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Teachable has four paid pricing plans that cost from $59, $159, $249, and $665 per month respectively. Paying annually provides a 33% discount.

A free plan is available, but a transaction fee of $1 + 10% is applied to every sale. The Basic plan also has a transaction fee of 5%.

Key Takeaways:

  • Paid Teachable plans cost between $59 – $665 per month with a 33% discount for paying annually
  • There are transaction fees applied to the Free ($1 + 10%) and Basic (5%) plans
  • Compared to the competition, Teachable’s plans are expensive and have limited features

Teachable Pricing Plans at a Glance

Teachable Pricing Plans at a Glance

Teachable has five pricing plans to choose from:

  • Free plan
  • Basic plan from $59/month
  • Pro plan from $159/month
  • Pro+ plan from $249/month
  • Business plan from $665/month
Free plan

All plans can be paid for on a recurring monthly or annual basis. However, paying annually is more advantageous since it gets you a discount of 33%.

All paid plans provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you choose to upgrade and pay and then change your mind, you can get a full refund as long as you cancel within the 30-day period.

Here are the prices of each plan in detail so you can compare them:

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual PriceAnnual Price (per month)

Teachable Transaction Fees

Teachable Transaction Fees

At first glance, Teachable’s pricing looks straightforward enough. However, when you look a little closer, you realize the free plan isn’t actually free and the Basic plan costs more than you think.

This is because both these plans have transaction fees applied to them:

  • Free Plan: $1 plus 10% transaction fee
  • Basic Plan: 5% transaction fee

Of course, these fees aren’t an issue if you plan to only use Teachable to create free products. If you plan to charge for them, though, the costs will soon add up.

There are no transaction fees for the Pro plan upwards – with one caveat. If you are on the Pro plan and created your school before 2018, you are still subject to a 2% transaction fee although you do get Teachable’s add-on service “Teachable BackOffice” for free.

Teachable Processing Fees

Teachable Processing Fees

Bear in mind that the transaction fees noted above are on top of the platform’s processing fees that come with using its integrated payment processor “Teachable:pay.” The processing fees apply to ALL Teachable plans regardless of whether you have to pay a transaction fee or not.

For example, US credit and debit card sales will incur a fee of 30 cents, plus 2.9% of the cost of the sale. For international sales, it’s 30 cents plus 3.9%.

These charges are roughly in line with what PayPal or Stripe charges for its processing fees, so there’s nothing untoward here. However, adding them on top of the transaction fees applied to the free and Basic plans could ensure you end up paying a lot more than if you just subscribed to one of the higher plans.

Teachable Free Plan: What’s Included?

Teachable Free Plan: What’s Included?

Here’s a quick overview of what you get with the free plan:

  • $1 + 10% transaction fee on all sales
  • Can publish one course, one coaching product, and one digital download
  • 10 students max
  • Access and use of the course and site-building tools
  • Student referrals
  • Access to teachable:pay (integrated payment processing)  
  • 1 admin and author seat

As you can see, the free plan is quite limited, particularly since you are only allowed to have ten students in total. This makes offering free courses a challenge since you will quickly reach your limit.

Additionally, you can’t remove the Teachable branding from anything you create with the free plan, and as previously mentioned, you’re going to be paying that hefty transaction fee whenever anyone purchases something from you.

It’s also missing other important features such as quizzes, course completion certificates, dripped content, coupons, upsells, order bumps, and more. 

However, despite its limitations, the free plan does give you a good opportunity to play around with the features and gain a feel for whether or not Teachable is going to work out for you or not.

Who Is the Teachable Free Plan for?

The Teachable free plan is for anyone who wants to give Teachable a test run. It’s also good for complete beginners who want to try out course creation before committing to one of the paid plans.

It’s not for anyone who plans to create an income from selling courses. The plan is far too limited for that purpose.

Is the Teachable Free Plan Worth It?

In our opinion, all free plans are worth it because there’s no risk or investment involved. 

