social network platform for marketing.

60. 500,000 LinkedIn Influencers

LinkedIn members with a strong presence on the platform and a history of providing valuable content and conversation on the platform are referred to as “LinkedIn Influencers.” The latest data suggests that there are more than half a million influencers on the platform.

61. 78% of B2B Marketers Think LinkedIn is Effective for Influencer Marketing

The professional nature of LinkedIn leads to more “high value” or “quality” content being posted on the platform, meaning the platform’s members pay more attention to the content being posted. This makes influencer marketing on the platform very effective according to almost 8 out of 10 B2B marketers.

62. Posts with Images Receive 2x Higher Engagement

In most cases, humans are typically drawn to imagery over text, and this couldn’t be more evident than in this statistic. Posts with nothing but text receive 2x less engagement than posts with visual content.

63. Best Time to Post is Late Morning on Weekdays

The exact best time for your business will vary depending on your audience, but recent data suggests that engagement is at its highest from 10 AM till Noon, Monday through Friday.

64. 80% of B2B Leads Generated on Social Media Come From LinkedIn

The latest data places LinkedIn firmly in the number one spot for leads generated, with Twitter coming in a distant second with just 12.73%.

65. Two-Thirds of B2B Marketers Think Video is Most Important Format

By and large, B2B marketers understand the value, importance, and effectiveness of video content, which is why 62% rate the format as “most important” on LinkedIn.

66. 6.1% Conversion Rate on LinkedIn Ads in the U.S.

The average conversion rate in the U.S. is 6.1% but does vary depending on how conversion rates are measured. A good range to aim for is between 5% and 15%. 

LinkedIn Employee Advocacy Statistics

67. Employee Shared Content Receives 8x More Engagement

Employee advocacy of your business or brand is highly impactful since shared business or brand-related content receives 800% more engagement than official business or brand content.

68. 78% of Professionals Trust Content Shared by Peers

Most professionals prefer to trust peer-shared content over brand content. Peer-to-peer recommendations and content sharing are extremely popular and influential on LinkedIn which helps amplify the platform’s trustworthiness and reputation.

69. 60% of Professionals Are More Likely to Engage with Content Shared by Employees

Following on from the last statistic, content posted by employees seems more personal than official brand content, which is why 60% of professionals say that they are more likely to engage with the employee content.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are currently more than 900 million registered LinkedIn users.

The largest group of users is aged between 24 and 35 years old.

It ranges from 77% – 90% depending on the data source.

15,000 – 21,000 people across 200 countries.

LinkedIn is now part of the Microsoft brand, so its individual value is hard to measure; however, LinkedIn reported revenue of more than $14.5 billion in 2022.

Across all users, the average number of connections is 400 per user. With senior level professionals, that number increases to around 900.

Yes. LinkedIn user numbers are continuing to grow, and revenue has grown 26% year-over-year.

Very. The majority of B2B marketers believe LinkedIn is an integral part of marketing strategies and 80% of leads that come through social media platforms come from LinkedIn.


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