The free plan provides a solid starting block, but users are soon going to need to upgrade to a paid plan if they want to gain the full benefit of the platform.

Teachable Basic Plan: What’s Included?

Teachable Basic Plan: What’s Included?

First, let’s take a quick look at what you get:

  • Everything included in the free plan
  • 5% transaction fee on all sales
  • Unlimited students
  • Can publish five courses, five coaching products, and five digital downloads
  • Custom domain
  • Student email marketing  
  • Order bumps and coupons
  • Custom domains
  • Live Teachable group coaching 
  • Accelerator challenge access
  • Third-party integrations

An obvious step up from the free plan, the Basic offering is still limited, but you get access to more features and tools but there’s still that 5% transaction fee to deal with.

The most notable improvement is the ability to use a custom domain, and that you can have unlimited students. We also see the introduction of sales features such as order bumps and coupons, and the ability to integrate with third-party apps. Additionally, this plan provides you with the ability to email your existing students.

This plan also gives you access to the basic quiz creation tool, but it’s missing the ability to grade them. Moreover, you still can’t access and use course completion certificates.

Whereas the free plan only provides you with email support, users of the Basic plan can enjoy enhanced support through live group coaching, Launch Accelerator access, and Teachable community access. Live chat is still out of reach unless you upgrade.

Who Is the Teachable Basic Plan for?

Thanks to the unlimited student capability and the increased number of products you can create, the Basic plan is for anyone who is ready to start making money from their courses.

However, the 5% transaction fee and other limitations make the plan unsuitable for those who plan to sell a lot.

Is the Teachable Basic Plan Worth It?

To understand if the Basic plan is going to be worth it, you have to weigh up the cost of your subscription, plus the transaction fees against the cost of the Pro plan. If the Basic plan comes out cheaper, stick with it for the time being.

As you scale your business, though, you will very quickly outgrow this plan and will want to get rid of the extra fees and gain access to the full feature set.

Teachable Pro Plan: What’s Included?

Teachable Pro Plan: What’s Included?

The Pro plan finally ditches the transaction fees and introduces most features:

  • Everything included in the Basic plan
  • 0% transaction fee
  • Can publish 50 courses, 50 coaching products, and 50 digital downloads
  • Remove Teachable branding
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Upsells
  • Live chat Teachable support
  • Public API access
  • Remove Teachable branding
  • 5 admin and author seats

The Pro plan is where we find the most usability for Teachable. Graded quizzes, certificates, upsells, and live chat support are all available on this plan. But most notably, you can now create an unbranded website.

The number of products you can create also jumps significantly from five to 50 within each product category. With courses, coaching, and digital downloads combined, that gives you a total of 150 revenue stream opportunities.

Who Is the Teachable Pro Plan for?

The Pro plan is for individuals who want to give their customers a customized, branded experience. It’s also for course creators who are ready to scale up their business to provide a decent source of income.

Is the Teachable Pro Plan Worth It?

The best news about the Pro plan is you no longer have to put up with the additional transaction fees, so this alone makes the Pro plan worth it, especially if you are making a good number of sales already.

Teachable Pro+ Plan: What’s Included?

Teachable Pro+ Plan: What’s Included?

The next grade up, here’s what the Pro+ plan gives you:

  • Everything included in the Pro plan
  • Can publish 200 courses, 200 coaching products, and 200 digital downloads
  • Can create 200 product bundles
  • Custom user roles

The only real difference between the Pro and Pro+ plan is the increase in the number of products you can create and the introduction of the custom user roles feature. Apart from that, this plan is the same as the Pro plan.

Who Is the Teachable Pro+ Plan for?

If you have reached your product creation limits on the Pro plan and want to make more, the Pro+ plan is for you.

Is the Teachable Pro Plan+ Worth It?

The Teachable Pro+ plan is only worth it if you want to create a large number of learning products. If you don’t and can comfortably stay within the Pro plan’s limits, there’s no point in upgrading.

Teachable Business Plan: What’s Included?

Teachable Business Plan: What’s Included?

Finally, we take a look at Teachable’s most expensive plan and what it offers:

  • Everything included in the Pro+ plan
  • Unlimited courses, coaching products, and digital downloads
  • Advanced theme customizations
  • Bulk student enrollment
  • 20 admin and author seats

This is the only Teachable plan to offer unlimited products and advanced customizations. In addition to this, you now get to enjoy priority support, too.

Bear in mind that the price tag for this plan jumps significantly when compared with the Pro+ plan. At $669/month, that’s a hefty $416 more than the cost of the Pro+ plan.

Who Is the Teachable Business Plan for?

As the name suggests, the Teachable Business plan is suited to larger, established businesses and organizations.

Is the Teachable Business Plan Worth It?

If your business creates a lot of learning products to sell or for clients, the Business plan will accommodate it. However, due to its large price tag and lack of marketing features, this plan is going to be off-putting for many.

Teachable Pricing Plans Add-On Costs

Teachable Pricing Plans Add-On Costs

Teachable BackOffice is an optional extra that you can choose to have enabled. This provides you with several additional features, including:

  • Automated affiliate payouts
  • Author payouts
  • Automated affiliate and author tax form collection
  • PayPal integration
  • Buy-Now-Pay-Later integration

Rather than increasing your monthly or yearly subscription rate, enabling BackOffice will apply an additional charge to every sale you make. The amount you pay depends on your gross merchandise value:

  • $0 – $499,999.99: 2.80%
  • $500,000+: 2%

Teachable Pricing Plans vs Competitors

How does Teachable’s pricing stack up against similar platforms? Here’s an overview:

PlatformFree plan?Cheapest Monthly Plan CostMost Expensive Monthly Plan CostTransaction Fees?Additional Features Included
TeachableYes$59$665On free and Basic plansN/A
website builders
Sales funnels
Web page builders
Live streaming
Sales funnels
Web page builders
LearnWorldsNo$29$299On cheapest planWebsite builder
Interactive video
Live streaming
SCORM Compliant
PodiaYes$39$89On free planWebsite builder
Mighty NetworksNo$39$119NoCommunities
Live streaming
Live student chat

With the exception of Kajabi, Teachable’s cheapest paid plan (the Basic plan) is the most expensive on the list. Kajabi is $90 more expensive, but just look at all the extra features you get.

Teachable’s most expensive plan is also eye-wateringly high compared with all others on the list. It’s over $250 more expensive than Kajabi yet you still don’t get nearly as many features compared with what Kajabi offers.

The platform is also the only one to impose transaction fees on two plans. The only other platforms to add transaction fees are LearnWorlds and Podia. Podia only applies it to its free plan. LearnWorlds adds a transaction to its cheapest plan, but when you consider the plan only costs $29/month, this makes it a lot easier to swallow.

Teachable Pricing Plans: Final Conclusion

Teachable Pricing Plans: Final Conclusion

Overall, Teachable cannot be considered cheap. Yes, there is a free plan but its limitations and transaction fees make it almost useless for monetization. 

Additionally, the platform lacks many features that you find on other platforms. We find it hard to understand how Teachable justifies charging such high prices for limited features.

If you’re determined to use Teachable, then we recommend going for the Pro plan. This gives you the most functionality for what can be considered a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a free-for-life Teachable plan that allows you to create and sell one course, one coaching product, and one digital download. While the plan is free, you are charged $1 plus 10% on all transactions.

There are currently five Teachable plans available:

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Pro
  • Pro+
  • Business

The Teachable plans cost the following:

  • Free: $0
  • Basic: $59/month or $468/year
  • Pro: $159/month or $1,428/year
  • Pro+: $249/month or $2,388/year
  • Business: $665/month or $5,988/year

You can upgrade or downgrade your Teachable plan at any time. If you upgrade, the new plan will be available immediately. If you downgrade, the new plan will be made available on the date of your next billing cycle.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee for all paid Teachable plans.


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